Lilly Prints – Social Media Overview

Hello! So since I am a PR major who is extremely interested in social media… I thought that this would be a very interesting post! Lilly Pulitzer posts some awesome posts on their social media sites that truly represents their tropical, colorful, playful, print brand! So here are a few of my favorite social media posts that showcase their beautiful prints!

Post #1: This was a Facebook post from Lilly Pulitzer. It has some images of their Lilly gift cards they offered around the holiday season. The caption says “OH SHIFT! Forgot someone? Volia… A Lilly Gift Card:” I thought that this was a cool post… but I am not so sure about the OH SHIFT part! The gift card prints are quite beautiful though!



Post #2: This is a post fro the lillypulitzer Instagram tagged at the Pink Palace. The caption here says “We LOVE a main in print… how about you?! #mancrushmonday #vintage.” So this is a great caption for this picture because it relates something from the company to the well known – Man Crush Monday fade. I also love the vintage suits from Lilly! They have some super unique prints.


Post #3: So this is another Instagram post. This time, the caption says “Spotted in the Lilly Print Studio: Our newest delivery’s Inspiration Board #buymelilly #islandcocktail” This is a great post because it really shows off how colorful and playful this brand is! There is almost every color of the rainbow on here! I also like how they used the #buymelilly in this caption to reference back to their #buymelilly campaign!



Post #4: This is another Instagram post. This showcases their new bed line they came out with! The caption says “Happy Monday! New arrivals & past favorite prints restocked in our Home Collection exclusively for @garnethillpics” They even took this picture a step forward and added monogrammed pillows! This is a really preppy, colorful post for Lilly!



Okay so those are all the posts I have for now! I enjoy writing posts like this because it really makes one think about what a brand has to be like over social media mediums. Let me know if y’all like these type of posts!


2 thoughts on “Lilly Prints – Social Media Overview

  1. Stephanie Puchacz says:

    Their brand is beautiful all the way around — their social media team probably has a great time doing these. I also like that they don’t abuse hashtags — makes it cleaner and more professional.

    Great post, by the way!


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