Latte Lip Tint – The Subtle LUSH Lips

Hello all! It is one of my last days here in Houston, which is a bummer! I have been doing a lot of fun things like tanning, playing golf, eating so much TexMex, and just enjoying the sunny, warm weather in general!  I brought the LUSH lip tint, Latte, with me on this trip since I just wanted to have causal, chill makeup! So, I decided that it was time to review it! Here is a picture of my Latte:



SMELL: I really enjoy the smell of this lip tint. It does not smell terrible like some lip products from drug store brands. To me, this is a fresh, coffee-like scent (obviously)!

COLOR: This makes a perfect bronze color when applied. It is simple and casual. The color really makes a great sun-kissed look! I enjoy putting this on when I am running late, want to be relaxed or if I am just looking for more color to add to my face that is not red or pink!

MOISTURE: Latte is definitely more moisturizing and creamy than the other LUSH lip tint, It Started With a Kiss. It is easy to apply and does not stain your skin. You almost do not need to apply any type of lip balm before using this product!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this LUSH lip tint are: almond oil, japan wax, organic jojoba oil, fair trade coffee, vanilla absolute and so so so so much more! This product is seriously jam packed with many different fresh and fairly traded LUSH ingredients! Although, this lip tint is not a vegan product from LUSH!

Overall, I recommend this lip product from LUSH because it is a great shade and it is practical! It is a simple every day rose color that moisturizes and hydrates! What do you think about Latte?!


King of Skin – A Necessity

Hello all! So I decided to finally blog about on of my all time shower necessities. This is the King of Skin body butter bar! I have actually purchased this bar two times already. Here is a picture of a new King of Skin bar and then a picture of a bar that I have used in one of the LUSH square tins:


MOISTURE: The reason why I love using this product is because of its hydrating qualities! It does not really have any type of seed or fruit to exfoliate the skin. So, the only thing that it really does is hydrate and moistens! It especially works wonders for people who have dry skin throughout the year.

AROMA: The aroma is another positive about this product! I love love love the smell of this product. To me, it is simple, clean, relaxing, smoothing, sweet and everything else!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this body bar are: fair trade cocoa butter, fresh bananas, shea butter, fresh avocado, oatmeal infusion, coconut butter, and so much more! Literally, this product is packed with fresh fruit and butters! That is probably why it is so exfoliating!

Have you tried King of Skin?! Do you think it is a shower necessity?

So Many Bath and Retro Goodies – LUSH Haul

Happy St. Patricks day everyone! I recently ordered some LUSH products online because my mother wanted to try some new bath bombs! I also thought that it was time for me to purchase some new bath products! I like to order a few LUSH Retro products when I order online since they are only available there. Here are the products I ordered online:


  • Okra hair conditioner – I was really interested to try this hair product from the LUSH Retro line since I love to eat okra. I am not sure how I like this conditioner yet since I have only used it once! But it honestly is a bit spicy!
  • Rose Queen bath bomb – This was a repurchase for me. I really enjoy taking a bath with this product from time to time because it has a lovely rose smell! I will be doing a review on this one very very soon!
  • Fizzbanger bath bomb – I actually think this will be the first time for me using this bath bomb! My mother really likes it, so I decided to try it also! Apparently, it has a note in the middle of it just like the original LUSH bath bomb, the Blackberry Bomb.
  • Twilight bath bomb – I just used this one in a bath! It was absolutely great! This is the perfect sleepy time bath bomb. Review coming up soon!
  • Bathos bubble bar – This is a bath product from the LUSH Retro collection. I actually enjoyed it. The aroma is quite relaxing and it created tons and tons of bubbles! I will for sure be doing a review on this product soon.
  • Softy bath bomb – This bath bomb is a part of the LUSH Retro collection. I thought that it looked very refreshing and rosy! Surprisingly, it is much larger than Rose Queen! I cannot wait to try out this product!
  • Honey I Washed The Kids Sample – Also in the package, I got a sample of the famous and most popular LUSH soap, Honey I Washed The Kids! I actually have a huge bar of this already! But, samples are always nice.

If you are curious to know what products I ordered my mom… here is a list! I got her: The Lord of Misrule, Phoenix Rising, Rose Jam, Fizzbanger, and the LUSH soap, Sultana of Soap!

Have you tried any of these LUSH products? What is your favorite bath bomb?

Vanillary – The Sweet Perfume

Hello all! I am actually writing this blog post on an airplane on my way to Houston, TX for Spring Break! I am ecstatic to see my boyfriend, friends, and like always, eat lots of Mexican food! I decided to post about one of LUSH’s most popular perfumes, Vanillary! This is a super super sweet aroma that is perfect and cozy for this wintertime! Here is a picture of my Vanillary spray bottle and the Gorilla Perfume sample sheets (which I thought were adorable):


AROMA: Like I said above, this smell is extremely sweet. Honestly, if you are not a fan of vanilla or sugary scents, this Gorilla Perfume is NOT for you! It is almost as sweet smelling as the Snow Fairy LUSH Christmas scent. I really like the smell though! I have been spraying it on my scarves that I wear because it adds a sweet and comforting aroma to my day!

BOTTLE: I got the 0.3 oz. size, which is like the travel spray bottle. They offer this LUSH Vanillary scent in three different sizes. The size I have, the solid perfume and the larger bottle that is 1 oz. The size I got is the perfect one because I can easily throw it in my bag and spray it on throughout the day.

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this LUSH product are: jasmine absolute, vanilla absolute, tonka absolute and much much more.

HOW TO GET: This perfume is available in stores and online. Like I stated above, the scent comes in three different sizes! It is not retiring anytime soon. Around the holidays, they also came out with a Vanillary Gift which included the Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion, Vanillary solid perfume, and finally, the Vanillary perfume.

Have you ever tired this perfume? If so, how do you like the scent?

Light Pink Color Supplement – LUSH

Hello all! I am so excited because I have less than two days until break! I am super thrilled and happy that I am going to Houston. So I will be out of this polar-vortex in New York! So today I wanted to do a recommended review on the Light Pink Color Supplement from LUSH Cosmetics:



COLOR: This is a beautiful light pink color supplement. It matches my face perfectly… I really do not have to do any else when I use this as a foundation. It can be used in many ways. I have seen it mixed with moisturizers to form a BB cream, as a concealer to cover blemishes and finally, the way I use it, as a foundation!

TEXTURE: I love this product also because of the texture. It is not to to to light but also not to heavy! It is the perfect consistency for usage on the face because it is not cake-y but heavy enough to cover blemishes and problem areas.

SKIN TYPE: This is a great color for people who have pink toned skin with rosy cheeks. My skin is quite fair and it blends in nicely. I also do add a powder over my face to set this color supplement! Additionally, it works wonders on my dry skin. I have not encountered any breakouts from this product! The other colors that they offer in their supplements are: Dark Pink, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, and  Jackie Oats.

INGREDIENTS: Here are some of the ingredients in this product: fresh rose infusion, soya oil and rice bran. Those are the three main ones with the featured ingredient being the fresh rose infusion. These are the same ingredients in all of the LUSH color supplements.

Have you tried any of the LUSH color supplements? If so, how do you use them?

Porridge Soap Review

Hello all! Sorry for not posting yesterday. Tuesdays are my busy school days! It is another dreary day here today in New York! I have been using the LUSH Porridge Soap this winter. Here are some pictures of my Porridge soap slice in the packaging and out of the package:


SKIN TYPE: This is great soap because it does not dry out my already dry and sensitive skin. I really enjoy how creamy the soap is. It is almost as creamy as Sultana of Soap without the exfoliating oatmeal.

SMELL: I love the smell of this soap. To me, this aroma is mixed with syrup and honey… it is very very sweet! But, not as sweet as the Honey I Washed The Kids soap from LUSH!

EXFOLIATION: This soap is filled with many oatmeal chunks. It is super super super exfoliating. It almost is a bit TOO scratchy. Although, I like using this soap because it exfoliates my dead skin and moisturizes in one!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this soap are rapeseed oil, pinhead oatmeal, fresh organic orange juice, sweet orange oil and much more! Like all LUSH soaps, you can get a piece based on the price you want. This piece was around $10 and is a generous size since they last a while!

Here is a picture of me with the large chunk of the Porridge Soap at the Herald Square LUSH store located in NYC:


LUSH Bath Product Storage + Bubble Bar Reviews

Hello all! It is a gloomy day here in New York… I am excited though because I will be going to Houston, TX for a week on Saturday! I am excited to be in the 70 degree weather with unlimited sunshine! Today, I wanted to show y’all how I store my LUSH bath products and do two reviews over some of my latest bubble bar purchases. Here is my bath box:



I got this container from Target. I like how it is sealed so the products can stay fresh. I also normally just leave them in their normal LUSH bags. But, I do put the large bubble bars like the Comforter in a plastic bag. I am surprised at how much can fit in this container… I think I use bath products so much since I take baths about every other day! I really love this set up and the box fits perfectly on a shelf in my bathroom. How do you organize your bath products?

For the first bubble bar review, I want to talk about A French Kiss:



This is actually a half of this bubble bar! I like to split this one up and use it in my baths to add a bit of lavender. Yes, LAVENDER! That is what this LUSH product smells like! Lavender goodness. The ingredients in this product are – rosemary oil, cream of tartar, extra virgin coconut oil, and of course, lavender oil! This bath bomb also creates lots of bubbles! I would suggest this product for anyone who loves to take baths in the evening or someone who takes baths for relaxation purposes.

The next bubble bar I have to review is the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar:



This is a really fun bubble bar because it is super sweet! Honestly, it smells like candy! I really enjoy taking a bath with this bubble bar when I need an uplifting! The products in this bubble bar that make it super sweet are – vanilla absolute, cream of tartar, almond oil and a cute, different colored candy flower on top! I suggest this bath for anyone who loves sweet aromas and also loves to relax in bubbles!

Have you tried any of these bubble bars yet?! Both of these are available year round in LUSH stores and online!


Gumback Express Shower Smoothie

How many of you LUSHies out there know a lot about the LUSH Retro collection?! Well it is only available online and is home to about a few dozen retired LUSH products! They are all pretty great! I like the collection because they have products that are out of the box and super unique. Like Gumback Express Shower Smoothie:



SMOOTHIE: A LUSH shower smoothie is a creamy body wash that is normally exfoliating. It is like a luxurious shower gel! I just rub Gumback all over my body and do not use a wash cloth!

AROMA: I was really excited to get this product because I love bananas and almonds! It smells a bit like banana but more like almonds! I liked the smell but it took me a while to get used to it! I would suggest it for anyone who is a fan of banana or nut smells.

MOISTURE: This is a super moisturizing shower product! It really works wonders on dry skin because it exfoliates and hydrates! Even though it works for my sensitive, dry skin, I think it really would be a great shower treat for all skin types!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this smoothie are bananas, apricot oil, almond oil, ground almond shells, orange blossom, honey and more! Wow… all of these ingredients together sound wonderful! Just like Gumback!

RETRO: Like I said in the first paragraph, this product is a part of the LUSH Retro collection which means that it is only online. Also, sometimes they are out of stock on some Retro products but they do get them back in stock fairly quickly!

Overall, I would suggest Gumback Express to any LUSH fanatic who adores taking long, luxurious showers! It really makes for a great lather, exfoliation, and hydration! Great for this long winter… we still have a foot of snow on the ground here in NY. Let me know if you have tried this LUSH shower smoothie or any of their other ones! I found a cool  post from LUSH describing the characteristics of a shower smoothie which you can find here! Check it out!

Eyes Right – LUSH Mascara

So I have been getting a lot of requests to do a review on the LUSH mascara, Eyes Right. I think this is a product that you should definitely read a review about before committing to it. Unfortunately, Eyes Right is not at all what I thought it would be! Here is a picture of the product and a picture of the wand:



CLUMPY: I was a bit disappointed in the mascara because it is so so so so super so clumpy! I have a difficult time putting this on my lashes. I do not know if my eyes are too small or if I am not applying it correctly. To me, it is a bit to harsh and clumps on my eyelashes. Although, do not let this discourage you from trying it out if you are really interested! I have read some great reviews about this product!

COLOR: The color of the mascara is very nice. It is super black! If you love jet black mascara then this is definitely for you! Personally, I do not go for the blackest-black. Although, it is a beautiful deep black shade.

BRUSH: The brush looks like a usual mascara brush. The problem is that the mascara clumps to the brush. It is really hard to apply since you basically have a brush full of gooey product. I wish the formula was more liquid rather than gooey.

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this mascara are fresh wheatgrass, japan wax, water and a few more! The price of this product is near $19! LUSH also claims that it is a great deal since you are buying 5 grams of mascara while drug store mascaras hold 1-2 grams.

Overall, I use this mascara when I want a dark, black, sexy look! I do not use it daily but probably more like monthly! I was a bit disappointed with the clumpy product and the application process. But hey, everyone has a different opinion! If you have tried this product, let me know what you thought about it!