LUSH Shampoo Fest

Finding time to post about my passion has been difficult lately because of traveling, work, and overall LIFE! But… back to the daily grind. I have gone through lots of LUSH Cosmetic shampoos. The summer makes me dirty and sweaty = more LUSHious showers!

Daddy-O Shampoo: Daddy-O is a violet scented wonderland for lighter hair. Gray and blonde tones benefit most from this dark, earthy, purple liquid because it reduces the brass effect. Floral hints are noticeable through the citrus and violet ingredients. I really enjoy using Daddy-O. It is one of my favorite LUSH Cosmetic shampoos because it is very foamy, colorful, and smells like heaven! Also, it doesn’t hurt that it makes my blonde hair, blonder!


I Love Juicy Shampoo: This shampoo was made for oily hair. Ingredients include pineapple and mango which soak up excess oils to achieve a fresh wash. I tried I Love Juicy because of the awakening citrus aroma. It reminds me of summertime sunshine, freedom, and happiness. Do you like this shampoo?


Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo: Unlike I Love Juicy, Cynthia Sylvia Stout helps dry hair since it contains BEER (yes, beer you drink). LUSH buys organic stout beer from local breweries because it has a special protein that gives hair weight with a smooth texture. Unfortunately, I do not love this LUSH shampoo. It is a bit too odd… I have a hard time enjoying the smell of beer in my shower and thinking it is “refreshing.” My hair also gets pretty oily…!


Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar: My go-to product in Kauai was Seanik. The wonderful smell and lather created the perfect end to a perfect beach day! This solid shampoo bar is perfect! In fact, I just finished my last bit and reordered it instantly. The seaweed cocktail makes your hair soft as a feather while the sea salt adds volume. I highly recommend Seanik to any solid shampoo bar fanatic! Hey – even this LUSH customer from Kuwait cannot get enough of the shampoo bars!


First Experience with The Body Shop!

Hello all! I am back in New York… luckily, the snow has melted and the sun was out today! It is a bummer leaving Houston because I hate saying goodbye to my boyfriend and friends! So to cheer me up, I decided to do a “First Experience” review with The Body Shop! Suprisingly, I have never tried any of The Body Shop products until I learned that LUSH kind-of-sort-of was connected to it. I thought it was worth a try! I got three products in total from a store located in Atlanta, Georgia.

These are the first two products:


The product to the left is the travel or smaller size in the Coconut Body Scrub! I really enjoyed using up this product because it was exfoliating, moisturizing and hydrating! I think it did wonders for my skin in the short time I used it. Also, the smell is PHENOMENAL! I just repurchased another body scrub in the Mango flavor… still not sure if I like it as much as the coconut one!

The product to the right in this picture is the Shea Body Butter. I wanted to get the Coconut scent again, but then decided to try another scent at the last minute! Fortunately, I picked a good scent because I love how simple, calming and fresh this body butter is! I actually have not finished it all yet… but I love it so much I bought a few more in the travel sizes (it was like a gift set that included the coconut, shea, olive, strawberry, mango, and orange scents).

The third item I bought from The Body Shop was the Honey Mania bubble bath melt:


I really enjoy the scent of this product because it is sweet, floral, but fresh at once! The product size is pretty acceptable… there is a lot of bath product in the tub! I really love my bath when I use this product. It creates lots and lots of bubbles. Although, I do not think that I will be repurchasing this product.

Overall, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these three products from The Body Shop! Since this purchase, I have participated in one of their online sales (you can save so much)! How do you like The Body Shop? What was your first product from there?

King of Skin – A Necessity

Hello all! So I decided to finally blog about on of my all time shower necessities. This is the King of Skin body butter bar! I have actually purchased this bar two times already. Here is a picture of a new King of Skin bar and then a picture of a bar that I have used in one of the LUSH square tins:


MOISTURE: The reason why I love using this product is because of its hydrating qualities! It does not really have any type of seed or fruit to exfoliate the skin. So, the only thing that it really does is hydrate and moistens! It especially works wonders for people who have dry skin throughout the year.

AROMA: The aroma is another positive about this product! I love love love the smell of this product. To me, it is simple, clean, relaxing, smoothing, sweet and everything else!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this body bar are: fair trade cocoa butter, fresh bananas, shea butter, fresh avocado, oatmeal infusion, coconut butter, and so much more! Literally, this product is packed with fresh fruit and butters! That is probably why it is so exfoliating!

Have you tried King of Skin?! Do you think it is a shower necessity?