Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

Here is the final Christmas product from LUSH that I need to review! Yay!!! But… I cannot wait to see what LUSH holiday 2014 will be like. So the last product is the Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar. This is a cute little thing and it could be related to Valentine’s Day because it is hot pink!

Here is a product image:



SMELL: The smell of this product is the famous LUSH holiday scent, Snow Fairy. It is extremely sweet! Almost feels like you are rubbing cotton candy all over your body!

TEXTURE: This massage bar is super super creamy. It almost melts in your hand immediately once touched. When used on the skin, it is super hydrating and moisturizing.

EFFECTS: In the middle of the massage bar, there is a cube of luster! It makes your skin super sparkly and sweet! Highly recommend this bar to use before a night out!

HOLIDAY-MADNESS: Not only is this product Christmas oriented, I also think it could be related to Valentine’s Day also! The hot pink color, sweet aroma and array of luster makes for a sexy date!

Overall, this was a cool massage bar! It is not very large (which is kind of nice) so it has just a few uses. I like how it does not turn your skin hot pink when used. Unfortunately, this product is not available anymore but I found a link to is on the LUSH USA’s website which you can access here.

P.S. – my kitty, Jet, is ready for Valentine’s Day! He is trying to turn his beautiful jet black coat red by attempting to wear his  winter jacket!


Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Everyone… I have an announcement to make… this is my last LUSH holiday bath review! Wow I miss the holidays already 😦 The LUSH products were great this year. I wanted to finish reviewing all of the LUSH holiday products before Valentine’s Day! I think I will accomplish this goal… I have one more product after this! Can anyone guess what it is?!

Here are picture of Father Christmas:




  • Awesome holiday spirit – this is the Christmas bath bomb. Look at the pictures… you have the Saint Nicholas face, red/white colors and finally, the hidden green center! 
  • Great aroma – the smell of this bath bomb is unique… it is infused with mandarin oil which helps to soften the skin. Other fresh ingredients that contribute to the scent are  bergamot oil, orange flower absolute and cream of tartar. Pretty orange-y for a Christmas bath bomb right?


  • More please – I wish there was a bit more to this bath bomb. The concept of having a green and red bath bomb is brilliant around the Christmas time… but why not infuse it with insane luster or stick a secret note inside to brighten up someones holiday. I always look for surprises in my bath bombs !

So this is the last holiday bath product review until next year! Unfortunately you cannot purchase this bath ballistic anymore, but there will probably be another Father Christmas version out at the end of this year! I found some information about this limited edition ballistic on the LUSH UK website which you can find here. Did you try this bath bomb last season?!

Mr.Punch Soap

For my second post today I would like to post about a LUSH holiday product! This one is called Mr.Punch soap! Unfortunately, it is not avaliable anymore because it was a limited edition holiday product. I am sure that it will be back though for next Christmas! How many of you have tried this soap?!

Here is an image of mine (I used it a few times before taking this picture):




  • Great scent – I love the dark-fruity scent of this soap. It has a great punch-y feel! The color is a beautiful deep purple with various chunks of soap pieces in it! I have some green, yellow and orange pieces on the top of mine! The big soap shape is a large punch bowl! It is pretty unique!
  • Decent lather – this soap actually lathers pretty well for LUSH’s soaps. It had a good amount of bubbles with a smoothing texture.
  • Real fruit – I could tell this product had actual fruit in it because a whole berry was logged into my soap! I was using it and suddenly a berry popped out!


  • Nothing Interesting – honestly there is not a lot to remember about this soap… it has a great aroma and lather but there is nothing extremely unique! I wish there was more to the soap! Maybe glitter or luster or something!

If you want to learn more about this soap and watch how it was made, you can visit a LUSH USA blog post here. This was a unique holiday soap but definitely not my absolute favorite! What was your favorite holiday soap?

Angel’s Delight Soap

How many of you out there love LOVE LOVE LUSH?! Probably most of you looking at this post huh… well I have a treat for you! One of the greatest soap reviews over one of the coolest LUSH holiday products, Angel’s Delight! This is such a beautiful soap… so beautiful that for the first time ever in one of my LUSH Soap posts, I will be showing a picture of the huge soap bar!

Here is the whole Angel’s Delight soap (photo credit from here aka – LUSH UK):



Here is the chunk I picked out (can anyone guess where it is from on the soap?!):




  • Awesome look – I really enjoy just looking at this soap… it is so so so beautiful! I am a huge fan of all the different colors and textures. First, you have the gold luster moon and inside the ring you have a variation of multi-colored shapes with pink and purple hints! So beautiful…
  • Cool smell – I also enjoy the aroma of this product. To me, it smells like Fruit Roll-Up gummies which remind me so much of my child hood! It is the perfect past time to have in your bath tub.
  • Glitter stars – I ADORE the glitter stars in this soap! It makes bathing ten times more fun! You can kind of see them a bit on the top of the soap in the picture to the right.


  • Little lather – Like I always comment on with most LUSH soap reviews, there is no lather. Jut a tad bit but I would prefer more! I like my soap to bubble up when I use it!

This is a phenomenal holiday LUSH soap! Definitely one of my all time favorite LUSH holiday product and LUSH product in general! I found a great video from LUSH Youtube that y’all can check out here about how they make this gorgeous soap! Unfortunately, this soap is only available around the holiday season but I have high hopes that they will bring it back this year because it has returned for two years now! Let me know if you have tried this soap!

LUSH X-Mas Angel Bath Bomb

Hello all! So I think this is near the end of my LUSH holiday bath products… I think I have one more bath bomb and a few soaps left! Let me know if I have not yet reviewed anything that you would be interested in from the past holiday collection! I am sure that  have reviewed most of it below though. For todays holiday past time, I will be reviewing a LUSH Retro Holiday collection item. This is the X-Mas Angel bath bomb!

Here are product photos:




  • Very unique – this was an interesting product. It was a special edition and only available for a short period of time because it was in the Retro and Holiday LUSH collections.
  • Lasts a while – this product was fizzing in my bath the entire time… I was shocked how long it took to fizz out! I am not sure what this would be classified as because it had different qualities than bath bombs. For example, it took a while to fizz and did not necessarily change my bath water at all.


  • Too Minty – I did not enjoy how minty and fresh this product was. I used this in my bath in the evening hours… I think this product is definitely for a morning bath! But who takes baths in the morning… I sure do not! The smell was a bit medical-ish… it smells too minty for me.

Overall, I do not think I would repurchase this Retro/Holiday LUSH product… It was a little off for me. I did not enjoy the aroma but did like how long it lasted in my tub! Also, I used a pink heel bath bead in the tub which made my water super moisturizing and hydrating! I like these because the whole thing melts in the tub leaving nothing behind. I will do a post all about the different bath beads I have.

Guess what?!?! Tomorrow I will be going to the LUSH Spa in NYC at the Lexington location…. I am SUPER EXCITED! I will be taking lots of pictures and probably will have another haul! Do any of y’all want to guess what treatment I will be getting?!


LUSH Soap Collection

So I decided to start the day off with a fun blog post about my array of LUSH Soap! I have a lot of different LUSH soaps that I use in my bath tub. I am not a huge fan of using them in the shower. Here is my current collection (minus two new soaps I purchased):


  • Snow Globe Soap – this is a great lemon/citrus scent! I just reviewed this one in a post below which you can find here.
  • Sultana of Soap – this is my FAVORITE LUSH soap… I cannot get enough of it. I have also reviewed this soap which you can find here.
  • Karma Soap – this is a very powerful soap because the smell is super strong. I have not yet reviewed this soap but will soon!
  • Angel’s Delight Soap – I love this LUSH holiday soap. I will review this product very very soon!
  • Banana Moon Soap – this is a part of the LUSH Retro collection. I have not yet tried this soap but am excited because I am an insane banana lover!
  • Honey I Washed The Kids Soap – I have not tried this soap yet… but it is a fan favorite from LUSH! It smells very similar to the It’s Raining Men shower gel. 
  • Orange Jelly Soap – this is another soap from the LUSH holiday collection. I have already reviewed this soap which you can find here.
  • Putty For Your Hands Soap – this was a unique purchase for me. I have been using it a lot more because of the dry winter. Will be reviewing this soon!
  • Sexy Peel Soap – I have been using this soap for a while now.. that is why it is a lot smaller than the other! I have not yet reviewed this soap but it is a super exfoliator.
  • Mr. Punch Soap – this is again another soap from the LUSH holiday collection. I really enjoy using this soap! Will review very very soon.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my soaps from LUSH! I switch them out in my tub every week to try a new one! LUSH soaps last a long long long time. So they are a great investment. I have added three new additions to my soap collection. These are the Porridge Soap, Figs and Leaves Soap and the Neon Love Soap from the LUSH valentines collection.

I will be posting my Valentines LUSH haul very soon! Let me know what soaps you have been using this year from LUSH!

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt

Hello all! Sorry for not posting yesterday… Tuesdays are my super busy days at school (I have four classes!). Anyways, time for one of my almost last LUSH holiday bath product reviews… this one was a favorite of mine from the past holiday collection, The Melting Snowman!

Here are some product images:




  • Very luxurious – I loved how oily this made my bath. It was so so so hydrating and very moisturizing! You could honestly tell that your water was becoming a bit thicker as the bath melt dissolved in the hot tub water.
  • Unique smell – I also loved how unique this product was from other LUSH holiday aromas. It had a strong cinnamon scent with a hint of orange! The featured ingredient in this little guy is almond oil.


  • Poor design – I was not a huge fan of this design… the poor snowman’s nose fell off before he even made it home! The five chocolate chips also stuck to the bottom of my tub. It was a bit of an extra step to clean and scrap off my tub.

Overall, I enjoyed this bath melt a lot! LUSH only came out with a few other bath melts this past year with their holiday collection. One of them included the Star Light, Star Bright (which I reviewed below and is my absolute FAVORITE). If you wish to learn more about The Melting Snowman bath bomb you can visit LUSH’s UK website here. Unfortunately, it is not available anymore but I am sure they will come out with this again next Christmas! For now, try LUSH’s other luxurious bath melts!


LUSH Holiday Bubble Bars

So this post goes along with my last one about LUSH holiday bath bombs. Although, this one is all about two holiday bubble bar products! Let get started… can anyone guess which two I will be reviewing?!

Candy Mountain bubble bar:



I LOVED this bubble bar. It was great. I actually think LUSH re-did this product last year and they did one good job! I loved the pink mixed with the white and the little pink dots around the mountain. This made my water a very light pink and added loads of luster! The smell is super sweet. It is a twin to the aroma, Snow Fairy! Not only was this bubble bar beautiful, it also created lots and lots and lots of bubbles! I found some information about this LUSH product on their UK website. There is also a cool video of the compounders making the product on  LUSH’s Youtube channel which can be found here.

The Christmas Penguin bubble bar:


This was another great bubble bar from the LUSH holiday/Christmas collection. I loved the whole aroma and effects of this product! The smell is a twin to The Olive Branch shower gel. This is a great, great, great scent, let me tell ya! The penguin is also super adorable with its beady eyes and gumdrop candy nose. It turned my bath water a light baby blue. The only downfall of this product was smashing it under my faucet… I tried so hard to break it up and ended up taking a rolling pin in a bag to break it! The little penguin was hard as a rock! For more information about this little guy, I found a summery of it online at the LUSH UK website.

Let me know what Bubble Bars you have been using from LUSH in this new year!


LUSH Holiday Bath Bombs

How is everyones weekend going? Mine has been great. Relaxing, sleeping and watching Netflix always makes for a happy and calm weekend! Today I wanted to review two LUSH Holiday bath bombs from the past holiday collection. Lets get started with the first one!

Snowman bath bomb:



This was a great bath bomb. It was a bit small though for my tub. Therefore, I added some bubble bath along with it! The colors in the tub were very simple. Just red, white and a little bit of orange! I do not remember anything that fascinating about the bath bomb but enjoyed the overall bath! The smell was very calming and great. I want to say that this is just a holiday version of the al year round Butterball bath bomb but do not quote me on that! I would recommend this “mini” bath bomb for anyone who enjoys a relaxing bubble bath (just need to add the bubbles)! I found the Snowman bath bomb information from the LUSH UK website. You can access it here.

Bombardino bath bomb:



I really loved this bath bomb! It smells phenomenal! This holiday product is actually designed after the lemon zest holiday drink, Bombardino! What a fitting name for a bath bomb! The fresh ingredients in this product are powdered soy milk, fair trade vanilla absolute and of course, LEMON! The effects of this bomb were great. The top of it is like whipped cream and actually disintegrates in a really unique way! It is very thick and frothy. The yellow part of the bomb bursts with glitter! The only downfall was that the chocolate chips stuck to the bottom of my bath tub for a few days. Otherwise, I highly recommend this product to brighten up your holiday season! If you wish to learn more, you can visit this YouTube video from LUSH Cosmetics!

Unfortunately both of these products are not available anymore because they both were a part of the LUSH holiday collection. I am sure they will come out with the Bombardino next year because they seemed to be a big hit! Also, the Snowman bomb is very very similar to the Butterball bath bomb available all year round from LUSH! Check these out next holiday and let me know what bath bombs you have been using to start off your new year!

Rose Jam Shower Gel Review

So today will be a fun day because after school I am headed over to a Luke Bryan concert in Connecticut! But before my life gets a little to busy to handle… I thought that I should post about one of my favorite holiday shower gels last year from LUSH… Rose Jam! This shower gel actually came out a few months before Christmas and unfortunately, there are no more online or in LUSH stores! I am positive though they will debute this shower gel sometime throughout this year again!

Here is the product image (mine is a little loved):




  • Great aroma – If you are a fan of roses, this shower gel was made for you! It smells exactly like a field of roses or the LUSH product Rose Jam bubble bar. Even if you cannot find this product anywhere, LUSH offers many many products that have strong rose scents.
  • Awesome color – The color of this shower gel is a rosy-cranberry pink! It is beyond beautiful… I have to say, one of my favorite product colors from LUSH!


  • Longer scent – The only downfall of this shower gel is that it does not stay on your body long enough (the smell I mean). It is difficult to smell on you after the shower since other smells like your shampoo and conditioner over power it. Maybe if the scent was a little bit stronger it would stay on your body longer after a hot, steamy shower!

This was a great limited edition shower gel from LUSH. Although you cannot purchase this one anymore right now, LUSH offers other phenomenal shower gels which I will review! Check them all out here! Please share the shower gels you have tried from LUSH! I would love LOVE to hear about them!