A LUSH Necessity – The Olive Branch

These next few weeks are going to be CRAZY for me! I will try to blog as much as I can. I have finals, internship work, guests coming to visit, and I am going to FRANCE! I am so excited to go to Europe since I have never been! Anyways, I just finished up a bottle of the LUSH shower gel, The Olive Branch and fell in love all over again.



AROMA: Olive Branch is one of my favorite LUSH smells. I enjoy the mandarin base with an olive twist! LUSH claims the smell embodies the Mediterranean ocean since it also has a pinch of sea salt in it. I have to agree! This is the perfect shower gel to try if you are in love with citrus infused, natural scents and longing for the beach breeze.

DRY SKIN: This product does well on my dry skin. It does not irritate it or make it drier (which some LUSH soaps can do). I just squirt some on my loofa and enjoy my steamy shower!

SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE: The only downfall about Olive Branch is the consistency. It is pretty runny. The olive oil and the soap get separated. Therefore, it is a good idea to shake up the bottle before use. The picture above is shaken up! Normally, one can see a definite line between the ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: This shower gel has quite a bit of natural ingredients. Some of them are vine leaf infusion, fresh mandarin juice, Fair for Life olive oil, lemon oil, mandarin oil, fine sea salt, and much more! This product is also vegan and is available in three sizes (mine is the 8.4 fl. oz.).

Overall, this is one of my favorite LUSH shower gels! I never get tired of the fabulous smell. I never stop using it when i have a bottle in my shower. I never will stop loving it! I highly recommend this LUSH product.

P.S. – have you heard about the LUSH Kitchen?! You can vote for retired products for them to make on their Facebook page. Check it out here! The only downfall – it is not available in North America. Oh and they also had an Olive Branch Body Lotion! Wish I heard about it in time before they were sold out!


Prince Charming Shower Gel

Here is another Valentine’s LUSH product review… the one and only, Prince Charming shower gel! This product is a part of the 2014 Valentines LUSH Collection. Like most LUSH shower gels, this one comes in three different sizes. Mine is the smallest size… it looks like on the LUSH USA website that they only have the large, 16.9 oz. left. Thank you Compounder Madu for this awesome product!

Here are some of my product images:



AROMA: this product is a very unique smell for LUSH. It is a mixture of grapefruit and pomegranate with a sweet side. According to LUSH, it is a  “fresh pomegranate and marshmallow wash.” You can definitely tell there is a sweet side to this product!

INGREDIENTS: like all LUSH products, this shower gel is infused with many many many fresh ingredients. A few to name are grapefruit oil, sandalwood oil, almond oil and fresh pomegranate juice! For more information about any LUSH ingredient, you can look them up on the LUSHopedia: Ingredient Finder.

LMITED EDITION: like I said in the above paragraph… this is a LIMITED EDITION LUSH product. They are available online and in stores until Valentine’s Day! This is a part of the Neon Love collection and inspired by the 12 Months of Neon Love Public Art Project.

LATHER: I love how bubbly this shower gel gets. Most LUSH shower gels are great for lather. Specifically, this one is extra bubbly. I also am a fan of the deep cranberry pink color! Of course everything from the Valentine’s collection has to be PINK!

This is a great shower gel. If you are a fan of any of the LUSH shower gel products… I would purchase this one before it goes away! You never know when LUSH limited edition products will come back. What LUSH products are you using this month?!

Rose Jam Shower Gel Review

So today will be a fun day because after school I am headed over to a Luke Bryan concert in Connecticut! But before my life gets a little to busy to handle… I thought that I should post about one of my favorite holiday shower gels last year from LUSH… Rose Jam! This shower gel actually came out a few months before Christmas and unfortunately, there are no more online or in LUSH stores! I am positive though they will debute this shower gel sometime throughout this year again!

Here is the product image (mine is a little loved):




  • Great aroma – If you are a fan of roses, this shower gel was made for you! It smells exactly like a field of roses or the LUSH product Rose Jam bubble bar. Even if you cannot find this product anywhere, LUSH offers many many products that have strong rose scents.
  • Awesome color – The color of this shower gel is a rosy-cranberry pink! It is beyond beautiful… I have to say, one of my favorite product colors from LUSH!


  • Longer scent – The only downfall of this shower gel is that it does not stay on your body long enough (the smell I mean). It is difficult to smell on you after the shower since other smells like your shampoo and conditioner over power it. Maybe if the scent was a little bit stronger it would stay on your body longer after a hot, steamy shower!

This was a great limited edition shower gel from LUSH. Although you cannot purchase this one anymore right now, LUSH offers other phenomenal shower gels which I will review! Check them all out here! Please share the shower gels you have tried from LUSH! I would love LOVE to hear about them!


LUSH Holiday Shower Gel Duo

How many of y’all have used a shower gel from LUSH? Probably many many of you! Well LUSH has an array of shower gels. I have tried quite a few… There are at least five in my shower right now! But these two shower gels, Ponche and Snow Fairy, are extremely special because they are a part of the LUSH holiday collection. This holiday, I purchased both of these gels!

Here are my product images:



  • Ponche shower gel – This is a great, fruity, festive scent! I really like the smell because it is sweet and refreshing at the same time. Plus, the smell also stays on your skin for a while after the shower! I also love the fiery orange color! I think actually that this is inspired after a Mexican Christmas punch. It does have a hint of tequila in it! I suggest this product for anyone next season who wants a happy, festive, party scent!
  • Snow Fairy shower gel – These is another limited edition LUSH holiday shower gel. This scent is actually very very very sweet! It smells a bit like cotton candy medicine… which is a downfall for me. But this is actually a super popular holiday LUSH scent because it is seen in many other products like Snow Fairy massage bar and Snow Fairy perfume. My favorite part about this shower gel is the color! It is a beautiful light pink and I think in the bottom picture, you can see the luster in the gel! It adds lots of fun to this gel! The sparkles do not stay on your skin though after the shower.

So these are both great holiday shower gels from LUSH! I like them both greatly and look forward to using them up the rest of the winter and holiday season! Unfortunately, you cannot purchase these shower gels online or in store. But if you are lucky, they might have some left in your local LUSH store! Let me know if y’all have tried any of this seasons LUSH shower gels! I am interested to see what everyone else is loving from the holiday collection! Tata for now!

Samples On Samples

For those of you who have never been to a LUSH store or ordered products online, they give you many many samples! Sometimes you can pick the sample while other times they already have pre-made samples. Today, I will show two examples of samples that I got from some of my latest LUSH hauls! 

Example #1: These samples were actually given to me. I did not pick the products to try. Since the marker wore off, two of the samples were Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner and one sample was Its Raining Men shower gel.

  • I actually am a huge fan of the conditioner and have one of the 16.9 oz. bottles. I highly suggest Happy Happy Joy Joy to anyone who is a fan of floral aromas.
  • For Its Raining Men, I have never tried it! I did enjoy the shower gel but it was a little to sweet for me. If you are a lover of LUSH’s Honey I Wash The Kids Soap, then this is the perfect shower gel for you! 



Example #2: For these samples, I told them what I wanted to try out.

  • As you can tell, the first product I tried was Whoosh shower jelly. I loved it! I have a big pot of the Sweetie Pie shower jelly but I think my next purchase will have to be Whoosh! It is very minty and fresh. I have heard that it is great to freeze and use in the shower over the summer.
  • The other sample is Curly Wurly hair shampoo. I am a huge fan of the smell and texture of the shampoo (coconut lover right here) but, it was not for me. I felt like it did not do the job to clean my hair. Also, I think this product was made for people with really curly or frizzy hair.
  • The final sample is Turkish Delight shower smoothie. I actually really enjoyed using this shower smoothie and would recommend it to anyone. But be warned… it is a more expensive shower smoothie from LUSH.



Let me know what samples you have been trying and which ones you would recommend for my next LUSH purchase!