LUSH Orange Jelly Soap

So I have so so so many different LUSH Holiday products that I need to review! Here is one right now: Orange Soap! This was a pretty unique soap LUSH created for the holidays because it is primarily oranges. I was surprised how much I enjoyed using this citrus infused soap!

Here are some product images:




  • Great smell – Obviously… this smell has a strong scent of oranges! It is very very very citrus oriented. I would only suggest this soap to people who enjoy oranges. If you hate orange smells/things, this is definitely NOT a soap for you. The fresh ingredients that create the scent in this soap are freshly squeezed orange oil and Brazilian orange oil.
  • Awesome color – The color of this soap is great! It is a highlighter orange! The top of the soap is also very beautiful. It has an orange jelly layer composed of sliced oranges and jelly.


  • Weak lather – I was a bit disappointed with the lather of this soap. It barley bubbled… actually it did not bubble at all. Even though the lather was non existent, I still feel like it did the job! I have noticed that not a lot of LUSH soaps lather up to extreme amounts!
  • Tan legs – When using this soap, my legs turned a orange/sun kissed tan! I guess that the orange is so so so strong it causes the lather to be very tan when used on fair skin… My skin is especially light so it was even tanner for me!

Overall, I really enjoyed this holiday soap. I think it should be a must for all orange and citrus beauty lovers! It has a great smell and product image. Unfortunately, this product was only available from LUSH during the holiday season. I am sure it will be out next holiday! If you want to learn more about this soap or other festive soaps this past year from LUSH you can visit their Youtube video: LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Presents: Festive Soaps! Let me know if you have tried any holiday LUSH soaps!

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