Luxury Bath Oils From Oxford St.

Bath Melts

LUSH Oxford St. Bath Melts Are Heaven On Earth!

Immediately upon walking in LUSH Oxford St. located on the busy streets of London, I spotted the table filled with mini-bath melts. These melts dive into the tub creating a bath of deep colors, intoxicating aromas, and layers of sparkle. Interestingly, LUSH calls these “Luxury Bath Oils” and I can see why – the oils from the melt are so strong, it soaks into your skin within seconds. I picked up 6 mini-melts for only about two pounds each (not a bad deal)!

  1. Furze – the famous Gorilla perfume (Retro) in a bath oil – hints of natural and sweet aromas from this melt will cure any case of the blues! A beautiful product to look at, Furze has a green outer layer with a fuchsia flower bud to top it off without creating any mess.
  2. Sun – a bath oil after the Sun perfume – the bronze (or should I say rose-gold) hue of this melt is enticing. It bleeds orange in the tub to assemble sun-like rays! The scent will remind you of summer days: going to the beach, hanging out at the lake, and soaking up the SUN!
  3. Shark Infested Custard – a sweet melt that is good enough to eat! I adore the aroma of this product since it reminds me of the anticipation of getting a vanilla custard covered with rainbow sprinkles (I can picture it in my head right now) – candy vanilla layered with rich cream. Unfortunately, the melt is hideous upon melting. It just turns into a yellow blob that does not emit enough oil for a filled tub, nor has any unique characteristics.
  4. I Am A Radiant Being – a pink star with a sparkly nucleus. This melt’s twin is Rose Jam since it creates a rosy bath with citrus hints. I enjoyed this product, but like Shark Infested Custard, was a bit disappointed in the overall “bath experience” – the glitter was none existent, while the product failed to melt into the warm water.
  5. Razzle Dazzle  – a hot pink fireball. This melt transforms your bath – the water turns various shades of pink with a glittery sheen. Meanwhile, notes of berries, citrus, and bergamot fill the bathroom, creating an environment filled with positive energy.
  6. Monsieur Gustav – a deep purple mixture of lavender and tobacco. Hands down, this was the most phenomenal Luxury Bath Oil. The smell was super relaxing, yet exotic with the generic lavender and rare tobacco. Even more impressive was the way it transformed plain bath water into a rich escape from the day – violet purple, fuchsia, and silver ribbons of oil swirl throughout the tub. Definitely recommend this product!

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Eco-Friendly Beach Bag

From finishing up a week Caribbean cruise to traveling to Bermuda, I have finally perfected my beach bag essentials – which to no surprise, consists of SPF packed products and beauty re-freshers! This colorful, hobo bag from Lilly Pulitzer fits coverups, towels, hats, and other necessities for a comfortable beach getaway. From sunscreen to perfume, here are my beauty favorites to combat the sun and stay fresh:

  • Lipstick Queen Frog Prince – truly magical! A green lipstick that turns into a magenta gloss! A pop of natural color adds to sun-kissed skin creating an effortless pout.
  • Sesame Suntan Lotion – natural, sesame aroma with a thick texture and SPF 10. A perfect sunscreen for achieving an even, dark tan. I suggest applying a high SPF sunscreen first, then using Sesame Suntan out and about on the beach!
  • Sea Spray – salty fragrance that molds beachy waves. The ultimate product to achieve “I just got off the beach” hair! Spray in before or after a sun-filled day.
  • NYX Blotting Sheets – face sunscreen is sure to leave some residue. Blot away all oil, sand, and salt with these sheets to protect your pores from natural hazards.
  • Khiel’s BB Cream – perfects, corrects, and of course, protects! A multi-use product with SPF 50 that covers all imperfections for a natural complexion. This moisturizer also works well as an everyday foundation for medium coverage.
  • Travalo Perfume Spray – the perfect travel bottle. If you are like me, I love to change my perfume every month or so to keep things interesting and unique. Travalo is life changing – you can easily transfer ANY perfume in the small bottle for everyday use, rather than carry around a delicate, full size bottle.

My non-beauty beach favorites include comfy suits, shady hats, and fluffy towels! My white beach hat (pictured above) provides 360 degrees of shade, protecting my face, shoulders, and neck. Swimsuits are the tricky part because you should feel uber comfortable in them. Naja, an eco-friendly lingerie brand, has timeless swimsuits to fit almost every body shape, especially the Faye Racerback One Piece (the navy shade matches perfectly with my Lilly bag)! I also adore the Adriana Bralettes in Marigold and Jazzy from Naja for sexy coverage under flowy coverups!

What is in your beach bag? Share with #beachessentials!

No Longer A Jo Malone Virgin

For those beauty insiders unaware of Jo Malone, it is a cologne empire based in London that specializes in ranges of classic scents. I purchased my first Jo in a Nordstrom on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. The sales associate was knowledgable on all accounts – he knew the notes of each scent, the categories of scents, and even unusual cologne pairings to create a new, foreign scent.

I went with the Wild Bluebell Cologne, a scent in the Light Floral category. The notes include bluebell, persimmon, and white musk. I was attracted to this scent immediately from the youthful yet sophisticated aroma. It has been my fragrance of choice, since the purchase earlier this spring.

The wonderful sales associate was sweet enough to stuff my exquisite bag with five other colognes: Peony & Blush Suede, Grapefruit, Orange Blossom, Blackberry & Bay, and English Pear & Freesia. Interestingly, if you mix two Jo Malone, you will get a third scent! These scents have complex tones and are very unique. I like the Grapefruit with the Wild Bluebell for summer – a partnership of citrus and florals.

Do you have a favorite Jo Malone Cologne?

Lust Solid Perfume Review

Hello all! I hope everyone’s new year is turning out well for them! Today, I wanted to post about the Lust Solid Perfume and aroma from LUSH (of course it is from LUSH!) I purchased this product back in the summer of 2013 and have been using it religiously ever since. The scent I got is called Lust.

Here are some product pictures:



  • Great consistency – I love the solid part about this perfume. It is very unusual nowadays. I hardly ever see any perfumes that come in such a compact and useful solid perfume container.
  • Fabulous aroma – The smell of this particular perfume is great. It smells of jasmine. I think if you are a fan of the Godiva solid hair shampoo, you will be an even bigger fan of Lust because it smells almost better than Godiva!
  • Long wear – I have noticed while wearing this that I smell it throughout the day. It definitely has a strong presence on the skin and is very noticeable.


  • Awkward to put on – I like how this product is packaged, but I am not sure if I am a fan of putting it on! You can only really put it on your wrists and then put those on your pressure points, like your neck. I think that the packaging should be more versatile and useful for other areas of use on the body. Then again, the purpose of solid perfume is to keep it simple and compact.
  • More please – it is extremely awkward to get more product from the tube. I have a really hard time pushing it up and putting the lid back on without ruining it!

Overall, I really enjoy this product because of the aroma. It is an unusual scent and differs greatly from mass commercialized perfume. I like being unique and this perfume adds to my uniqueness! If you have any more questions about this perfume or other LUSH perfumes, you can visit:,en_US,sc.html