More Mask Madness

So to continue the LUSH fresh face mask month, I wanted to talk about the toner tabs that you can purchase from LUSH!!! I have tried both, the Dream Steam and Tea Tree Toner Tab. But today, I wanted to review the Tea Tree Toner Tab and go over some more social media posts from LUSH about their fresh face masks!

Tea Tree Toner Tab:



So this is about the size of a quarter and as thick as a small Reeses cup! So it is fairly small! These are only about $2 from LUSH! I love these… I use them mainly before I use a face mask! I put it in steaming water in my sink and put my head over it and a towel over my body and sit there to let the steam hit my face!! It feels great. The purpose of doing this is to open all your pores so the face mask can clean out more of your problem areas! I suggest these toner tabs if you have never tried one before! Dream Steam has flowers in it and is famously named after the lotion Dream Cream and the bath melt Dreamtime. This is a fairy simple toner tab and does not have any dried flowers or anything of that nature in it.

Media Posts:



This post is from Instagram. It takes about the ingredients in the BB Seaweed LUSH face mask! So these are rooses, almonds and seaweed which nourish and smooth the skin! I have tried this face mask once and it was a bit to seaweed-y for me! But this is a very popular LUSH mask! Let me know your thoughts on it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.58.19 AM


This post was from LUSH’s Facebook account from the Willowbrook Mall location. This location was my home, local LUSH store for a few years! They quoted a quote about the Ayesha face mask. I actually have never ever tried this mask… I think it is meant for older people who are worried about wrinkles! It is a face tightening mask! But the fresh ingredients look great. Asparagus and Kiwi are my favorites.

So so much fresh face mask media and buying going on! LUSH is really really putting this media campaign into gear! I wanted to finish off this post with two holiday posts from LUSH that I completely forgot about during the holiday season! I hope everyone had a happy new year and great holiday! Here they are: