Lilly Pulitzer Social Media Extravaganza

So I wanted to celebrate my first day back at school studying PR with a social media post! Here is goes… guess what business I am going to talk about social media for… you guessed it, Lilly Pulitzer! I have done a few of these Lilly posts in the past… check them all out if you are interested!

Post #1: This post is from the @lillypulitzer Instagram. The caption says “#lillyatwaterside in Naples will be open early next week!” I thought this post was extra awesome because the picture is of a print artist painting the new store. This reminds me a lot of LUSH because they also have a special artist who comes in and paints the store!



Post #2: Like the first one, this is another social media post on Facebook about the Waterside store opening! This post is also unique because it refers back to their Instagram account. I cannot wait to go to this new Lilly store!



Post #3: This is a @lillypulitzer Instagram post. The caption for this picture sats “TOO much is never enough #buymelilly #ColorfulFriday.” The #buymelilly campaign launched around the holiday season so this picture was a part of that media campaign! It for sure is very colorful!



Post #4: Again, this is from @lillypulitzer on Instagram. This post is a part of their #lilly5x5 collection from the Lilly Pulitzer Print and Design Studio! The caption says “Just add bubbles… #nationalbubblebathday #lilly5x5.” I love love love this post because it is related to baths… which remind me of LUSH! This is an awesome #lilly5x5!



Post #5: Lastly, I wanted to share another #lilly5x5 from their Facebook account. The caption for this one says “Monday? Let’s take flight. #lilly5x5.” I love the butterfly print because of the white background with reds and pinks watercolors used for the butterflies! Plus, it is a great post to lift up your Monday!



I love doing these social media posts! It is a lot of fun to find unique posts that relate to different social media campaigns. What company’s do you follow on social media?!

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