Butter London Heavy Medal Collection

The 2014 Winter Olympic games started tonight in Sochi, Russia! I love the Olympics… it is so nice to see all of these countries come together under one roof! Of course, I will be routing for my favorite snow boarder who has won 2 gold medals on the half pipe, Mr. Shaun White! But this is a post about nail polish here Andrea… I got to get myself back on track! I purchased the limited edition Butter London Heavy Medal Collection that was made for the 2012 Summer Olympics that of course, were in London!

Here is what the packaging looked like:

butter london


And my polishes:



  • Diamond Geezer – this is the silver polish… I LOVE this polish. I wear it a lot… way more than I thought I would. Silver is a beautiful polish color but can be kind of unusual for some people!
  • The Full Monty – this is the gold polish. I love how metallic it is. I see myself reaching for this polish when I am looking for a simple, yet trendy polish to wear! And like I said above… I will be sporting this GOLD polish the night Shaun White competes!
  • The Old Bill – last but definitely not bad at all… we have the bronze shade. This is a great shade! It is a beautiful rose gold color… but more bronze. I wear this one A LOT! Great for every month.

I loved getting this collection during the summer games. It was awesome to wear all the colors while the 2012 Olympics were happening! Unfortunately, they did not come out with this collection again for the 2014 Olympics… but I am sure someone is bound to be selling this Heavy Metal collection on Amazon or E-bay. ALSO, Butter London sells each of these polishes individually. Butter London has a lot of great nail polish shades! I have a few more from this brand that are not from this collection! I will be sure to post about them soon. Who will you be routing for in the 2014 Olympics?!

Valentine Pink Polish

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it was time to share some of my favorite pink polishes! I am a huge pink lover… especially on my nails. I enjoy how bright, fun and romantic the color pink can be! So lets get started… I have a few various polishes and brands to share.

I want to first start off with the Square Hue Madonna Collection 5.13:

IMG_3895IMG_4338Here are the three colors from this collection (starting from left to right on the swatches):

  1. Day Glow – this is a great cranberry pink! It is a beautiful deep, deep pink !
  2. Mothers Pearl – I love the look of this pink polish. It is a medium pink shade with a pearl texture (hint the name)!
  3. Happy Creme – this is the perfect light pink shade. I was first disappointed to get this color because I have another like it, but this one is super, super creamy (again, hint the name).

Second, I have two Victoria Secret polishes:


This shade is called Just Kiss Me, it is a beautiful deep pink lacquer with a ton of luster! The luster is mainly silver! This is not a textured polish. It looks a lot different in real life than it does online!



This shade from VS is called So Haute. It is a passionate bright pink! This is a creme polish so there is no glitter at all. I love this simple pink! Perfect for a flirty, fun Valentine’s Day!

Third, I have one Sally Hansen: Sugar Coat polish… I got this one on sale because I think they were changing this collection a bit. It is now called Sugar Shimmer:



This is a textured magenta, pink polish! As you can tell from the name of it, the lacquer leaves a sugar coat on top! I actually really enjoy this color. It is a great addition to my collection!

What colors are you wearing this Valentine season?! Let me know in a comment below!

Nail Trends From Instagram

Hello! So this post is for all of my nail lovers. I wanted to talk about some of my favorite nail art designs that I have seen on a few different Instagram accounts. Here we go!

Post #1: This post is from nailitmag. I love this design! I think it was meant for New Years Eve… but I think this is an awesome nail art design for all year round (especially during the winter months). But you also can switch up the colors and change it for any season!



Post #2: This post is also from nailitmag. I love love this detailed nail art design! It definitely is one for winter… but I am positive you can make it a tree full of blossoms for the spring! Or green leaves for the summer! Or fall leaves for the fall! Hahah so this can be tailored. But I love this design… good job @christabellnails! Love this.



Post #3: This is yet again another post from nailitmag. I love the colors of this winter wonderland design! The purple-eggplant color looks phenomenal with the white snowflakes. I also like the ombre design on the nails.



Post #4: This is also from nailitmag’s Instagram. So this one is a valentine style nail art! I love the shade of the light blue with the dark red heart one a single finger and the cuticle design with the mini silver gemstones! Great take on Valentine’s Day!



Post #5: This is also from nailitmag. I LOVE this design aspect. It is awesome that they focused on negative space with different green designs on each nail. This is an awesome take on nail art! Really looking forward to making this my own!



Post #6: This is the last post from nailitmag! This design is supposed to represent the Golden Globes! Negative space is also present in this design. I love the mini daisies on each nail with a colored tip! Another great take on the negative space trend!



I hope y’all enjoy this post! It is kind of cool to see the new trends and nail art that nail fanatics are doing! What nail trend have you done lately?!

ncLA Nail Polish + Holographic’s

Hello all! This is a post for my nail polish lovers! First, I wanted to share three different social media posts from ncLA nail polish. Second, I wanted to show y’all two lovely holographic polishes that are around the same shade. These are also social media posts! So here we go…

ncLA posts:



This is a repost from @katengnails. I love love the combination of the nail wraps with the nail art gemstones and pearls! It is a phenomenal and very pearl-y manicure! I also love this nail wrap design from ncLA. It was actually in another nail trend social media post I published below. This picture was on ncLA’s Instagram.



Do these wraps look familiar at all?! Haha well this is actually another repost from @karengnails on ncLA’s Instagram (wow that was a weird sentence). Anyways, this is another manicure that features the same nail wraps. I like how simple this one is. Only one nail has the pearl wrap and the others are a deep royal blue with a gemstone and grey cuticle.



Happy Valentines day! Yet again, this is another post from ncLA’s Instagram. Although, this time it is not a repost! So this post is representing the launch of their 4 piece Valentines Day collection! I have not yet looked into the other colors that are featured in this collection…. But I am in love with this clear top coat with a variety of heart shaped glitter!

Holographic posts:



So I was not sure If I should post this one under ncLA or holographic because I wanted to compare this holographic shade with another one! SO this one is a holo shade from ncLA! This shade looks like it is a light blue with the holographic mixture. I like this color. You normally see darker holographic polishes. But this one is unique because it is light and a lot more subtle.



Now this holographic shade is a bit different! It is a lot darker and more apparent. I LOVE this polish. This picture is from the Instagram account @enchatedpolish. Enchanted Polish is a great indie brand! They have probably a zillion holographic polishes! I love this color though… it is called Presto Magic! What a fun name!! They actually have been posting this color a lot lately on their Instagram account!

Hope you enjoyed this mini – mixture of nail polish trends! Let me know what trends you are most excited for and if you follow a cool nail polish Instagram!

Nail Art Supply Storage

Well folks! Who is ready for a nail post?! This one is going to be a bit different from other because I am sharing all my nail art supplies and how I store it! This should be an interesting and entertaining post! I always think that reading, watching or learning about how people organize and store things makes for great posts! So here is how I store all my nail art supplies!



Here is my storage box. I purchased a craft box on sale at TJ Maxx… I thought that it would be perfect for small supplies like gemstones and nail art paints! The box has a tray on top and a bunch of room below it! I also purchased small trays to put into the box for more organization.. they were also from TJ Maxx!



So here is the top tray once you open the box… this tray has nail files, tweezers, nail clippers and toe separators! I basically put all items that I use frequently in here… it is not very organized but oh well! It works well for me!



So the next part of the box is when you take off the tray! As you see here, I have a small tray filled with various nail art paints! I am planning on doing a post about these with the different colors! I ordered this set from Amazon! Also in this layer, I have a few extra cotton balls and my nail buffer (which is also from TJ Maxx) !



So this is the last layer and bottom of the box! This layer has a long tray with nail wraps, nail brushes and a sample of Lemony Flutter cuticle cream from LUSH! Next I have three small box trays. The first one has three pin wheels of different gemstones. The second box has nail glue in it! Finally, the third box has individual toe separators in it! Then, on the side I have a miniature bag of oval cotton balls!

This is a great box because it is easy to transport! I alway bring it over to my friends house to do their nails! Also, it holds a lot of stuff! You have to admit that! Let me know how you enjoyed this post! Tata for now!

Deborah Lippmann Collection

So for all of my nail polish followers, I wanted to start this day with a post just for you! I wanted to show y’all one of my most prized (and expensive) polish collections… Deborah Lippmann! This is a great nail polish line for glitter, art, effect polishes! They always come out with unique ides and shades! I love wearing this lacquer when I am in the mood for something fun! Here is a link to Deborah Lippmann.

These are my polishes with swatches from this company:



Starting from the top left in the first picture…

  • Good Girl Gone Bad (cranberry glitter shade) – I LOVE this lacquer. It is a perfect fall color. I used this a lot over the past fall and fell in love with it! With about two coats, the cranberry shade darkens and becomes extremely rich with rays of glitter peeking through !I highly suggest this polish for anyone who loves deep reds, purples or dark polishes in general with a twist of luster!
  • Ray Of Light (purple with colorful flakes) – This is another unique color from Lippmann. It has the colorful flakes in it! I am not sure what they are called… but if you see them in the picture, you will know what I am talking about! Not only does the effect make this color unique, the swatch in general is pretty special and unusual. The color is a light, light form of a cobalt blue. To me, the color is a purple cobalt!
  • I’m Not Innocent (nude) – This is a perfect nude polish. When I was purchasing this one, I was looking for the perfect nude that I could just wear and get away with if it chipped! Let me tell ya, this one is the nude I was looking for! It has no special effects, so it is just a creme gloss.
  • Mermaid’s Eyes (light blue with glitter) – This is a phenomenal color. It is from Lippmann’s mermaid line about a year back. This swatch is light blue with an enormous amount of gold luster in it! This makes the color a light blue with hints of gold when it is on! The next effect are the larger chunks of blue luster that are a bit darker than the actual polish. Overall, this is an extremely special polish from Lippmann!
  • Let’s Go Crazy (dark purple with glitter) – This is a fun polish! The lacquer is a dark, rich purple that almost looks black with hints of rainbow glitter throughout! This polish is absolutely beautiful in the bottle and when used! The only bummer is getting it off… there is so much glitter that it becomes very tough!
  • Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? (red glitter) – This lacquer is more of a top coat. It is just clear gel with red chunks of glitter! I love using this polish to spruce up an already existing manicure!

Deborah Lippmann polishes are quite unique! They all have a different look, feel and even character about them! Let me know which polishes you love from my “mini” collection and what polishes you just love in general from all Deborah Lippmann lacquers!! Tata for now!

Square Hue 1.14 Collection

Hello all! Today I plan on resting, “netflixing,” and more resting! It has been one crazy week for me! An exciting moment of this month so far has been getting my Square Hue package! I was really excited to see what colors they came up with for the The Passport Collection, London!

Here is the box, polishes and swatches:



  • Buckingham (red polish) – This is a high gloss creme polish! When I opened the box, I was first a little disappointed because they have been sending and creating lots of cranberry shades. I actually have this color on my toes right now and LOVE it! It is a darker cranberry shade… and the more coats you put on, the more red it becomes!
  • Westminster (white polish) – This is again a high gloss creme. I have not yet tried out this polish! But it looks pretty simple, white! I am excited to use this lacquer and then put a fun sparkle color on top! The swatch does look like the polish has a bit of a yellow-ish shade to it!
  • West Elm (blue polish) – This is different from the others because it is a shimmer polish. This colors was on my nails all last week and I loved it! The polish does have a dark shimmer to it, maybe a bit light blue! But like the Buckingham, the more coats the darker. I loved this color because I used two coats and it was a dark navy with a high shimmer look. It is probably one of my favorites so far from Square Hue!

If you are wondering what Square Hue is or want to learn more about it, you can visit their website at: http://www.squarehue.com. It is basically a monthly nail polish order for just $14.99! That is a great great deal for three quality polishes! I have already posted a few different reviews over the months so you can check those out bellow! Tata for now!

Victoria’s Secret Polish Makeover

So for all my polish followers, here is a cool polish post! Since I am a huge huge huge fan of Victoria Secret, I also am a fan of their polishes! Last year I purchased two polishes from their VS make up line. Recently, they re-designed their entire nail polish line! The bottles are a different shape and the colors are pretty unique!

Here is the old VS nail polish:



  • Star Power – This is the silver sparkle, glitter shade. It is more over a top glitter polish than an all by itself, base coat. I rally like this sparkle lacquer because it has small silver glitter and large glitter in it.
  • Drama Queen – This is the purple shade. Unlike Star Power, I think that this one can be used as a base coat and a glitter top coat. I really like this lavender, sparkle polish! It is a great color for all-year round.

Here is the new VS nail polish:



  • Peep Show – This is the light pink luster lacquer. The swatch of the polish on here does not do it justice! I wore this polish over Christmas and loved it! It is a light pink shade with multi colored luster in it.
  • At Midnight – This is the deep blue shade with purple luster in it. Again, I do not think the swatch above does this polish any justice! It is beautiful! I have yet to try this polish but cannot wait! The color is extremely infused with purple, light blue and cobalt blue luster! So so so beautiful.

So when I compare the old style vs. the new style, I love the new style!!! The polishes are beautifully packaged and the brush is larger and wider. The old style reminds me way to much of Butter polish. In fact, they are exactly the same! These types of bottles bother me because the brush handle is very very small (way to small for my hands! And I have pretty small hands to begin with). Let me know if you have tried any of the new Victoria’s Secret polishes! They have a range of shades out now, some glitter and some not. What is your favorite nail polish? VS is definitely in my top list! Especially with their new designs.

Square Hue 7.13 Collection

Hello all! So for my nail polish fans out there, here is a post about one of my favorite Square Hue collections from 2013 Salute Collection. If you do not know how or what Square Hue is you can visit there website at: http://www.squarehue.com. It is an awesome monthly nail polish purchase for only $15!

So here are the polishes and polishes from the Salute collection:


  1. Honor (gold) – I am IN LOVE with this polish. It is great because it is insanely sparkly. In fact, I love it and wear it so much it is on my nails right now! This color is a light gold with a high volume of shimmer in it.
  2. Patriot (blue) – This is another favorite of mine from Square Hue because I do not have a color like it so far in my entire polish collection! I like this royal or cobalt blue! It is fabulous and very very rich in color! This was on my nails a few times over 2013!
  3. Valor (greenish grey) – I am actually not sure where this color qualities in the color spectrum. It is grey but has a army green tint! I think that was the purpose of this color, a grayish-greenish lacquer! This is also a pretty unique shade.

So this is the July 2013 Square Hue collection! If you cannot tell by now, the three shades are inspired out of the America/Military eras. It is quite unique because every month they come out with a completely new different collection based on something very original! If you are a Square Hue subscriber or have used some of their polishes let me know! I am interested to see how other people view this monthly program!

Tata for now!

Latest Nail Polish Trend Favorites

Hello all! For all my nail polish followers, I decided that it was time to do a latest nail polish trend post. I follow a few different nail polish Instagram’s such as Nail It Magazine and ncLA nail polish! Both of these accounts post great ideas and unique polishes. So here is a little taste of different ideas and products that I look forward to using on my nails!


Post #1: This post is from ncLA, which has great nail wrap designs! I particularly like this design from their holiday collection called Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. To me, it is simple, unique and reminds me of an old time Christmas sweater! They probably still have these available on their website! I think it can pass as a cute winter design in general.


Post #2: This is another post from ncLA for one o their nail wraps! This design draws me in because it is cat themed! I am obsessed with cats! So this one is called I Don’t Play Nice. I am positive that this one is available all year around. It is one of the classics!


Post #3: This post is from Nail It magazine. I really like the combination of the pastel blue and the maroon glitter lacquers. I think it makes it very unique and intriguing. Also, I love the simple and sophisticated nail art. I am not positive what brand of polish that is seen in the picture but it looks like p2 Sand Style Polish. Personally, I have never heard of it!


Post #4: This is another post from the nailitmag account. I really like the combination of indie polish and the background. This indie nail polish brand is called Polished Polish and their glitter topper polish pictured here is called Autumn Air. Lately, I have noticed that a lot of indie nail polish brands specialize in glitter coats.


Post #5: This is another glitter indie nail polish post from Nail It Magazines account. This one is from Ethereal Lacquer I believe. It is a burgundy glitter shade. I really like the way these nails look in the picture! They are so perfect they almost look fake!


Post #6: For all my holographic followers, here is a recent post from ncLA introducing their new holo line! I have not tried one yet from this brand, but I posted a few weeks ago about some of my favorite holographic shads from Face Stockholm.


Post #7: This is another post from ncLA talking about their Black Friday sales (a little old I know). But I absolutely love this nail wrap design. It looks like a black pearl shell. Very very very classy if you ask me!

I like posting these types of posts because they are very interesting and unique to look at! The nail polish fads grow so much and there are so many different ideas and designs out there to use! Let me know if y’all like reading posts like this one!