The ALL Purpose Ultrabalm

Lately I have been reaching for an old LUSH favorite of mine, Ultrabalm. This oily mixture hydrates and soothes any dry patch! Perfect for anyone who loves smooth skin.


ALL PURPOSE: Ultrabalm can literally be used anywhere. I use it on my lips before I apply an Emotional Brilliance lip color. I lather it onto dry patches. I use it behind my ears. LUSH also suggests using it on your heels and hair!

SMELL: If you love natural aromas, this is for you! Ultrabalm is basically fragrance free. It does not have any added perfume or ingredient to alter its color or smell.

TEXTURE: Oily, oily, and more oily! That is the only downfall about Ultrabalm. I assume the oiler = the better the soothe. I wish it was a bit more textured like a lotion but, it is a BALM!

ALL NATURAL: Rose wax, candelilla wax, and organic jojoba oil are the three natural ingredients in Ultrabalm. Yes folks, that is just THREE ingredients. Simplicity at its finest. This product is also Vegan.


My cousin visited the LUSH Spa in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am dying to hit up this Spa location. The only problem… what LUSH-urious treatment to get?!


Easter Haul + LUSH Easter Store Displays

Hello all! The time you all have been waiting for… my Easter haul! The reviews are on the way. I wanted to try every Easter product and then do my review posts… because it is easier to upload the pictures! But here we are…! So this is my Easter haul and other goodies (I ordered the products online so I also snatched some retro goodies!). Here is the haul:



I plan on posting my reviews for all of the Easter bath products ASAP. They should all be up by this weekend! I am very excited to review them all! Now for some social media and LUSH store displays:




This is such a cute display in the new LUSH Spa and store location on Lexington Ave. in NYC! This is my go to LUSH store now… I love the sales associates, Spa, design, large space, and so on! It really is an awesome store. Check out their Facebook page! #lushlexington


This is also a great store location! This store is in the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut! I have been here once and feel in love! I shopped for LUSH at midnight! It was a dream come true! This post was from their Facebook page, check them out!

What is your favorite LUSH store to shop at?!


What is in my LUSH DIY box?!

Hello all! So I recently just posted about the LUSH craft I completed a while ago. It is a LUSH DIY mod-podge box! And I am absolutely in love with it… I promised in the bottom of that post that I would show you what I keep in that box! This is going to be a blog post about my admiration for the designs, layouts, and groovy packaging LUSH has. First though, I keep all of my LUSH keepsakes in my box! Here is a picture inside my LUSH DIY craft:


I have a bunch of stuff in here. Some of the goodies include:

  • LUSH product bags: I love collecting these… I at least have over 50 – some of the different designs are pictured below.I also keep some of the soap wrapping they use to protect the soap! I think the paper is awesome and I try to reuse it!



  • LUSH gift tags: Have you ever gotten a LUSH gift? They come with adorable mini catalogs and beautiful tags! I seriously adore the designs on these catalogs. Here are some of my favorite layouts:


  • LUSH catalogs:  I know I have more than 3 in this box! All from different seasons.
  • LUSH knot wrap:  my mom got me an adorable, limited edition LUSH knot wrap! I love it! That is also pictured below.


  • LUSH bath bomb leftovers: A lot of the LUSH bath products have flowers or paper in them. I like to dry some of the whole flowers out (the picture of the flowers below are from the Rose Queen Bath Bomb) and keep some of the Boom! and Bang! papers from the Blackberry and Fizzbanger bath bomb! They are just to good and LUSH like to throw away.


  • LUSH pamphlets:  I also have a whole bunch of LUSH part brochures, cards, and postcards in here.. I cannot get enough of them! I enjoy looking at the design. I am a true paper hoarder!

Do you have a stash somewhere of LUSH goodies?!?! Or am I the only one who wants to keep every little thing and cherish them from my LUSH products?! Share with me your LUSH obsessions below!

The Best Treat for Your Lips – Honey Trap

How is everyones Monday going? Mine is alright… but a bit dreary! Although, I did go out to lunch with my friend and did a little shopping! That always brightens up ones day! I also am looking forward to trying my last LUSH Easter product in my bath tonight! Be on the look out for those posts! Anyways, I have been meaning to do a review on one of my most used LUSH products, Honey Trap Lip Balm:


TEXTURE: This lip balm is incredibly moisturizing… I cannot imagine using any other lip product daily! I keep my container of this on my desk and at least put it on every 30 minutes. It is not sticky at all and great for parched, chapped lips.

NOT STICKY: Another plus about this lip balm is that it is NOT sticky! Let me repeat, NOT sticky! Since you have to use your finger to apply the product, it is important to note the consistency of the balm. It is very easy to rub in your fingers after you apply it.

AROMA: The smell of this LUSH product is mellow yet filled with a sweet, intriguing scent. The balm is packed with honey, sweet orange, and peppermint. It also does not taste terrible if you get a little of it in your mouth!

INGREDIENTS: This LUSH product is preservative free. The ingredients that make this lip balm a popular seller are: fair trade shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, extra virgin organic olive oil, dry whole milk, and so much more.

Have you tried this LUSH lip balm?! It is one of their most popular ones. Also, check out this old social media post with a picture of the LUSH Kitchen filling in some lip product pots:


Winter Necessity: Putty For Your Hands

How many of you suffer from dry, itchy winter hands? That would be me… I have severe dry hands when winter strikes. I used to lotion them up night and day but, I found Putty For Your Hands! This is a hand wash soap from LUSH. I got about $7.00 worth of this soap at the LUSH store, which recently closed in SOHO, NYC. Here is the picture of my chunk:



HOW TO USE: Have y’all used any of the LUSH fresh cleansers from LUSH? Well this hand soap works the same. You take a small chunk, put it in the palm of your hand, put some water on it, and then make a paste and clean your hands! Those are the best directions I can offer!

TEXTURE: This soap is wonderful because it is super super moisturizing! LUSH claims that it is a hand wash which has lotion like properties! I have to agree. The product soothes dry hands very well!

SMELL: The smell of this product is quite simple. It does not have a strong scent at all but rather a mellow aroma with hints of chamomile and lavender.

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients that make up this lotion-like-soap for your hands are cornflour, marshmallow mucilage, oats, fair trade shea butter, lavender oil, chamomile blue oil, and a whole lot more! This is one of LUSH’s innovative inventions to soothe irritated hands!

CHUNKS: This product is similar to LUSH soaps in the instance that you can order chunks by your desired price. I really love this system from LUSH. I think it is a great way to allow consumers to try various, luxurious soaps without committing to a set price! I like to buy my soap around $5 dollars. It is the perfect amount and lasts a while!

What products are you using this winter to soother your hands?! Share them in the comments!

P.S. – Easter haul and product reviews on the way!

Must Try Bath: Lord of Misrule

The LUSH bath bomb, Lord of Misrule has been out for quite a while now! I believe they first showcased in October for the Halloween collection and then have stayed up until now. I do not believe you can order them anymore on the LUSH USA website. Although, a lot of the LUSH store locations around North America still have them in stock for a short period of time! Lord of Misrule is a MUST try LUSH bath! It honestly is one of my favorite bath bombs.



AROMA: The smell of this bath bomb is phenomenal because it is spicy, sweet, and earthly at once! I love love love the earthy spicy scent. I believe the patchouli in the product makes this mysterious, dark scent! The aroma is also pretty powerful… you can smell it on your skin even when you get out of the bath!

BATH WATER: Lord of Misrule turns your bath water a deep purple (like above). A lot of people say it is like you are bathing in wine! I have to agree… the water is so rich in color and aroma it is a definite treat! Surprisingly, this green bath bomb has an intense center that has purple powder in it! Also, the bubbles in my bath above are not from this bath bomb because I added some bubble bath to the water! I just love my bubbles!

INSPIRATION: This bath bomb is based off of the ruler for the Pagan Feast of Fools. Like I said above, the green layer covers the wine colored center which has popping candies in it that pop and fizz throughout your bath! You can actually hear these candies popping to… it is very similar to eating pop rocks! By the way, you cannot physically feel the pop rocks popping, therefore, it does not hurt! You just can hear them!

LIMITED EDITION: My introduction for this post also talked about how this product first appeared in the LUSH Halloween collection and has been available since. Recently though, LUSH USA just took them off line. Although, many of the LUSH store locations still have a few left! Go stock up (I recently bought five of them at the LUSH on Lexington Ave., NYC)!

INGREDIENTS: This bath bomb has many ingredients that make it truly unique! These are the fair trade vanilla absolute, cream of tartar, popping candy, black pepper oil, patchouli oil, gardenia extract and so much more!

If you have tried Lord of Misrule, share your experience with me! Hopefully, LUSH sees how positive the feedback is for this product and they bring it back permanently!


My First LUSH Product: Buffy

I am sure most of you can remember your first LUSH product?! Was it a solid shampoo to try something new and sustainable? Was it a shower jelly to try the unbelievable? Or was it simply a lotion to sooth your irritated skin? Your first LUSH product is a great one. I can still vividly remember walking into LUSH and looking at all the products in confusion… wondering which one I should try! Well that product that I ended up picking was Buffy Body Butter! The pictures below are of my recently used Buffy! Sorry that it is not a picture of a new bar!



THE PERFECT COMBO: Exfoliating and moisturizing in one bar… this is awesome! Buffy is  great for exfoliating problem skin since it has ground beans in it. Other than this quality, Buffy is an awesome moisturizer! It hydrates your skin very very well. The ingredients that adds to this hydrating feature is cocoa and shea butter. If you exfoliate your skin every few weeks, this product is a must because it takes down your shower time, does not have any packaging, and is at a great price!

LITTLE ROUGH: Although, Buffy is pretty rough sometimes; especially during the first few uses! If you are not up for intense exfoliation, this body bar from LUSH might not be the right one for you. Alternatives are You Snap The Whip and King of Skin (which I have already reviewed).

SMELL: The aroma of this product is perfect for calming, warm showers. The many butters in the product make it serene and fresh. The lavender oil in the butter also creates a relaxing feel.

SIZE: Buffy is the only body butter from LUSH that is offered in two different sizes. There is a large size (7 oz.) which lasts about a month in the shower that is $22.95. The smaller size is 3.3 oz. and lasts about two weeks. This one is priced at $11.95. I have owned both sizes. I would start with the small and see how much you like the product and then go on from there! I like to switch up body butters month to month… so I have been purchasing the small size recently! The body butters also last a lot longer if they are protected from water and moisture. Thus, the square tin is a great purchase and can be used for future LUSH products!

INGREDIENTS: I have already mentioned a few of the ingredients in Buffy throughout this post… but here are all of the fresh, cruelty free ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, lavender oil, ground rice, ground almonds, ground aduki beans, and lemon oil! This product is seriously packed with some awesome goodies! Plus, it is Vegan!

What do you think about Buffy?! Is it a popular LUSH first?

Why LUSH? My Career Goal.

I have been thinking lately, why LUSH? How is LUSH different from other beauty companies? What makes LUSH stand out? Why do I want to work at LUSH? These are all questions that I want to answer in this post right now. I want to stand out and show LUSH how much I appreciate their branding, company, communications, products, social media, views, missions, and so on.


This is the question I get from everyone. They are always curious to know why I picked LUSH to write about. Well here are a few reasons ( I could honestly go on and on when answering this question):

  • Company Values – LUSH changed my view on the entire beauty industry. It has taught me that an individual can make a difference. For instance, I can recycle my LUSH perishables such as pots, boxes, and bags to help the environment.
  • Positive Outlook – Another HUGE factor of LUSH that draws me in is their statement, “happy people making happy products.” I have always been a negative thinker who worries constantly. I day dream about all of the negative things that could happen that day. I am learning to be more positive and LUSH has gotten my back on that track. Going into LUSH stores, liking LUSH social media, reviewing LUSH products, sitting in my bath for hours on end inhaling the aromas of LUSH… those are just a few of the many things that LUSH adds to my life.
  • Acceptance – I also think accepting everyone for who they are is important and right. LUSH companies are full of individuals who have accepted themselves. They accept the facts that they might be different, think differently, have different values or morals. Bottom line is that LUSH supports and values people who know their inner selves and do not change for anyone.
  • The Campaigns – LUSH also has some of the most heart-warming, just, and compelling campaigns I have ever seen a beauty company develop. They want to make a difference not only in enviornmentaly friendly beauty, but also in the world. They want to help people of developing countries who suffer from human right violations. They want to spread the universal right of equality.
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Fresh, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Fair Trade, etc. – Think of all types of characteristics that define environmentally friendly beauty, mesh all of these qualities together, and you have LUSH! LUSH does not disappoint. Every product they make is cruelty-free, handmade, fresh, and natural. They offer every single ingredient they put in products and even have a LUSHopedia where they further describe ingredients. I am sure many people are like me and want to know what they are putting on their bodies. They do not want a bunch of process chemicals that are tested on poor animals. People want products straight from the earth where local communities and societies harvest the ingredients. Consumers want products that do not harm our earth.. they want products that can make a difference. LUSH can make a difference.
  • LUSH Social Media – LUSH has the best social media presence. They are active on all outlets. Their YouTube channel is phenomenal. I sit and watch LUSH videos almost every night to learn more about the products, campaigns, and employees. LUSH Instagram and Twitter are also real-time and active. I enjoy liking and commenting on each post to provide my personal inputs. LUSH Blog has so many interesting stories that take events and actions from the real world and applies them to LUSH products and values. LUSH Pinterest is dangerous… I could spend almost five hours straight looking at all the pins. LUSH also has a great amount of audience feedback and participation. They offer so many opportunities for one to enter into LUSH competitions with winners receiving LUSH surprise gifts. The social media of LUSH is just so phenomenal.


My dream and goal is to intern and work for LUSH. I want to be a part of the company and cherish each day in the corporate office. The LUSH Communications and PR department is where my interest and dreams lie. I want to learn how LUSH stand out and creates a brand that is irresistible. I want to learn how LUSH stays true to their company values. I want to learn how LUSH creates products that are innovative, fresh, new, unique and healthy. I want to learn how LUSH stays handmade in a world of growing factories. I want to learn how LUSH became so successful and why.

I WANT TO INTERN FOR LUSH! Please share, reblog, comment, and like this blog. Share it with your friends. I want to show LUSH why I would be the perfect intern. I want to be a part of LUSH.


Help me get the attention of the LUSH PR Department and Communication headquarters in NYC. Help me achieve my goal of interning for LUSH! 

Exclusive Gorilla Perfumes – How do they smell?

It has been a few days since I have posted! I have been doing homework, school, eating, sleeping, and “netflixing” (that is my treat after a long day)! LUSH had a deal around Christmas time last year where if you bought x amount of products online, they will send you a $10 E-Gift card in February. So of course, I took this deal and ordered five of the small bottles (.07 fl. oz.) of some of the Exclusive Gorilla Perfumes that are only available online. Here are the five perfumes that I was very curious to order:


Starting from the top to the bottom, I will talk a little about each scent:

  • Ginger – I was very very interested and curious to try this perfume since I read about it in the Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go book! Apparently, this scent was one of the most popular sellers in the Cosmetics-To-Go era! I really like the smell of this perfume. I am not sure it is a daily perfume… but it is very sweet and reminds me of old-fashioned perfumes.
  • 1000 Kisses Deep – I agree with LUSH that this perfume has a strong sexy, musk scent! I think this perfume is more wearable and appropriate for daily wear! It does add a little sexy spice! To me, it smells very natural, musky, and earthy.
  • Love – Love is probably one of my favorite scents of the five! It is light and not to complicated as the others. This one caught my attention because of the apple, cinnamon spice description. I have worn this one a few times and have gotten many, many compliments!
  • Icon – This is a very mysterious perfume. It is hard to pin point what it actually smells like. To me, it has a hint of citrus with a mysterious earthly tone. This one of LUSH’s favorite perfumes.
  • The Smell of Weather Turning – I decided to try this one because of the name of it. Who cannot try a perfume called, The Smell of Weather Turning?! What does that even smell like in nature? As it turn out, I actually like this scent. The first thing that comes to mind when I smell it is Yosemite National Park in Northern California. I have not yet worn this one but look forward to it!

I also got a sample with this online order! They gave me a chunk of the Aromaco Deodorant! I was pretty excited to get this sample since I have yet to try this product! I have used it a few times and see no negatives! The smell is pretty mellow and does not have any strong scent!

Let me know if you have tried any of the Exclusive Gorilla perfumes from LUSH! They are quite unique! Share your experiences with them below, please!

BIG – The Sea Salt Shampoo

Hello all! Sorry I am blogging so late… I moved my entire closet into my new closet and organized my clothes. Lets just say it took forever and ever! But I wanted to review on of the LUSH products I just finished in the shower, the famous, LUSH BIG Shampoo!



GREAT RESULTS: I really enjoy what this shampoo does to my hair. It adds so much body! My hair is naturally wavy so this product boosts the body even more. I would suggest this shampoo for anyone who has natural colored hair for all hair types. I have heard that BIG is not the best shampoo to use when your hair is colored! The BIG solid conditioner from LUSH also boosts your hair’s body!

TEXTURE: This shampoo is honestly just a bunch of salt in a lemon like liquid! It is not smooth when you massage it through your hair but rather quite chunky! The salt does not melt or anything in your hair… so when you rinse it out, you can still feel the salt pieces.

OUCH!: Even though this shampoo does wonders for body, it also has one major down fall, ALL OF THE SALT! You need to watch out where this product goes. Sometimes, my shampoo drips onto my face a bit. BIG did that and it burned so bad… I had to get out of my shower and clean out my eye for 20 minutes. Also, if you have a sore on your scalp it burns pretty bad!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this handmade shampoo are: coarse sea salt, fresh organic lemon infusion, fresh sea water, extra virgin coconut oil and so much more! This is also not a Vegan product from LUSH!

What do you think of this shampoo?! Different, huh?