LUSH Soap Collection

So I decided to start the day off with a fun blog post about my array of LUSH Soap! I have a lot of different LUSH soaps that I use in my bath tub. I am not a huge fan of using them in the shower. Here is my current collection (minus two new soaps I purchased):


  • Snow Globe Soap – this is a great lemon/citrus scent! I just reviewed this one in a post below which you can find here.
  • Sultana of Soap – this is my FAVORITE LUSH soap… I cannot get enough of it. I have also reviewed this soap which you can find here.
  • Karma Soap – this is a very powerful soap because the smell is super strong. I have not yet reviewed this soap but will soon!
  • Angel’s Delight Soap – I love this LUSH holiday soap. I will review this product very very soon!
  • Banana Moon Soap – this is a part of the LUSH Retro collection. I have not yet tried this soap but am excited because I am an insane banana lover!
  • Honey I Washed The Kids Soap – I have not tried this soap yet… but it is a fan favorite from LUSH! It smells very similar to the It’s Raining Men shower gel. 
  • Orange Jelly Soap – this is another soap from the LUSH holiday collection. I have already reviewed this soap which you can find here.
  • Putty For Your Hands Soap – this was a unique purchase for me. I have been using it a lot more because of the dry winter. Will be reviewing this soon!
  • Sexy Peel Soap – I have been using this soap for a while now.. that is why it is a lot smaller than the other! I have not yet reviewed this soap but it is a super exfoliator.
  • Mr. Punch Soap – this is again another soap from the LUSH holiday collection. I really enjoy using this soap! Will review very very soon.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my soaps from LUSH! I switch them out in my tub every week to try a new one! LUSH soaps last a long long long time. So they are a great investment. I have added three new additions to my soap collection. These are the Porridge Soap, Figs and Leaves Soap and the Neon Love Soap from the LUSH valentines collection.

I will be posting my Valentines LUSH haul very soon! Let me know what soaps you have been using this year from LUSH!

5 thoughts on “LUSH Soap Collection

  1. blushingbiddies says:

    This is a nice collection! This sounds crazy, but I can’t use Lush soaps, they dry my skin out. I have some but I can’t do anything with them! Would you be interested in some Northern Lights? Email me if you are 😀


    • andypuskar says:

      yeah they are a bit drying! Have you ever tried Sultana of Soap?! That one is like washing yourself with heavy cream, very moisturizing!

      And yes – I would be very interested in Northern Lights!


      • blushingbiddies says:

        That’s my fav soap scent in their normal line, but yeah, dries me out D:

        Send me a msg at my gmail and I can hook you up! blushingbiddies AT gmail 😀


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