Easter at LUSH

LUSH Easter 2015

The LUSH Easter 2015 collection is very festive with a mixture of old favorites and NEW inventions! Once this collection was online, I immediately ordered these products:

  • Pot O’ Gold Shower Jelly – a soothing and cleansing jelly! I am not a huge fan of shower jellies, but knew I had to try this one for its gold hue! Have you tried this jelly yet? What do you think?
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow Soap – an insanely beautiful and vibrant rainbow! Uplifting scents and colors make this product the perfect pick me up. Have you seen this soap in store? Check out the entire rainbow now!
  • Bubblegrub Bubble Bar – sweet as can be! I just used this product and adored the sweet scents, orange tones, and bubbles! The only downfall… melted white chocolate eyes stuck to the bottom of my tub.
  • Ultraviolet Bubble Bar – a bubble bar the size of The Comforter! Cool shades of purple, blue, and green are mixed together with hints of violet and jasmine. I have not used this bubble bar yet, but look forward to violet bubbles to go along with my Violet Nights bath oil (a Cosmetics-To-Go classic).
  • Golden Egg Bath Bomb – a hybrid bath bomb and bath melt. This toffee scented creation is super, super sweet! It feels like you are taking a bath in liquid gold… with bio-degradable glitter and olive oil floating around. The only downfall about this returning product is the overwhelming amount of glitter. Your bath tub will be covered in gold for days!
  • Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb – my FAVORITE! I love Fluffy Egg! This candy bath with a pink hue is an incredible soak. The sweet scent also lingers on your skin for hours! Is this bath bomb also one of your favorites?
  • The Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb – a 3 in 1 bath bomb! Eggception is a returning bomb that comes in yellow and pink. I love this bath as it is very festive with a mini surprise in the middle!
  • Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb – a fresh #spring bath! Earthy and minty tones make this bath bomb a perfect product to refresh your senses. Pop rocks are imbedded in this bunny to further create a relaxing environment of popping bubbles.

My New Favorite LUSH Store: Lexington Ave.

Good morning LUSHies! It is surprisingly a very cold spring day here in NY! There is even frost on the ground… in April! I wanted to finish off my Easter posts and reviews with a haul from the LUSH Lexington Ave. store and Spa location in NYC! This has to be my new go-to LUSH store because I love the atmosphere, the Spa, and all of the lovely sales associates! Every time I am in the city I go to this LUSH and then get a gluten free cupcake from Sprinkles (they are so so so delicious)!

Last time I went to this LUSH store, I went with my friend Meghan and we got our Emotional Brilliance color readings done! They were literally spot on! The close up of the color reading was mine. So to get a color reading, you close your eyes and they spin the wheel. Then, you pick out the first three colors that catch your eyes. I got Dynamic (I already own eyeliner!), Control and Feeling Secure! These characteristics really describe me! Meghan also picked three characteristics that described her! The LUSHie sales associate who did our color readings was phenomenal! She really knew what she was talking about.


LUSH Lexington Haul: So after about a half our hanging out in the store, I finally purchased my goodies I picked out! I did not want to go to over board (my bath room is currently exploding with LUSH)! But I wanted to pick up a few products that I have not yet tried. I also got some bath goodies for my mom that are not included in this haul. I got her four Lord of Misrule (her favorite), Brightside Bubble Bar, and the Golden Egg.



  • Fresh Farmacy Cleanser 
  • Control Eyeliner – I could not pass this up because it is a perfect adjective that describes my personality. It is also a lovely dark blue liner.
  • Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar
  • Psychedelic Summer Knot Wrap – this is the most COLORFUL knot wrap I have seen! This is actually my first knot wrap purchase. I have it hanging in my room!
  • Carrot Soap 
    • AROMA: The smell of this soap is phenomenal. It smells great! To me, it reminds me of freshly peeled carrots and V8 juice (very weird, I know). I have enjoyed using this soap in the tub because it is preparing me for spring with a fresh aroma!
    • TEXTURE: I also really like this soap because it lathers fairly well. In fact, this is one of the best lathering soaps that I have gotten from LUSH in a while! I also think it has helped my dry skin a bit.
    • INGREDIENTS: The natural ingredients in this Limited Edition LUSH Easter product are carrot oil, rapeseed oil, bergamot oil, fair trade cocoa butter, and much more! This product is also vegan.
    • FLIMSY: This soap is not very sturdy. I noticed that the slices of it on display in the store were cracked at the top. When I unwrapped mine, it was also cracked above the bunny. I like to have my soap in one cohesive chunk… at least I had a tiny chunk to use at first!

This new LUSH store location in NYC is also receiving a lot of press! Here is just one Facebook post linking to an article about the British, LUSH Spa invasion! Check it out!


Have you been to this LUSH store in NYC? What is your favorite LUSH store location?

The Immaculate Eggception: 3 in 1 Bath Bomb

This will be my last Easter bath product review! The other product I got from the Easter range is the Carrot Soap. That review will be next along with a haul! But anyways, The Immaculate Eggception is a huge bath bomb that can be broken up into three pieces and be used for three different baths. I used mine all at once since I have a pretty large tub. Here are pictures of my Immaculate Eggception:


COLORS: This bath bomb comes in two colors, yellow and pink. I decided to go for the yellow since I always gravitate towards the pink bath products! Inside each bath bomb is a little bunny or chick! I got the bunny! I think that the pink one has the chick. This bath bomb was fairly easy to break (I used the bottom of a toothbrush).

SMELL: This is a citrus infused bath bomb from the Easter range! I would have to admit that this bath product is the most citrus because the other products are quite sweet. Since I used all of the three pieces, my bath was very very citrus-y! I really enjoyed it.

BATH WATER: My water turned a faint yellow as you probably can tell from the pictures. I was a little disappointed that neither the egg shells or the bunny had some type of effect. The only unique thing about this product is the candy nose on the bunny. Other than that, there was not any glitter, pop rocks, flowers, and so on! I would think as a limited edition product LUSH would add a bit more special effects!

INGREDIENTS: The natural ingredients in this product are grapefruit oil, lemon oil, fair trade vanilla absolute, and gardenia extract. The rest of the ingredients are safe synthetics. This product is not vegan.

Overall, I would recommend this bath bomb for all the citrus, spring lovers out there! The bath bomb really represents the symbols of Easter! I mean who cannot pass up a yellow/pink egg with a little critter inside!? I sure cannot! Here is a post from the LUSH Facebook page showcasing the pink Immaculate Eggception bath bomb:



Bunny Bubble Bar: Is it Worth it?

Have you tried the Bunny Bubble Bar yet from the LUSH Easter collection? It sure is a cute little bunny with its candy eyes, candy tails and pink tummy! But is it worth it? Or is it too similar to other LUSH bubble bars?! Here are some pictures of me using the Bunny Bubble Bar:


BUBBLES: This little bunny makes A LOT of bubbles! If you are into sweet bubble baths, this product is for you! The bar is very easy to crumble under running water and immediately starts to bubble up! The bubbles las a while throughout the bath. But be warned because the bubbles are laced with little flower buds. I used all of this bar at once since my tub is quite large, but you can make this product last for two baths!

AROMA: This bunny also smells very very sweet! It reminds me of the Fluffy Egg and of the famous LUSH holiday scent, Snow Fairy! The ingredients that add to the smell are coconut oil, shea butter, and fair trade vanilla absolute! Now that I am writing this, I think the smell is very serene and peaceful.

DEBRIS: Like I mentioned in the section about the bubbles, this product is filled with blue cornflower petals. These petals are a nice fresh, natural, floral touch, but they debris your bath and your tub! My bubbles were filled with these little buds. I also noticed them dried on my tub the next day. It was not fun getting them off!

SIMILAR: Even though this is a limited edition LUSH Easter product, I do think there are many many yearly products that are super similar to this one. Some are the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and Pop In The Bath. 

INGREDIENTS: The natural ingredients in this bubble bare are the blue cornflower petals, coconut oil, fair trade vanilla absolute, shea butter, and cornflour! The rest of the ingredients are safe synthetics. This product is also vegan.



Did you participate in the Golden Egg hunt digital competition for LUSH USA/Canada?! Well it was very awesome! It finished on Friday. The goal of this competition was to find all of the golden eggs on the LUSH website from the clues that were posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The clues were parts of a sentence that created a saying in the end. Can anyone guess what it was?! Here were the hints: No bunnies, our bubbles, in the, making of, were harmed. Share the answer below in the comments!


The Classic LUSH Easter Bath: Fluffy Egg

Hello all! It is a sunny and beautiful Saturday here in the Hudson Valley! I cannot wait to get outside and walk the bridge. But first, down to business, how many of y’all LUSHies have tried the Fluffy Egg bath bomb from the LUSH easter range?! It is a LUSH Easter classic because it is one of the original bath bombs from the Easter collection that comes back every year! Surprisingly, this is my first time trying this product and I loved it! Check out these action shots of this bath bomb in the tub:


AROMA: I really really enjoyed this bath because of the sweet smell. It was great! I liked it since it was not as sweet as the LUSH Christmas scent, Snow Fairy, but it did have a very sweet aroma! If you are not a sweet scent fan, this is not for you! LUSH claims that this bath bomb will leave you smelling like vanilla cotton candy! That is very very true! I smelled so delicious after I got out of the bath all night.

BATH WATER: This bath bomb makes your water very pink. Pink is always great and very cheery! Plus, since there was no glitter, flowers, seaweed, etc., I did not have to worry about cleaning my tub! I also want to mention that this bath bomb does not create bubbles! In the picture above, I used some of my Magic Wand bubble bar stick from the LUSH Christmas collection (Yes, I still have some of it left).

LIMITED EDITION: Like in the intro paragraph, I mention that this product is limited edition and is only available when LUSH comes out with their Easter range! If you cannot get this bath bomb when this collection is out, I think you can find some similar bath products to it like the Pink Bath Bomb!

INGREDIENTS: This bath bomb actually does not have a lot of fresh ingredients like other LUSH products. In fact, the featured ingredient for this bath bomb is sodium bicarbonate and the rest of the ingredients are safe synthetics. It is to bad that there is not any natural ingredients in this LUSH product. It is very odd… this is actually the first product that does not have at least one natural item.


The New LUSH Easter Treat: Golden Egg

How many of you LUSHies out there have been listening to all of the rave about the new LUSH Easter product and LUSH invention called Golden Egg? LUSH claims that this bath product is a bath bomb melt, which means it fizzes up like a bath bomb but creates a rich, moisturizing, luxurious texture in your tub like a bath melt! I think it is quite unique… so I was super eager to try it! Here are some pictures of Golden Egg in the tub:


BOMB/MELT: Like I mentioned in the intro paragraph, this is a bath bomb AND a bath melt! It fizzes when you drop it in the hot water like a bath bomb, but it also releases a ton of moisturizing oils! The bath water then becomes a interesting color and is super oily.

SMELL: LUSH claims this product smells like honey and toffee. I think it smell like honey yogurt! To me, it has an odd dairy aroma (please tell me I am not the only one). But honestly, the smell is not strong at all and is quite relaxing!

WATER COLOR: The bath water turns a highlighter yellow color, which is a tiny downfall. It is pretty unattractive! I wish it was a bit more gold and not as fluorescent. The gold shimmer does help this unattractive yellow and makes the water more gold-ish!

GLITTER: As you can probably tell from the product, it is packed with GLITTER! Like there is a ton of it! It gets everywhere.. all over your hands and once you drain your tub, it is coated with a gold shimmer! But a major plus is that the glitter does NOT stay on your body!

INGREDIENTS: Here are the fresh ingredients in this handmade Bath Bomb Melt: olive oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter, sweet wild orange oil, bergamot oil, cornflour, and much much more! This product is also vegan.

Overall, I actually enjoyed trying out this LUSH product because it is innovative, new and extremely unique! Maybe LUSH will come out with a yearly Bath Bomb Melt if this one is successful! Lets keep our fingers crossed! Now onto some social media about the Golden Egg:


Both of these posts are from Facebook. The one on the left is from the LUSH Cosmetics Facebook page. This post is raving about Golden Egg (the first bath bomb melt)! The post on the right is from the LUSH Cosmetics Willowbrook Mall page! This post is showing a sneak peak of the LUSH Easter goodies that premiered in stores on March 24! This is a cool post because it highlights a ton of the Easter products!

P.S. – Have you entered the secret message from the LUSH Golden Egg hunt (only USA and Canada, I believe)! Do not miss out! Hurry, hurry because the entries end tonight! You could be one of the ten winners. The rules are here.

Easter Haul + LUSH Easter Store Displays

Hello all! The time you all have been waiting for… my Easter haul! The reviews are on the way. I wanted to try every Easter product and then do my review posts… because it is easier to upload the pictures! But here we are…! So this is my Easter haul and other goodies (I ordered the products online so I also snatched some retro goodies!). Here is the haul:



I plan on posting my reviews for all of the Easter bath products ASAP. They should all be up by this weekend! I am very excited to review them all! Now for some social media and LUSH store displays:




This is such a cute display in the new LUSH Spa and store location on Lexington Ave. in NYC! This is my go to LUSH store now… I love the sales associates, Spa, design, large space, and so on! It really is an awesome store. Check out their Facebook page! #lushlexington


This is also a great store location! This store is in the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut! I have been here once and feel in love! I shopped for LUSH at midnight! It was a dream come true! This post was from their Facebook page, check them out!

What is your favorite LUSH store to shop at?!


LUSH Times – Spring 2014

Hello all! I am sorry again for posting late today… tomorrow I go back to school for the first time since Spring Break! I am excited to get back into my usual, weekly routine. Today, I wanted to write a review and make a shout out to the LUSH designers for an awesome LUSH TIMES! Here are the front and back covers of the new LUSH catalog for 2014:


Speaking of the LUSH Spring Collection… mine just came in the mail and I used the Golden Egg tonight in my bath! It was PHENOMENAL! Be on the look out for that haul and review coming soon! This catalog also came out around the time the Valentines Collection and #signoflove media campaign started. Here were my three favorite Valentine layouts:


Overall, I really loved this LUSH Times! It was not much different from the Fall 2013 LUSH Times. This one appeared in stores on February 1st! The day I went to the LUSH Spa! I saw them setting them out and knew I had to grab one! Have you looked at this LUSH Times yet?!