Sandy Santa Review

Hello al! I am starting off this lovely day with a LUSH holiday review! Like I said in one of my latest posts, I have so many LUSH holiday products that I still need to review! This is one of them! The reason why it is in a LUSH bag is because I got Sandy Santa in a gift box!

Here are some product images:




  • Many uses – this sugar scrub lasts a long long time! Unlike other scrubs, this one does not immediately disintegrate once it touches water. I used it in the bath and was surprised at how much product was left over after one use! It looks brand new still!
  • Great exfoliation – this exfoliates like all other sugar scrubs from LUSH. It is very very abrasive. This might be to strong for some, but it is just right for me! It really eliminates all the dead skin. Great product to use before you shave.


  • A bit red – I cannot think of any negatives about this product except that it makes your skin a bit red when using it because of his little santa hat! Other than that, there really isn’t anything bad about Sandy Santa!

Overall, I love this holiday product from LUSH. Their sugar scrubs are great and this one is definitely an exception! It lasts a long time and exfoliates well! Unfortunately, this scrub is not available because it was a holiday product. But I am sure they will come out with something like it this year! Let me know if you have tried Sandy Santa!

Sugar Plum Fairy LUSH Review

Hello all! So this product that I am about to review is from the Retro collection on LUSH online. Also, it was just a holiday addition. So it is not available anymore. I am sure that it will be out again next year. I also think this product was extremely similar to the Sugar Scrub body exfoliator available in store and online year around.

Here are some product images of the Sugar Plum Fair scrub:




  • Very abrasive – this is a lovely exfoliator. It really does the job. It is abrasive because it is primarily made of sugar.
  • Great aroma – the smell of this one is great. I think that it differs a bit from Sugar Scrub because it is a bit sweeter. The smell is very similar to snow fairy. I think that there is actually a sugar plum scent LUSH makes that is in this sugar scrub.


  • One time use – the downside of this exfoliator is that it can only be used really once. After it is introduced to water, it starts melting very very quickly. A way to avoid this would be to wet it and then put it in a container and use it sparingly.

Overall, I really enjoy getting a sugar scrub from LUSH now and then. It is a wonderful treat for your skin! Like I said above, this one was in the Retro Holiday collection. But you can purchase the original Sugar Scrub bar at:,en_US,pd.html#q=sugar%2520scrub&start=2

Latest LUSH Haul

I recently went to LUSH to stock up on some of my favorites! I went to the LUSH store in Danbury, Connecticut. It was an awesome store and had a great interior design. But most importantly, the customer service was incredible. I had two awesome ladies who spent almost an hour with me deciding what products should join my collection and would be the best for my body.

Here is the link to the FB page for the Danbury Mall store:

I ended up getting a lot of new products and even re-purchasing some!



The haul includes:

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy hair conditioner- repurchase: amazing conditioner, smells like a bouquet of flowers
  • Phoenix Rising bath bomb- repurchase: most favorite and recommended bath product
  • Angles on Bare Skin facial cleanser (one of my favorites)- repurchase: best facial cleanser for dry skin that is not to acne prone
  • I Love Juicy hair shampoo- new product (the smell is awesome and goes well with Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner)
  • NEW! solid shampoo bar- new product, good for dry scalp
  • Strawberry Fields massage bar- new product
  • Mummkin (I got it for free! They loved me so much <3)- new product
  • Sugar Scrub- repurchase, great exfoliator
  • Ultrabalm- new product (one of my new favorite all time LUSH products)