About Me

Andrea Puskar was born and raised in Houston, Texas – a true southern belle! She is currently attending Marist College located in the historic Hudson Valley of New York to obtain a degree in Public Relations and Political Science. The famous city, culture, and overall foreign experience of living in the Northeast alters Andrea’s world-views, especially her desired career path in either consumer, lifestyle, or travel PR.

This blog highlights Andrea’s passions – fun experiences, shopping beauty items, and of course, her communication studies. She strives to post weekly as she attends school and interns at DeVries Global, representing Celebrity Cruises and Sherwin Williams. Since her blog started out as a LUSH Cosmetics bible, past posts reflect environmentally-friendly beauty, while new ones branch out to new topics.

To contact Andrea, please inquire at andrea.puskar1@gmail.com or any of her socials. 

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