Sephora by OPI Gel Nail System Review

I have two pet peeves – unpolished and cracked polished nails. Normal nail polish cannot withstand my busy week schedules of typing, writing, driving, packing, stressing, etc. Therefore, I used to leave my nails unpolished most of the time until I discovered the Sephora by OPI gelshine System.

Sephora by OPI gelshine Kit

This kit comes with a portable LED Light, gelshine Base and Top Coat, Nail Pads, Removal Nail Wraps, Nail Cleanser, Buffing Block, Nail and Gel Color Remover, Brush-On Cuticle Oil, Gloves, and a Cuticle Pusher – an excellent set for a little over 100 dollars. The price has decreased dramatically since I purchased mine. I hope this is NOT a sign of discontinuation… so get yours quick! A wide range of Gel Colors are also available. I prefer not to use this formula. Instead, I use normal polish from my collection.

Follow these steps to achieve a long-lasting mani with gelshine using ordinary nail polish:

  1. Cuticles – Apply a bit of the Brush-On Cuticle Oil onto nails to add moisture then pull back your cuticles with the Cuticle Pusher.
  2. Buff – Use the Buffing Block to eliminate all nail impurities, to soften, and to shine.
  3. Prep – Once the nails are primed, use the Nail Cleanser to clean nails and prepare them for the gelshine Base Coat.
  4. Base Coat – Make sure the LED Light is plugged in before you apply your first coat. Brush on the Base Coat, making sure all parts of the nail are covered – especially the top and sides. Put nails under the LED Light for a minute (I believe this is two rounds of light).
  5. Color – Apply any desired nail polish formula next. Make sure coats are smooth. It is not necessary to cure the polish under the LED Light, but I like to anyways just to make sure the color is drying as quick as possible. The number of coats applied also depends on the polish used.
  6. Top Coat – This is the trickiest part since you have to make sure the gelshine Top Coat does not disrupt the polish underneath it and does not stray off the nail. I like to use the Cuticle Pusher to clean up the coat before placing my nails under the LED Light. I like to cure my nails a bit longer for this step … probably two minutes each (four rounds of light).
  7. Shine – There will be a sticky layer over the Top Coat once finished. Use the Nail Pads with a bit of the Nail Cleanser to take off. But BEWARE, if you do this step too early, the polish will smudge and likely pull right off. I usually give my nails a five minute breather before cleaning them up.

Surprisingly, I have no problem taking this polish off since it normally starts to peel after two weeks. After most of it falls off, buff out the left over polish then remove with the Gel Polish Remover.

Have you tried this Gel Nail System? What do you think of it?!

OPI Spider Man Collection Review

Hello all! Sorry I have not been able to post daily. I am in Houston for the holidays visiting my boyfriend! Although, I noticed that on my trip, I have been wearing all the shades or lacquers from the OPI Spider Man collection. The “mini” collection came in four different colors!

Here are the swatches and bottles in the collection:


The colors from left to right are:

  1. Your Web or Mine? (light pink shade) – this is a great color. It is more pastel and pearl than glitter. I like this color because it is quite simple.
  2. Into the Night (blue shade) – this is a really cool blue. I enjoy all the different shades within this blue lacquer. You can make it lighter or darker depending on the amount applied.
  3. The dark pink polish is very odd. I know for sure that I got this color in the collection. But, online, this color is supposed to be a blackish lacquers. Anyways, the dark color pink is very cool! It turns out to be a raspberry glitter shade.
  4. Just spotted the Lizard (light green/brownish) – I LOVE this color. It is a phenomenal every day, simple shade. Sometimes, I make this lacquer light by applying only one coat. It turns out to be a rose gold/greenish shade. The darker you go, the more green the lacquer gets.

If you are interested in any of these colors and shades, you can still find this collection online on Ebay or Amazon. Here is a link to the one on Amazon:

Let me know if any of you have tried any of these shades. This is a really cool and unique collection! Tata for now!

P.S. here is a picture I took at the Rockefeller Center right before Christmas of the extremely large tree. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a safe, happy New Year!