Frog Prince + Mario Badescu

I cannot resist a much needed Ulta visit between my classes (there is one about 5 minutes from Marist)… My most recent purchases include Frog Prince from Lipstick Queen and the Mario Badescu Hydro Moisturizer with Vitamin C, along with an it’s a 10 sample.

After seeing much social media about Frog Prince, I was ready to jump in head first to get my hands on the magical GREEN lipstick! Five stars for this product – super hydrating, lasts a few hours, adorable packaging, and turns my lips a natural, berry shade! In fact, I am pretty sure my sister just stole it for her 18-day Europe adventure!

With only trying the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, I did not know what to expect for this moisturizer… One reason I bought it was for the travel friendly size and hydration claims. I do not notice anything significant after using this product. Just a simple moisturizer for dry skin! I prefer the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer (review coming very soon)!!


I have always been pretty interested in beauty products. All of the different textures, smells, and packaging make each beauty product and company truly unique. Although, there is one company that has changed my view on the entire beauty industry and even some of my political views, LUSH. I got into LUSH a few years ago but never really looked into the companies values. Their values are centered on the aspects of fresh, clean, sustainable, and all natural.

Since becoming a LUSH fanatic, I have created a new love for local, fresh beauty products. LUSH buys all of their products straight from the local farmers which they call, ethical buying. This prevents giant companies controlling that specific industry, but most importantly, it allows LUSH to know exactly where there ingredients originate. A quote from a LUSH buyer states, “We can see the dawn of a new type of buying. Imagine ingredients where you aren’t just minimizing your negative impact, or adding a bit of extra money for a poor farmer…”

This is just a mini preview of the weekly blog entries I will be posting. I plan on writing a post each week about LUSH and how it continues to support charities, animal rights, and other values. But some weeks I will post product reviews, recommended products, product innovations and more!

Leave a comment about your favorite thing about LUSH! Don’t be shy!

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