#NailIt – FACE Favorites

FACE Stockholm Nail Polish

These days, it seems like everyone is on the hunt for the perfect “nude” – a polish that adds shine, yet looks natural! I have finally found the treasure! French Pink from FACE Stockholm is the perfect pink hue that matches quite nicely to a naked nail. You can go weeks with chips and scrapes, with a “still perfect” mani from a far distance. Plus, this is any easy polish to spruce up with an accent nail (I adore #49 from FACE)!

What is your go to nude?


Nail Trends From Instagram

Hello! So this post is for all of my nail lovers. I wanted to talk about some of my favorite nail art designs that I have seen on a few different Instagram accounts. Here we go!

Post #1: This post is from nailitmag. I love this design! I think it was meant for New Years Eve… but I think this is an awesome nail art design for all year round (especially during the winter months). But you also can switch up the colors and change it for any season!



Post #2: This post is also from nailitmag. I love love this detailed nail art design! It definitely is one for winter… but I am positive you can make it a tree full of blossoms for the spring! Or green leaves for the summer! Or fall leaves for the fall! Hahah so this can be tailored. But I love this design… good job @christabellnails! Love this.



Post #3: This is yet again another post from nailitmag. I love the colors of this winter wonderland design! The purple-eggplant color looks phenomenal with the white snowflakes. I also like the ombre design on the nails.



Post #4: This is also from nailitmag’s Instagram. So this one is a valentine style nail art! I love the shade of the light blue with the dark red heart one a single finger and the cuticle design with the mini silver gemstones! Great take on Valentine’s Day!



Post #5: This is also from nailitmag. I LOVE this design aspect. It is awesome that they focused on negative space with different green designs on each nail. This is an awesome take on nail art! Really looking forward to making this my own!



Post #6: This is the last post from nailitmag! This design is supposed to represent the Golden Globes! Negative space is also present in this design. I love the mini daisies on each nail with a colored tip! Another great take on the negative space trend!



I hope y’all enjoy this post! It is kind of cool to see the new trends and nail art that nail fanatics are doing! What nail trend have you done lately?!

Deborah Lippmann Collection

So for all of my nail polish followers, I wanted to start this day with a post just for you! I wanted to show y’all one of my most prized (and expensive) polish collections… Deborah Lippmann! This is a great nail polish line for glitter, art, effect polishes! They always come out with unique ides and shades! I love wearing this lacquer when I am in the mood for something fun! Here is a link to Deborah Lippmann.

These are my polishes with swatches from this company:



Starting from the top left in the first picture…

  • Good Girl Gone Bad (cranberry glitter shade) – I LOVE this lacquer. It is a perfect fall color. I used this a lot over the past fall and fell in love with it! With about two coats, the cranberry shade darkens and becomes extremely rich with rays of glitter peeking through !I highly suggest this polish for anyone who loves deep reds, purples or dark polishes in general with a twist of luster!
  • Ray Of Light (purple with colorful flakes) – This is another unique color from Lippmann. It has the colorful flakes in it! I am not sure what they are called… but if you see them in the picture, you will know what I am talking about! Not only does the effect make this color unique, the swatch in general is pretty special and unusual. The color is a light, light form of a cobalt blue. To me, the color is a purple cobalt!
  • I’m Not Innocent (nude) – This is a perfect nude polish. When I was purchasing this one, I was looking for the perfect nude that I could just wear and get away with if it chipped! Let me tell ya, this one is the nude I was looking for! It has no special effects, so it is just a creme gloss.
  • Mermaid’s Eyes (light blue with glitter) – This is a phenomenal color. It is from Lippmann’s mermaid line about a year back. This swatch is light blue with an enormous amount of gold luster in it! This makes the color a light blue with hints of gold when it is on! The next effect are the larger chunks of blue luster that are a bit darker than the actual polish. Overall, this is an extremely special polish from Lippmann!
  • Let’s Go Crazy (dark purple with glitter) – This is a fun polish! The lacquer is a dark, rich purple that almost looks black with hints of rainbow glitter throughout! This polish is absolutely beautiful in the bottle and when used! The only bummer is getting it off… there is so much glitter that it becomes very tough!
  • Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? (red glitter) – This lacquer is more of a top coat. It is just clear gel with red chunks of glitter! I love using this polish to spruce up an already existing manicure!

Deborah Lippmann polishes are quite unique! They all have a different look, feel and even character about them! Let me know which polishes you love from my “mini” collection and what polishes you just love in general from all Deborah Lippmann lacquers!! Tata for now!