The Classic LUSH Easter Bath: Fluffy Egg

Hello all! It is a sunny and beautiful Saturday here in the Hudson Valley! I cannot wait to get outside and walk the bridge. But first, down to business, how many of y’all LUSHies have tried the Fluffy Egg bath bomb from the LUSH easter range?! It is a LUSH Easter classic because it is one of the original bath bombs from the Easter collection that comes back every year! Surprisingly, this is my first time trying this product and I loved it! Check out these action shots of this bath bomb in the tub:


AROMA: I really really enjoyed this bath because of the sweet smell. It was great! I liked it since it was not as sweet as the LUSH Christmas scent, Snow Fairy, but it did have a very sweet aroma! If you are not a sweet scent fan, this is not for you! LUSH claims that this bath bomb will leave you smelling like vanilla cotton candy! That is very very true! I smelled so delicious after I got out of the bath all night.

BATH WATER: This bath bomb makes your water very pink. Pink is always great and very cheery! Plus, since there was no glitter, flowers, seaweed, etc., I did not have to worry about cleaning my tub! I also want to mention that this bath bomb does not create bubbles! In the picture above, I used some of my Magic Wand bubble bar stick from the LUSH Christmas collection (Yes, I still have some of it left).

LIMITED EDITION: Like in the intro paragraph, I mention that this product is limited edition and is only available when LUSH comes out with their Easter range! If you cannot get this bath bomb when this collection is out, I think you can find some similar bath products to it like the Pink Bath Bomb!

INGREDIENTS: This bath bomb actually does not have a lot of fresh ingredients like other LUSH products. In fact, the featured ingredient for this bath bomb is sodium bicarbonate and the rest of the ingredients are safe synthetics. It is to bad that there is not any natural ingredients in this LUSH product. It is very odd… this is actually the first product that does not have at least one natural item.


6 thoughts on “The Classic LUSH Easter Bath: Fluffy Egg

  1. Girl on a Road Bike says:

    From your description here and your evident love of pink water and bubbles (the reason I don’t use bath bombs) have you tried the Creamy Candy Bath Slice? It’s sweet, pink and very bubbly to the point where I only use a third to half of a slice per bath. I’m assuming you have it over in the states but it’s my all time favourite Lush product here in England.


    • andypuskar says:

      I have tried the Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar? But i have never heard that in a slice! I will need to do some research to see if we are talking about the same product! Do you have any other favorite LUSH products?


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