Latte Lip Tint – The Subtle LUSH Lips

Hello all! It is one of my last days here in Houston, which is a bummer! I have been doing a lot of fun things like tanning, playing golf, eating so much TexMex, and just enjoying the sunny, warm weather in general!  I brought the LUSH lip tint, Latte, with me on this trip since I just wanted to have causal, chill makeup! So, I decided that it was time to review it! Here is a picture of my Latte:



SMELL: I really enjoy the smell of this lip tint. It does not smell terrible like some lip products from drug store brands. To me, this is a fresh, coffee-like scent (obviously)!

COLOR: This makes a perfect bronze color when applied. It is simple and casual. The color really makes a great sun-kissed look! I enjoy putting this on when I am running late, want to be relaxed or if I am just looking for more color to add to my face that is not red or pink!

MOISTURE: Latte is definitely more moisturizing and creamy than the other LUSH lip tint, It Started With a Kiss. It is easy to apply and does not stain your skin. You almost do not need to apply any type of lip balm before using this product!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this LUSH lip tint are: almond oil, japan wax, organic jojoba oil, fair trade coffee, vanilla absolute and so so so so much more! This product is seriously jam packed with many different fresh and fairly traded LUSH ingredients! Although, this lip tint is not a vegan product from LUSH!

Overall, I recommend this lip product from LUSH because it is a great shade and it is practical! It is a simple every day rose color that moisturizes and hydrates! What do you think about Latte?!


Face Stockholm Nail Lacquer Collection

This post is for my nail polish followers! I did another post about Face sharing my holographic polishes from them. This post goes along with that one to show all my normal polishes from them! So lets get started! I have 9 polishes from them:



So I will just explain each Face polish from left to right (by the way… face just numbers their polishes and does not give them specific names):

  • #83 garnet – this is a beautiful deep red polish. I use this a lot in the winter time. It is a great cranberry color for any skin type! This polish is also super glossy.
  • #124 classic red – this is truly a classic red! I just had this polish on my toes and loved it! Very vintage and very red!
  • #67 hot mango – I got this one over the summer of course! It really is a hot color! Very bright and lovely.
  • #132 sparkle bronze pink – I LOVE this color. I wear this one a lot… I would say it definitely is one of my most popular polishes in my collection. It is the perfect simple bronze shade.
  • #144 shimmer pink – I love how light this polish is… it is the perfect color to wear if you hate to see chips!
  • #101 cotton candy – this is a perfect light pink color. I use this one a lot on my nails! It is really cotton candy like!
  • #107 creamy hyacinth – this is a very beautiful light purple. I like how it is not to dark nor light. It is a great medium shade!
  • #35 orchid taupe – this is a lovely gray shade with a hint of purple. Just a hint though! Love wearing this all year round.
  • #70 baby blue – I love this blue! This is the perfect, perfect PERFECT light blue color!

So overall I love Face Stockholm polishes! I found this english brand because they have a few stores near me (Rhinebeck and Hudson, New York). I love the simple look of the polishes. The brushes are also lone and thin (perfect for smaller nail shapes). The only problem is that the colors do settle easily – you can probably tell in the pictures!

Have you ever tried Face Stockholm polishes?

Coalface Cleanser

Hello all! So I want to continue with the facial cleanser trend at LUSH! I have already done a few posts about the facial cleansers and moisturizers I use. Today… I though it would be nice to review Coalface facial cleanser:



SKIN TYPE: This facial cleanser is best for acne prone and oily skin! Although… my skin is dry and has some problem areas and I use this sparingly! When I have major break outs one week or am suffering from extreme redness I use Coalface. This facial cleanser has a gentle smell and is not to strong at all! 

PRESERVATIVE-FREE: It is also nice that this bar does not have any preservatives! Less packaging the better right?! To use this product, you just rub it in your hands with some water and then put it on your face! This product is also Vegan. 

INGREDIENTS: Like I say in every LUSH post… this product has fresh ingredients! Here are some: sandalwood oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, powdered charcoal and much much more. 

So I would only suggest this cleanser for oily skin types and people who have problem areas! It is a lovely facial cleanser though… Surprisingly, this was my first face product I used from LUSH! They sent me a sample of it and I went and bought a whole bar the next day! Here is a little social media post from LUSH’s Facebook Page about their facial cleanser era:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 5.38.33 PM

Honey Bee Bath Review – LUSH

So for my next bath post, I want to talk about the bath bomb, Honey Bee! Like most of my bath products I review, this one is also from LUSH Cosmetics!

Here are some images of the Honey Bee bath:



  • Sweet scent – This is the perfect calming and relaxing bath bomb. The smell is very very sweet. Think of how sweet eating honey is times two! When you step into the water, it is like you are stepping into a tub of honey! Really great if you ask me!


  • Color – The color this bath bomb makes when it is dissolved is a bit ugly. It looks like light lemonade. I am not a fan of it at all! But the smell and over all atmosphere of the product are great!
  • Nothing exciting – Another downfall is that this bomb does not have any glitter, confetti, treats or pop rocks in it! This is a bit disappointing because I enjoy having some type of surprise or color in the tub!

Overall this bath bomb makes for a simple, sweet, relaxing bath! If you are just looking for something small and usual, this is your bath! You can find a link to it here:,en_US,pd.html#start=5

Face Holographic Nail Polish

So in my last nail polish post, I talked about the December 2013 Square Hue collection. One of the polishes in that collection was actually a silver holographic and I mentioned that I had a few other holographic polishes that I cherish. These are both Face Stockholm lacquers.

Here are the two polishes and swatches:



  • The polish to the left or the green polish is a part of Face Stockholm’s holographic nail polish line. It is called Thea. I really love this polish! Green has always been a tough color for me to love on my nails. I like the color in general, but always think my hands are dirty or just not right with green polish! But this green is very different. I like how it is a light, pastel shade. Plus, all the holographic effects greatly add to the color!
  • The one to the right or the tan polish is also from the holographic line from Face. This polish is named Leto. I LOVE this polish. It is a nude swatch but has a lot of holographic effects in it. Highly recommend this polish for anyone who is obsessed with tan, light, pale polishes. It is fun and flirty!

There are six different shades to the Face holographic collection. Besides the ones above, they have a pink, blue, silver and purple holographic polishes. If you want to learn more about these polishes or wish to purchase them, you can find them here:

Let me know what your thoughts are on holographic polishes in general! Tata for now!!