Skin’s Shangri La Moisturizer

Hello all! I am sorry for not posting yesterday… Tuesdays are my super busy school days! To continue with the facial cleansers theme, I wanted to review one of my favorite moisturizers from LUSH, Skin’s Shangri La! What a cool name huh?! Here are pictures of my pot:



SKIN TYPE: This is a great moisturizer for dry skin. I use it almost daily and it works wonders for me! According to LUSH, this moisturizer is best for “mature faces.” I am not sure what they mean by mature… but this moisturizer does work well on my dry face!

SMELL: I love the smell of this moisturizer. It is very sweet compared to other LUSH creams. To me, it smells like vanilla bean! Hahah very specific, I know!

TEXTURE: This is a very very very heavy moisturizer! It is also pretty thick. But, do not let this thickness discourage you! I hate oozy-gooey thickness all over my face. It does not feel like that at all! It is just a little more luxurious than the lighter LUSH moisturizers!

FRESH INGREDIENTS: Like every post and all LUSH products, here are some of the fresh ingredients in this moisturizer: fresh wheatgrass, cold pressed almond oil, Queen of Hungary water, cold pressed jojoba oil and much much more!

This is actually my second pot! I wanted to show you my first pot of this moisturizer because the color is very different! It is very pink toned compared to my pot above. Here was my second pot of Skin’s Shangri La:


Have you tried this moisturizer yet?!

Mini LUSH Haul

Hello folks! I know that I am posting back to back! But I just have so so so so much I want to say about LUSH and their phenomenal, eco-friendly products! For my second post, I wanted to show you a recent mini LUSH haul of mine from the LUSH store in Herald Square, NYC.

Here is the haul:



  • Skin’s Shangri La – This is a great facial moisturizer for the winter months. In fact, this is actually a repurchase. I love love loved it so much that once it was empty, I immediately went to LUSH to repurchase it again. Skin’s Shangri La is very very very hydrating and the smell is sooo great. The fresh ingredients in this product are jojoba oil, aloe very and Queen of Hungary water (mix of vodka and rosemary).
  • Latte – I have been wanting to get this lip tint for a while now… I have a lot of vibrant colors from LUSH for my lips but I do not have any subtle colors. Latte is subtle! It is a lovely brown with loads of shimmer in it. It does smell and taste a bit like a latte also!
  • Samples and more samples – I got two samples from this LUSH store, Lemony Flutter cuticle cream and Rehab shampoo. Actually, I have used both products and love them! Lemony Flutter is a great, moisturizing cuticle cream for those who LOVE the smell of lemons! Rehab shampoo is an all time favorite of mine. It truly takes your hair back to rehab! The smell is also another great aspect of Rehab!

Another part of this haul was a free face mask since I returned 5 empty pots! For the mask, I picked Catastrophe Cosmetic! The LUSH blueberry mask:



So this was a mini-mini LUSH haul for me! I normally go in and get every product that I either have not tried or love to much not to have again! Like always, I will be reviewing each of these products! Let me know what was in your latest LUSH haul! Tata for now!