Magic Wand Bubble Bar Review

Hello all! The schoolwork is coming in fast… I already have so much readings! But anyways, that just means fewer posts each day 😦 I wanted to talk about another LUSH holiday bath product, Magic Wand! This is a cool invention because it is basically a bubble bar on a stick that you swish under your faucet and can use multiple times. I have used mine about four times and it looks brand new! I was a bit upset thought because my wand did not come with a little bell 😦

Here is Magic Wand:




  • Cute design – I love the look of this product! It looks like the tulip bubble stick LUSH came out with around Easter last year (I think I blogged about it a long time ago). Anyways, this design is super cute and helpful. You do not even have to put your hands on the product! Just need to do a few swishes under the running water. I also love the florescent pink color and the hot pink ribbon hanging down it. There is normally a bow at the end of the ribbon… but mine is bell-less.
  • Great smell- This is the exact same aroma as the Snow Fairy shower gel. It is super super sweet. Basically smells like a cotton candy explosion… even though I might not like this smell so much for the shower… It is beyond perfect for the bath!


  • Missing bubbles – You have to use a lot of swishes to get A LOT of bubbles. I like a good amount of bubbles in my bath because I love to lay and listen to them pop! So a downfall with this bubble bar stick is that I have to use it constantly when filling my bath tub to get a good amount of bubbles.

Unfortunately, Magic Wand is not available anymore. LUSH will probably come out with another bubble bar stick for another holiday! Like I said above, they came out with one for Easter last year (and that is not to to to far away). Let me know if you have tried any of the cool bubble bar sticks from LUSH!


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