Bunny Bubble Bar: Is it Worth it?

Have you tried the Bunny Bubble Bar yet from the LUSH Easter collection? It sure is a cute little bunny with its candy eyes, candy tails and pink tummy! But is it worth it? Or is it too similar to other LUSH bubble bars?! Here are some pictures of me using the Bunny Bubble Bar:


BUBBLES: This little bunny makes A LOT of bubbles! If you are into sweet bubble baths, this product is for you! The bar is very easy to crumble under running water and immediately starts to bubble up! The bubbles las a while throughout the bath. But be warned because the bubbles are laced with little flower buds. I used all of this bar at once since my tub is quite large, but you can make this product last for two baths!

AROMA: This bunny also smells very very sweet! It reminds me of the Fluffy Egg and of the famous LUSH holiday scent, Snow Fairy! The ingredients that add to the smell are coconut oil, shea butter, and fair trade vanilla absolute! Now that I am writing this, I think the smell is very serene and peaceful.

DEBRIS: Like I mentioned in the section about the bubbles, this product is filled with blue cornflower petals. These petals are a nice fresh, natural, floral touch, but they debris your bath and your tub! My bubbles were filled with these little buds. I also noticed them dried on my tub the next day. It was not fun getting them off!

SIMILAR: Even though this is a limited edition LUSH Easter product, I do think there are many many yearly products that are super similar to this one. Some are the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and Pop In The Bath. 

INGREDIENTS: The natural ingredients in this bubble bare are the blue cornflower petals, coconut oil, fair trade vanilla absolute, shea butter, and cornflour! The rest of the ingredients are safe synthetics. This product is also vegan.



Did you participate in the Golden Egg hunt digital competition for LUSH USA/Canada?! Well it was very awesome! It finished on Friday. The goal of this competition was to find all of the golden eggs on the LUSH website from the clues that were posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The clues were parts of a sentence that created a saying in the end. Can anyone guess what it was?! Here were the hints: No bunnies, our bubbles, in the, making of, were harmed. Share the answer below in the comments!


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