Professional and Academic Portfolios

This section of Andrea’s blog highlights her professional and academic achievements, projects, and designs. The academic work was developed throughout her time as an undergraduate student at Marist College. Furthermore, her professional work was curated at FACE Stockholm, The BE Program, Germantown Central School, and DeVries Global PR agency. You may discover her entire professional background and network on her LinkedIn profile.

Resume: Resume April 2016

Academic Portfolio – Undergraduate at Marist College

This is a collection of academic projects derived from my studies at Marist College, focusing on Public Relations and Political Science. These pieces demonstrate my creative writing abilities, research interests, design skills, and political ties to communication studies.

Recently, I took the last Public Relations course in the curriculum titled, Communication Campaign Management where the classes was divided into five different groups competing for a real client for the winning campaign. As a co-group leader, my team won over the client with a catchy theme (Make Your Mark) and realistic tactics that tie to the campaign’s objectives and audiences. The final presentation is attached here.

Campaign Management Presentation

Public Relations Measurement – Survey for Campaign Management

Press In America – Walter Lippmann Research Paper

Communication Capping – Communication Professionals and College Curriculum

Professional Portfolio – FACE Stockholm 

In the summer of 2014, I started interning for FACE Stockholm in Hudson, New York for posting, scheduling, and developing social media content. I came to the company with a campaign to create Facebook pages for its three regional stores – Time Warner Center, Rhinebeck, and Hudson. These pages largely excelled and are now used to communicate with the local communities.

My internship turned into a job – when not in class, I worked for FACE Stockholm as an Executive Assistant to the President of the company and also as a Social Media Manager, while assisting the Creative Director with graphic design in the spring and summer of 2015. I developed images for its website, social networks, and email marketing, while creating tangible materials. Additionally, I wrote copy, working with Swedish executives to translate into Sweden. I also assisted with photographing seasonal looks, and managed its international press list.

Professional Portfolio – THE BE PROGRAM + DR. NARDOZZI 

I was approached by a fellow student about the opportunity to intern for a professor at Marist College who manages the digital presence for an eating disorder online resource called The BE Program, and its co-founder, Dr. Jennifer Nardozzi. My first tasks ranged from scheduling posts on social media via Hootsuite to four outlets and grew tremendously throughout the year – such as developing a Pinterest page from the ground up to becoming a graphic designer for digital outlets. My past tasks included developing weekly content using Adobe software, scheduling social media, and curating copy to match blogs and weekly themes.


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