LUSH Kitchen – UK Style

The LUSH Kitchen in UK is a few months old now. They make small batches of exclusive LUSH products – retired and new inventions. The list ranges from Lemon Melt to Baby Face Cleanser. Any LUSHie would die to get their hands on these unique, rare goodies!

I collect all social media that revolves around the Kitchen. Some of the above posts are directly from the LUSH Kitchen while others are from bloggers or regional LUSH Cosmetic stores.

PROS – You get to discover LUSH products you never, ever heard of. A guilty pleasure of mine is to check the Kitchen menu. I need to see what they are making and then research the products! Some of the inventions are very innovative, creative, magical, rare, and much more!

CONS – The LUSH Kitchen is only operating in the UK at this moment. All North American LUSHies are out of the loop! Fortunately, you can still order from UK but it is difficult to get exclusive items when they only make a limited quality (and they always seem to be “Currently Unavailable”). Rumors are spreading like wild fire though… apparently LUSH Kitchen will be coming to Canada SOON, hopefully!

I have not yet splurged on any of the LUSH Kitchen items. It has been hard… but the exchange rate between USD and Pounds is ridiculous. Have you ordered from the LUSH Kitchen yet? Share below!

P.S. – I will not be posting for a while… I am going to Kauai! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about my posts!

Lexington NYC LUSH Haul

So I am in a good mood today and decided it was time for my next LUSH haul post! I am a huge LUSHie (if you cannot already tell by now). I spend most of my money on LUSH products. I really do not buy any other products… except for maybe nail polish! But this is it. Plus, I have a goal to review every LUSH year round product and recent holiday products on this blog! So here is one of my most recent major LUSH hauls from LUSH Lexington in NYC (I got all of thee products when I went to the Spa, you can see that blog post here):



  • King of Skin butter bar – I LOVE this product. This is actually a re-purchase for me. It is a shower must!
  • Sandstone soap – this is an awesome citrus exfoliating soap. I have already tried this product in the bath and have a new love.
  • Sikkim Girls Perfume – I have never tried one of LUSH’s Gorilla Perfumes. I thought it was about time! I got the smallest size in the Sikkim Girls scent. It also came in a really cute collectible jar. A review is on the way for this!
  • Demon in the Dark soap – I have never tried a full bar of this soap (only samples). I had to get a small sliver because it is retiring this year! Get it NOW if you like or want to try this product!
  • Tender is the Night massage bar – I have already done a review on this LUSH Valentines product. You can find that blog post here.
  • Eau Roma water toner – I just did a review about my Breath of Fresh Air toner. This is the next toner I decided to purchase from LUSH! Really excited to start using it.
  • Flying Fox shower gel – So this was an impulse… I recently just got into the LUSH shower gels. I just finished The Olive Branch (sad day)! But this is a great jasmine infused shower product! Cannot wait to review it!
  • Wise eye shadow – This is a product from the Emotional Brilliance line. Strangely, mine is not an eye shadow applicator but an eye liner one! And I love it… the LUSH sales lady talked me into it! I wear it quite often.
  • Aqua Mirabilis butter bar – This is very similar to the Buffy bar (which was my first LUSH product by the way). I like this… but it is supper nutty – you definitely have to like nuts to like this shower bar!
  • Lord Misrule bath bomb – I just had to get another one… I know this one was also in my last haul but I love it so much and it is retiring soon! I will be doing a review on this very soon!
  • Dream Time temple balm – The LUSH temple balms are only available at LUSH Spa locations. I was so happy to see this at the store! I got the Dreamtime scent which is very similar to the Dream Time bath melt. They also had Whoosh for the other scent.
  • Light Pink skin tint – This is a skin product from the Emotional Brilliance line. I actually am surprised that I cannot find this online at the LUSH USA store. I am in LOVE with this skin tint. I will do a review soon!

This was a super fun LUSH haul because I purchased many products which I normally would not try! Lots of newbies here! Let me know if you have tried any of these products?! What have you gotten in your recent LUSH haul?!

Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask

I promised this post a long time ago when I reviewed the Brazed Honey face mask! So here it is! Before Valentine’s Day LUSH conducted a face mask campaign in support of all their fresh ingredients! There was even a social media campaign called #LUSHfreshselfies!  The instructions for this social media event are pictured below in an Instagram post:



So this was my #LUSHfreshselfies I posted in the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask:



Obviously, this face mask was super super fresh! I got this one because I returned 5 of my used pots. I have tried this mask along time ago and wanted to review it so I picked it up again! It works miracles and really soothes the skin. The smell is also pretty enjoyable compared to other face products. According to LUSH, this is a great mask to use when trying to prevent break outs! If you are a blueberry fan I suggest picking this one up. Here are a list of some of the fresh ingredients:

  • Chamomile Blue Oil
  • Calamine Powder
  • Irish Moss
  • Fresh Blueberries (of course)
  • Almond Oil
  • Rose Absolute
  • Sweet Wild Orange Oil

These are a few more social media posts that previewed during this campaign:

IMG_5220Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 7.51.07 PM


  1. The one on the left is from the LUSH Willowbrook Mall’s Facebook Page. I liked this one a lot because it shows the beautiful set up and design that are normally in LUSH stores for the face masks.
  2. The other one is from the LUSH Cosmetics Facebook page – this one is a contest post! Whoever can guess what face mask these rose petals are going in would win (I think they picked 10 winners)! I even commented on this one! Does anyone want to take a guess to which face mask this is?!

Prince Charming Shower Gel

Here is another Valentine’s LUSH product review… the one and only, Prince Charming shower gel! This product is a part of the 2014 Valentines LUSH Collection. Like most LUSH shower gels, this one comes in three different sizes. Mine is the smallest size… it looks like on the LUSH USA website that they only have the large, 16.9 oz. left. Thank you Compounder Madu for this awesome product!

Here are some of my product images:



AROMA: this product is a very unique smell for LUSH. It is a mixture of grapefruit and pomegranate with a sweet side. According to LUSH, it is a  “fresh pomegranate and marshmallow wash.” You can definitely tell there is a sweet side to this product!

INGREDIENTS: like all LUSH products, this shower gel is infused with many many many fresh ingredients. A few to name are grapefruit oil, sandalwood oil, almond oil and fresh pomegranate juice! For more information about any LUSH ingredient, you can look them up on the LUSHopedia: Ingredient Finder.

LMITED EDITION: like I said in the above paragraph… this is a LIMITED EDITION LUSH product. They are available online and in stores until Valentine’s Day! This is a part of the Neon Love collection and inspired by the 12 Months of Neon Love Public Art Project.

LATHER: I love how bubbly this shower gel gets. Most LUSH shower gels are great for lather. Specifically, this one is extra bubbly. I also am a fan of the deep cranberry pink color! Of course everything from the Valentine’s collection has to be PINK!

This is a great shower gel. If you are a fan of any of the LUSH shower gel products… I would purchase this one before it goes away! You never know when LUSH limited edition products will come back. What LUSH products are you using this month?!

LUSH Holiday Bubble Bars

So this post goes along with my last one about LUSH holiday bath bombs. Although, this one is all about two holiday bubble bar products! Let get started… can anyone guess which two I will be reviewing?!

Candy Mountain bubble bar:



I LOVED this bubble bar. It was great. I actually think LUSH re-did this product last year and they did one good job! I loved the pink mixed with the white and the little pink dots around the mountain. This made my water a very light pink and added loads of luster! The smell is super sweet. It is a twin to the aroma, Snow Fairy! Not only was this bubble bar beautiful, it also created lots and lots and lots of bubbles! I found some information about this LUSH product on their UK website. There is also a cool video of the compounders making the product on  LUSH’s Youtube channel which can be found here.

The Christmas Penguin bubble bar:


This was another great bubble bar from the LUSH holiday/Christmas collection. I loved the whole aroma and effects of this product! The smell is a twin to The Olive Branch shower gel. This is a great, great, great scent, let me tell ya! The penguin is also super adorable with its beady eyes and gumdrop candy nose. It turned my bath water a light baby blue. The only downfall of this product was smashing it under my faucet… I tried so hard to break it up and ended up taking a rolling pin in a bag to break it! The little penguin was hard as a rock! For more information about this little guy, I found a summery of it online at the LUSH UK website.

Let me know what Bubble Bars you have been using from LUSH in this new year!


LUSH Holiday Bath Bombs

How is everyones weekend going? Mine has been great. Relaxing, sleeping and watching Netflix always makes for a happy and calm weekend! Today I wanted to review two LUSH Holiday bath bombs from the past holiday collection. Lets get started with the first one!

Snowman bath bomb:



This was a great bath bomb. It was a bit small though for my tub. Therefore, I added some bubble bath along with it! The colors in the tub were very simple. Just red, white and a little bit of orange! I do not remember anything that fascinating about the bath bomb but enjoyed the overall bath! The smell was very calming and great. I want to say that this is just a holiday version of the al year round Butterball bath bomb but do not quote me on that! I would recommend this “mini” bath bomb for anyone who enjoys a relaxing bubble bath (just need to add the bubbles)! I found the Snowman bath bomb information from the LUSH UK website. You can access it here.

Bombardino bath bomb:



I really loved this bath bomb! It smells phenomenal! This holiday product is actually designed after the lemon zest holiday drink, Bombardino! What a fitting name for a bath bomb! The fresh ingredients in this product are powdered soy milk, fair trade vanilla absolute and of course, LEMON! The effects of this bomb were great. The top of it is like whipped cream and actually disintegrates in a really unique way! It is very thick and frothy. The yellow part of the bomb bursts with glitter! The only downfall was that the chocolate chips stuck to the bottom of my bath tub for a few days. Otherwise, I highly recommend this product to brighten up your holiday season! If you wish to learn more, you can visit this YouTube video from LUSH Cosmetics!

Unfortunately both of these products are not available anymore because they both were a part of the LUSH holiday collection. I am sure they will come out with the Bombardino next year because they seemed to be a big hit! Also, the Snowman bomb is very very similar to the Butterball bath bomb available all year round from LUSH! Check these out next holiday and let me know what bath bombs you have been using to start off your new year!

LUSH Shower Empties

So I know this post is a bit late for me, but I had to post on this snowy Saturday here in New York! Some good news is that I have TWO more hauls coming up… I have already gone a little LUSH crazy this year (surprise, surprise). But today I wanted to share my shower empties from 2013!

Here is the empty collection:



So from left to right we have…

  • Rehab shampoo – this stuff is God sent. The smell is very citrus and awakening. I love how it actually takes my dry, winter hair to “rehab.” Rehab has been a favorite of mine. I actually have owned one 16.9 oz. and one 8.4 oz. I have not repurchased this one in a while!
  • American Cream conditioner – this is another God sent product. I love love the smell of this conditioner and actually repurchased it recently! So I have a fresh bottle of the strawberry and cream goodness in my shower! At first, I was not a fan of the product but it grew on me and after I repurchased it, I seriously loved it even more!
  • Fair Trade Honey shampoo – this is a great hair product from LUSH. It is a super, super think shampoo which makes it a bit different from other hair care products from LUSH. If you enjoy honey, this shampoo is for you! I have not yet repurchased this one.
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner – I love the smell of this! It feels like your head is growing into a flower garden! I used this tonight and I cannot stop smelling my lovely hair! The product is soooo good, they named it twice! I highly recommend this conditioner for floral enthusiasts. I have owned the 8.4 oz. bottle and recently purchased the large 16.9 oz. bottle.

So those are my shower empties! I love to see what products people are using up because that means they are GOOD! Especially LUSH ones! I want to see what LUSH products everyone else is using up! Share and comment below!


So since I am feeling a bit down today, I thought that it was time for a wonderful haul post! I went shopping at the LUSH in Herald Square, NYC about two weeks ago. I got a bunch of goodies! Some I have used and some I am still waiting to use!

Here is the haul:



  • Blackberry bath bomb – I have not tried this bath ballistic in a while. It was actually one of the first bath bombs created by Cosmetics-To-Go that branched over to LUSH! It is a classic blackberry scent (which I adore) with a hidden message in the center! I cannot wait to review this bath bomb.
  • Porridge soap – I have never ever tried this soap! The sales lady helping me talked me into it! It does smell great and looks like it even has an exfoliating texture. I got a brand new slice from the huge bar!
  • Decisive lip color – I also went for a new lipstick in the Emotional Brilliance line. As you can tell in the picture, this one is super red but has a great shimmer to it! Surprisingly, I have been wearing it a bit!
  • Vanillary perfume – I had to purchase this… the smell is so comforting and perfect for the cold winter months! This is only my second LUSH perfume. Someday, I want to try all of them! Cannot wait to review this spray. I got it in the .3 oz since (spray stick).
  • Jungle solid conditioner – I just finished the Big solid conditioner in the shower yesterday! I wanted to repurchase it but decided to try Jungle first! I have not used it yet but looking forward to how it works!
  • T’eo solid deodorant – This is another new product for me! I have only tried the Coconut deodorant from LUSH (which I love). I like how this one is in a solid bar form which is super super easy to use (especially under the arms). I use this deodorant before I go to bed and love it! The scent is super fresh.
  • Sample time! – Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo is the sample I picked! This is the only liquid shampoo from LUSH that I have not tried… I already used it and was not sure I loved the smell or noticed anything special with my hair! But I might try it out again for sure.

I had a great experience shopping at the adorable LUSH store in Herald Square. This is my go-to LUSH store in NYC because it is super, super close to Penn Station! Only one block away I think… I loved this trip so much I took some pictures of the store and the lovely sales lady who was helping me. Let me know if you have ever shopped at this LUSH location in the heart of NYC:


Magic Wand Bubble Bar Review

Hello all! The schoolwork is coming in fast… I already have so much readings! But anyways, that just means fewer posts each day 😦 I wanted to talk about another LUSH holiday bath product, Magic Wand! This is a cool invention because it is basically a bubble bar on a stick that you swish under your faucet and can use multiple times. I have used mine about four times and it looks brand new! I was a bit upset thought because my wand did not come with a little bell 😦

Here is Magic Wand:




  • Cute design – I love the look of this product! It looks like the tulip bubble stick LUSH came out with around Easter last year (I think I blogged about it a long time ago). Anyways, this design is super cute and helpful. You do not even have to put your hands on the product! Just need to do a few swishes under the running water. I also love the florescent pink color and the hot pink ribbon hanging down it. There is normally a bow at the end of the ribbon… but mine is bell-less.
  • Great smell- This is the exact same aroma as the Snow Fairy shower gel. It is super super sweet. Basically smells like a cotton candy explosion… even though I might not like this smell so much for the shower… It is beyond perfect for the bath!


  • Missing bubbles – You have to use a lot of swishes to get A LOT of bubbles. I like a good amount of bubbles in my bath because I love to lay and listen to them pop! So a downfall with this bubble bar stick is that I have to use it constantly when filling my bath tub to get a good amount of bubbles.

Unfortunately, Magic Wand is not available anymore. LUSH will probably come out with another bubble bar stick for another holiday! Like I said above, they came out with one for Easter last year (and that is not to to to far away). Let me know if you have tried any of the cool bubble bar sticks from LUSH!


Celebrate Lotion Review

So for my third post of the day (I have a lot of free time before school starts), I wanted to talk about another LUSH holiday product…. Celebrate! I actually was not going to purchase this lotion but the smell won me over. It is PHENOMENAL!

Here are some product images:




  • Lovely smell – this body lotion smells heavenly. The smell is a light citrus. I really really like this smell… it almost beats Charity Pot! I believe that this lotion was modeled after bubbly champagne for the holidays!
  • Great consistency – this lotion is not to watery and not to creamy. It is a perfect combination of both. I really love how it feels when I use it after shaving. It makes my skin very hydrated and smooth. That is definitely a positive!!


  • Awkward size options – Unfortunately, this lotion only comes in the large pot. I like to but lotion in small pots at LUSH because they stay fresh and if I get tired of it, I can finish it quickly and pick another one! This lotion I got was actually in a LUSH holiday gift set. The set had a Sandy Santa, Karma soap and the Celebrate lotion. So I got the smaller size… yay!

Overall, I really love this lotion. It is great and versatile for any month. I actually think it is more of a summer scent than winter if you ask me! Unfortunately, you cannot purchase this lotion from the LUSH holiday collection anymore. But I am positive they will come out with this one again! I highly suggest it!!! Let me know if you have tried this product!