Nail Trend Summer Favorites

Nail polish is a beautiful thing. I love all the colors, glitter, designs, shapes… there is just endless possibility! It makes it easy to show off your personality without being too overwhelming.

Below is an array of nail art I have been adoring all month on Instagram from various sources that range from flowers, nail wraps, glitter, and even fruit! What do you think of them?

Social Media Multiples

Ever scroll through your newsfeed and see duplicate images? Or they are not exactly similar, but advertising the same thing? I crash into this event multiple times a day, multiple times a year, with multiple companies.

Baked by Melissa:


The cupcake fad continues with a twist. Baked by Melissa makes bite-sized cupcakes that come in unusual flavors. Other than the yearly collection, Melissa develops a unique cupcake for each month (#miniofthemonth). Past flavors include cotton candy, candy corn, sweet potato pie, and lemon cheesecake. May 2014 was one of my personal favorites (it was delicious!), Neapolitan. Baked by Melissa advertised this cupcake the entire month of May with various posts on all social media platforms with corporate and fan based pictures.

Lilly Pulitzer:


If you are a fan of my posts, there is no reason to go into the speech about Lilly Pulitzer. I feel in LOVE with this Riley Tassel Trim Infinity Loop Scarf (long name). I found these different images advertising the exact same product from the Lilly Pulitzer Pinterest page. What photo do you think sells the scarf better?

LUSH Cosmetics:


What ingredient do you advertise on Easter? Vanilla? Honey? Aloe? Nope, chocolate! These pictures are from two countries – LUSH Australia on Instagram and LUSH Willowbrook Mall (USA) on Facebook. They utilize the same image and almost the same copy. Coincidence? I think not. I am sure LUSH corporate distributed this picture with a caption. What do y’all think?

Lilly Pulitzer’s Integrated Marketing Communication

Do you get the Lilly Pulitzer catalogs in the mail? The booklets full of color, joy, summer goodness, Florida style, resort wear, and much more! A Lilly catalog always brings a smile to my face because of the gorgeous design!

Catalogs, postcards, or other mail pamphlets inform consumers about new products. These collaterals should fit your brand and market strategy while intriguing a specific audience.

Lilly’s audience: Lilly obviously is a brand geared towards women from generation y and x (younger and middle aged). They probably focus on U.S. regions that have a long summer/spring because of their specialty in resort wear. Their consumers are also part of the middle class.

Lilly’s brand: What do y’all think about Lilly’s brand? What does it convey? Every time I look at a social media post, catalog, store, website, blog from Lilly… I believe it exudes color, fun, joy, passion, and individuality. Their brand is truly unique from others because of their extensive print collection and focus on colors.

Lilly’s integrated marketing communication: My blog post archive is full of posts about the famous #lilly5x5’s and other social media. They have a professional yet fun presence on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and especially Instagram. Lilly is a perfect example of integrated marketing. Other than media, they utilize traditional marketing strategies such as advertisements, articles, email marketing, and mail pamphlets (above).

What do you think about the Lilly brand and their marketing techniques?

P.S. – here is an awesome Facebook post about how they create their seasonal catalogs on the Lilly blog called The Juice Stand!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.18.10 PM

#lily5x5 Madness

Look through my blog history and notice how many times I blog about #lilly5x5’s. I bet it is nearing 50. I LOVE #lilly5x5. Actually, I just LOVE Lilly Pulitzer in general. Their marketing, PR, social media, clothes, fashion, graphic design, and everything else gets my heart pumping!

I want to share my favorite #lilly5x5’s from the past few months. Hopefully, you enjoy them as much as I do!

Lilly Pulitzer posts new #lilly5x5’s 5 days a week around 5 o’clock (hence, 5×5). You can discover the archive of 5×5’s on their Pinterest board.


Lilly confirmed that EVERYONE has been wanting to get some #lilly5x5 images. The company created a book that features many of the images. They gave some away in a contest and as gifts when a customer purchased x amount. Do you like this idea?


What does a LUSH Q&A from andrea elizabeth consist of? I will be adding on to social media posts that I have discovered from various LUSH Facebook pages by answering the questions or revealing my opinion. This will be a cool and interactive post! I would love to see more answers and thoughts in the comments. Do not be shy LUSHies!

“What three LUSH products would you take with you to a desert island?” – LUSH Australia 


This is a tough question. A LUSH sales associate in Boston, MA actually asked me this before. I said Vanishing Cream, Daddy-O, and Sultana of Soap. My top three have changed a bit since then:

  1. Gorgeous – my face will need a good pick me up on a desert island! Gorgeous will do the trick. Plus, it smells absolutely amazing.
  2. Honey Trap – I am assuming this desert island will be quite sunny and windy, making my lips unbearably chapped. Honey Trap is a phenomenal lip balm that moisturizers and hydrates chapped or irritated lips.
  3. Godiva – This is one of my all time favorite LUSH products. I cannot get enough of the beautiful, delicate jasmine aroma. Godiva would be an excellent shampoo for a desert island because it lasts a while and is compact. Additionally, the shea butter in the bar acts as a conditioner. It is a 2 in 1 shampoo bar!

“What is your favorite LUSH bath cocktail” – LUSH Willowbrook Mall 


I get asked this question A LOT. Surprisingly, I am not into the bath cocktail fad. I have tried a few such as the mermaid bath (Big Blue and Sunny Side) and the creamsicle  (Enchanter and Butterball). I want to enjoy each bath product individually and experience the magic of a LUSH bath.

LUSH Willowbrook is such a fun, quirky, friendly LUSH store in Houston, TX. The manager is a sweetheart and is always looking for different ways to showcase LUSH products. The two cocktails they feature in these posts are the mermaid with Wonder Woohoo and Big Blue. The second is a new bath cocktail creation called Maleficent with Big Blue, Fizzbanger, and Sunny Side. I adore the color of this bath because of the iridescent green loaded with glitter. This cocktail is also very timely and appropriate because the Maleficent movie just came out in theaters.

Employee Bios – LUSH Australia and LUSH Washington Square 


Employee Bios are popular social media posts. I always enjoy reading them and applauding to all the wonderful LUSH employees in the world who help create and sell environmental friendly beauty. Even though I have never worked for LUSH (one day I will for sure), I wanted to take a go at some of the questions in these bios! You should to in the comments!

  • Name – Andrea
  • Birthday – August 4th
  • Sign – Leo
  • Favorite Color – Marigold & hot pink
  • Favorite Smell – Godiva and Sultana of Soap
  • Favorite Food – anything Asian
  • Favorite Holiday – Christmas
  • What is your dream job? To work for a large cosmetics company in the PR department in NYC.
  • What are your hobbies? Organizing, shopping, blogging, and watching Netflix
  • When and how did you first discover LUSH? Watching Youtube videos in 10th grade.
  • How long have you worked for LUSH? Have not worked for them. But have been blogging about LUSH for half a year.
  • What are your favorite LUSH products and why? Daddy-O because it helps to retain the color of my hair and brighten it ( I am a blondie). Godiva because I cannot get enough of the smell and feel. Vanishing Cream because it is the perfect moisturizer to vanish all your problem areas away.
  • My first LUSH product? Buffy because it was a good price and was a type of product I have never tried before.
  • My favorite LUSH moment? The first time @lushcosmetics replied to one of my tweets and my first experience in the LUSH Spa on Lexington Ave.


Timely Social Media

There have been many holidays over the past few months from Easter to Earth Day! I wanted to post my favorite timely, newsworthy social media from various companies to showcase the factors of an intriguing holiday post. Discover now!


Easter is a great holiday to incorporate branding with universal holiday themes. The #lily5x5 includes a vibrant Easter egg hunt in a watercolor medium. Lilly Pulitzer is known for their watercolor prints! Another example is Vineyard Vines since they attached Easter bunny ears to their logo and mascot, the pink whale! Vineyard Vines always makes their whale festive for various holidays! It is a unique and adorable branding idea. LUSH Cosmetics also posted a cute graphic featuring a product and an adorable pun (“Happy Easter from everybunny at LUSH”)!

IMG_6517Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 6.28.51 PM

Earth Day was a great opportunity for companies to showcase their commitment and passion for our planet. The @nailitmag Instagram account featured an Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange from Zoya. One could switch out their old polishes (bottle and all) for new ones. This is a great technique from Zoya to encourage reusing glass and disposing of lacquer properly. Go #ZoyaEarthDay! Lilly Pulitzer created another #lilly5x5 that reveals their love for Earth! Making the turtle shell a replica of Earth was a phenomenal idea!


For those in the United States and maybe even around the world, you probably heard about the bombings from last year during the Boston Marathon. The city of Boston replied positively and strongly from this event by creating the idea of #BostonStrong. Vineyard Vines (a Northeastern company) created a campaign that highlighted their love for Boston with Wicked Strong merchandise. This was a fantastic move since it involved community relations and probably increased brand loyalty.

Mumkin + The Mum = Bubble Bath Galore

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all of the Moms out there are feeling the love today! I wanted to combine two LUSH product review into one post because they are quite similar and I used them together (I was in the mood for a major bubble soak). I mixed Mumkin bubble bar with The Mum reusable bubble bar! Check out the review now.


This is the Mumkin. It is very similar to the LUSH Halloween goodie, the Pumkin. I decided to try this bubble bar since it made raspberry bubbles! I love the smell and tastes of raspberries… so it was worth the $6.

BUBBLES/AROMA/DEBRIS: I used the entire Mumkin for one bath and it produced a ton of bubbles that lasted a while and smelled phenomenal! The raspberry scent radiated off of the bubbles. I enjoyed smelling fruity fresh after this bath! One downfall about any of the Mumkin or Pumkin bubble bars are their chocolate chip eyes. The eyes are adorable but the chocolate sticks to your tub and it takes some effort to scrape off!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this bubble bar are mainly composed of safe synthetics. Although, there are a few natural ingredients which include violet leaf absolute, sicilian lemon oil, bergamot oil, cornflower, and gardenia extract. I am a little unsure where the raspberry smell comes from… it must be a safe synthetic. This product is also vegan and only available for a limited time during Mother’s Day!


The Mum reusable bubble bar is pictured in the top left. This is a great product because it lasts for a while and is totally worth the $9. LUSH came out with two other reusable bubble bars (pictured in the Facebook post). These are Madame Butterfly and Mum Tulip. I ordered the Madame Butterfly for my mom since it has the aroma of Rose Jam. I also had the Mum Tulip last year and loved the Sex Bomb smell!

BUBBLES/AROMA: The Mum is a calming honey-toffee smell that is very similar to Honey I Washed the Kids scent. It adds a touch of sweetness to any bath. The bubbles are quite nice, but it does take a bit of an effort to sway the stick under the faucet. My reusable bubble bars last a few months!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in The Mum are composed of safe synthetics and natural ingredients. Some of the natural ingredients include marshmallow root powder, cornflour, sweet wild orange oil, gardenia extract, and bergamot oil. The Mum is also a vegan product and is limited edition.

TAGS: One awesome feature of the Mother’s Day reusable bubble bars are the product tags. These tags contain seeds in them that grow when planted. You soak the tags in water and then plant them! I just planted both of these tags and hopefully, I see some sprouts soon!

What did you get your mom for Mother’s Day and how do you celebrate Mother’s Day?!

New Favorite Bath – Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb

This was the product I HAD to try from the Mother’s Day LUSH range. Anything that creates relaxation is a key product! Inhale Exhale did not disappoint! If you are looking for a interesting, relaxing, and beautifully smelling bath bomb, continue reading!


AROMA: Inhale Exhale has the aroma of the famous LUSH perfume, Breath of God. It is intriuging, earthy, and quite unique! Breath of God is in the list of the “Top 100 Greatest Perfumes of all Time.” The Inhale (red side) has a fruity scent and fizzes quickly. The Exhale (blue side) has a earthy, amber scent and takes a while to fizz. Together, they make the Breath of God Gorilla perfume!

COLORS: I loved the in this colors bath! The water was first a light red and then turned into a deep violet (hence, red and blue make purple). I also enjoyed how the red immediately fizzed and how the blue took at least 10 mins. to fizz out. It was very beautiful!

SURPRISE: I was shocked to see the note in the middle! I had no idea there would be such a positive message inside. A few other bath bombs from LUSH (Blackberry and Fizzbanger) have paper notes inside of them. This message says “Inhale, lay back under the water, listen to our heartbeat, Exhale and relax.” My mother used Inhale Exhale the other night and raved about how relaxing the entire bath experience was.

LIMITED EDITION: This is a new, limited edition LUSH invention. It is only available during Mother’s Day. Although, I am sure they will sell after May 11 (this Sunday) until they run out! Make sure to pick up an Inhale Exhale if you are in need of a deep relaxation!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this bath bomb are ylang ylang oil, neroli oil, black pepper oil, lemon oil, cedarwood oil, grapefruit oil, vetivert oil, and much more! Inhale Exhale is packed with all types of oils, which creates a very hydrating bath. This product is also vegan.

Overall, I suggest Inhale Exhale because it is a unique product from LUSH that is limited edition! I wish it was available all year round… I need to pick up a bunch before the holiday is over! Social Media was also RAVING about Inhale Exhale. I have seen many LUSH locations posting about the aroma and special effects. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.31.28 PMIMG_6625

Even I “Instagramed” a picture of this beautiful bath!




LUSH Mother’s Day Haul

The time has come for my Mother’s Day LUSH collection haul! Just like Easter, I have been waiting to post reviews until I have tried all of the Mother’s Day products! LUSH introduced nine special products to celebrate with Mom that range from shower gels to bath bombs. Here are the products I picked:


That is everything! I did not purchase all of the Mother’s Day products. The other products in the collection include Mum Tulip, Madame Butterfly (I got my mom this one for Mother’s Day), and B Never to Busy to be Beautiful shower gel. This shower gel is a LUSH returnee, which makes it Retro. It is only available online and not with all of the other Mother’s Day products that are in store.

I also wanted to include a bunch of LUSH Mother’s Day social media posts (like always). Check out some of my favorites from various LUSH stores:

IMG_6516IMG_6627IMG_6592Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 7.58.07 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-26 at 7.57.35 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.34.28 PM


SO many Mother’s Day LUSH posts! The top three pictures are from the @lushcosmetics and @lushspain Instagram accounts. I love the LUSH bags in Spain! North America needs to take on that bag trend! The pictures in the middle are both from various LUSH store Facebook accounts. The one on the left features the Mother’s Day set up from the Mohegan Sun Casino (I will be going to see Lady GaGa there on Saturday)! The picture to the right advertises some of the limited edition Mother’s Day gift sets! Both of these LUSH stores are phenomenal! The bottom post is my LUSH Lib called Confessions to Mum! This is such a fun activity that is still going on! Make yours now here. Also, do not forget to tweet or Instagram a #thatswhatmumsaid to enter the LUSH Mother’s Day competition!

Have you tried any of these products from the collection?

Cinco de Ocean Salt

Who celebrated Cinco de Mayo?! Many, many companies did over social media! Cinco de Mayo is mainly celebrated in the U.S. and Mexico. It is always on May 5th and recognizes the historical connections between the two countries. Here are some of my favorite social media Cinco de Mayo posts:

eos – I love eos balms! They are so cute… and these mustaches make them even more adorable (mustaches seem to be so popular)! Eos did a phenomenal job promoting their product in a festive light.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.55.32 PM

kate spade – kate spade hit two birds with one stone. They created a post that celebrated Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby! What a smart idea. I also love how they incorporated their blog into the post. The term “Cinco de Derby” is pretty smooth and catchy!


LUSH Cosmetics LUSH posted a Cinco de Mayo DIY! They created a post that shows how to create a “LUSHious piñata!” What an adorable idea. What would you fill a LUSH piñata with?! Share in the comments!

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.54.31 PM

I ended with LUSH since it is the perfect transition into my Ocean Salt product review! I love this scrub. It can be used for the face or body and smells strongly of lime vodka- very Cinco de Mayo if you ask me!

IMG_4245Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.22.42 PMIMG_4246

AROMA: This product is heavenly! You can smell the limes, grapefruits, and vodka immediately after you open the pot! I enjoy the smell and think it is one of the more acceptable and likable smells from LUSH. It is very popular!

DUO USE: Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub. I have heard of many LUSHies using it on their face and loving it! That is not me. I only use this scrub on my body because my eyes and skin are very sensitive to salt. Hence the name, Ocean Salt has a ton of salt in it!

EXFOLIATION: Similar to BIG Shampoo from LUSH, Ocean Salt has a ton of salt that exfoliates the skin. It is a soft exfoliation and not to irritating or harsh. Ocean Salt is the perfect product to use when shaving (but watch out for cuts with the salt – ouch)!

COLOR: As you can see from the LUSH Facebook post, Ocean Salt has a beautiful top layer of light blue. Once you reach the bottom of the pot or mix the product, it turns into a light, creamy color! The cream color still has a lot of salt and smells the same! I wish the entire product was blue… but oh well.

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this popular LUSH product are fine sea salt, fresh grapefruit infusion, fresh lime extracted in vodka, coarse sea salt, fresh avocado butter, and much more! From the description of the ingredients, one could probably tell this product is very similar to the popular Mexican drink, the margarita! Ocean Salt comes in two sizes and is not vegan.

I LOVE Ocean Salt. I always have a pot of it in my bathroom. I just finished this one (it looks very loved, doesn’t it?). Share your thoughts on Ocean Salt in the comments! Happy Cinco de Mayo !