Nail Trend Summer Favorites

Nail polish is a beautiful thing. I love all the colors, glitter, designs, shapes… there is just endless possibility! It makes it easy to show off your personality without being too overwhelming.

Below is an array of nail art I have been adoring all month on Instagram from various sources that range from flowers, nail wraps, glitter, and even fruit! What do you think of them?

Latest Nail Polish Trend Favorites

Hello all! For all my nail polish followers, I decided that it was time to do a latest nail polish trend post. I follow a few different nail polish Instagram’s such as Nail It Magazine and ncLA nail polish! Both of these accounts post great ideas and unique polishes. So here is a little taste of different ideas and products that I look forward to using on my nails!


Post #1: This post is from ncLA, which has great nail wrap designs! I particularly like this design from their holiday collection called Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. To me, it is simple, unique and reminds me of an old time Christmas sweater! They probably still have these available on their website! I think it can pass as a cute winter design in general.


Post #2: This is another post from ncLA for one o their nail wraps! This design draws me in because it is cat themed! I am obsessed with cats! So this one is called I Don’t Play Nice. I am positive that this one is available all year around. It is one of the classics!


Post #3: This post is from Nail It magazine. I really like the combination of the pastel blue and the maroon glitter lacquers. I think it makes it very unique and intriguing. Also, I love the simple and sophisticated nail art. I am not positive what brand of polish that is seen in the picture but it looks like p2 Sand Style Polish. Personally, I have never heard of it!


Post #4: This is another post from the nailitmag account. I really like the combination of indie polish and the background. This indie nail polish brand is called Polished Polish and their glitter topper polish pictured here is called Autumn Air. Lately, I have noticed that a lot of indie nail polish brands specialize in glitter coats.


Post #5: This is another glitter indie nail polish post from Nail It Magazines account. This one is from Ethereal Lacquer I believe. It is a burgundy glitter shade. I really like the way these nails look in the picture! They are so perfect they almost look fake!


Post #6: For all my holographic followers, here is a recent post from ncLA introducing their new holo line! I have not tried one yet from this brand, but I posted a few weeks ago about some of my favorite holographic shads from Face Stockholm.


Post #7: This is another post from ncLA talking about their Black Friday sales (a little old I know). But I absolutely love this nail wrap design. It looks like a black pearl shell. Very very very classy if you ask me!

I like posting these types of posts because they are very interesting and unique to look at! The nail polish fads grow so much and there are so many different ideas and designs out there to use! Let me know if y’all like reading posts like this one!

Glitter Nail Polish Fad

I am sure all of you have noticed the glitter nail polish trend escalating and what a trend it is! I am semi-proud to say that I am one of the glitter lovers. My most recent glitter manicure is pictured bellow:



This glitter mess is China Glaze- Full Spectrum: Prismatic. I love it. I like how the color is not to strong which allows the glitter to really pop. It also goes with every color which I love since I am a color fanatic. My philosophy: The more color, the better! To look at this color and more of China Glaze’s nail polish visit:

Back to the fad-ness, on Instagram, I follow the Los Angeles nail polish company, ncLA. Everyday they post many pictures of their new collections and fan based pictures. This polish especially caught my eye. Want to know why? gold + glitter = polish goodness. I love this color and it is on my list for my next ncLA purchases! To learn more about ncLA you can visit



ncLA nail lacquer- Bullion in a Bottle

ncLA also makes great nail wraps for those of you who are interested! I am not the biggest nail wrap fan because my nails are so short, but I know that is also another fad in the making! This is a link to their nail wraps:

Tata for now!