Since it seems a lot of my followers love haul posts, here are some recent LUSH purchases this past month.

I decided to splurge and take a chance to try some of the Retro products. The Retro and non- Retro products that I purchased included…

  • Rose Jam shower gel (now a part of the Christmas collection)
  • Ibiza Party hair shampoo
  • Gumback Express shower smoothie
  • In The Nude bath melt
  • Schnuggle body butter
  • Let The Good Times Roll (non-retro, can get in stores)
  • sample- Sea Vegetable soap



I have tried all of the products. My favorite and most used would be the Rose Jam shower gel (smells exactly like the Rose Jam bubble bar) and the Schnuggle body butter.  Schnuggle is phenomenal because it is used outside of the shower and since I am not a huge lotion fan, I use it almost daily. It is similar to other body butter or massage bars but the nice thing about Schnuggle is that it leaves your skin moist but not sticky like other lotions do.

Ibiza Party is also a pretty good shampoo. Originally, I purchased it because LUSH claimed it “helps with de-tangeling” (which is totally false). But another reason I purchased it is because it helps with dry scalp and is a great combination to the scalp treatment from LUSH, Superbalm.

Gumback Express is an interesting product. it drew me in because I am a lover of almond and banana items, which are the main two ingredients in this one of a kind shower smoothie. Even though the smell is a tad bit funky, I enjoy using this at least once a week to exfoliate. The almond chunks really do the job well.

Let The Good Times Roll is one of my all time favorite products from LUSH because it smells phenomenal and the holiday season is quickly approaching. I highly recommend this facial cleanser for anyone who loves sweet smells (or likes eating graham crackers). It is not harsh on the skin so I believe that it will work nicely for all skin types.

For information about In The Nude– visit my bog bellow “In The Nude Bath Trio”

To learn more about each product visit:

Tata for now! If you have any questions for me or want to know any more about the products I did not go into detail with, comment below! 🙂

Latest LUSH Haul

I recently went to LUSH to stock up on some of my favorites! I went to the LUSH store in Danbury, Connecticut. It was an awesome store and had a great interior design. But most importantly, the customer service was incredible. I had two awesome ladies who spent almost an hour with me deciding what products should join my collection and would be the best for my body.

Here is the link to the FB page for the Danbury Mall store:

I ended up getting a lot of new products and even re-purchasing some!



The haul includes:

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy hair conditioner- repurchase: amazing conditioner, smells like a bouquet of flowers
  • Phoenix Rising bath bomb- repurchase: most favorite and recommended bath product
  • Angles on Bare Skin facial cleanser (one of my favorites)- repurchase: best facial cleanser for dry skin that is not to acne prone
  • I Love Juicy hair shampoo- new product (the smell is awesome and goes well with Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner)
  • NEW! solid shampoo bar- new product, good for dry scalp
  • Strawberry Fields massage bar- new product
  • Mummkin (I got it for free! They loved me so much <3)- new product
  • Sugar Scrub- repurchase, great exfoliator
  • Ultrabalm- new product (one of my new favorite all time LUSH products)


LUSH Collection

Since you all can already by now, I am a serious LUSHie. I realized the other day that I had not posted any pictures yet of my collection.

medicine cabinet:



This is the LUSH shelf in my medicine cabinet. I have my facial cleanser, Angels on Bare Skin, Let The Good Time Roll, Ultraband & 9 to 5. For moisturizers I have Vanishing Cream and Cosmetic Lad. I also have Breath of Fresh Air toner, Grease Lightning spot treatment, Sparkle toothy tabs, Mint Julep lib scrub, Full of Grace face bar and finally, Ultrabalm (which is twins to vaseline). All of these products are phenomenal for a dry skin type with barely any acne.

LUSH drawer:


This drawer contains my LUSH lotions and dusting powders. The lotions are Charity Pot, Fair Trade Foot Lotion, Dream Cream & Lovely Jubilees. I also have the retro solid lotion, Schmuggle (which is a must). Other products in here are No Drought, Stepping Stone, Superbalm, King of Skin, Lustre, Coconut Deoderant, Ambrosia shaving cream, and Sea Salt spray. You can also tell that I have a bunch of samples! I am the sample queen 🙂

LUSH shower:



LUSH shower products are my favorite. I am a huge fan of them all! The ones in my collection to this day are Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, Rehab shampoo (one of the best shampoos for damaged hair), Love Juicy, Daddy-O (great for blondes), Fair Trade Honey ( I just finished this bottle), BIG shampoo, and the solid shampoos are NEW! & Godiva. For shower gels I have, The Olive Branch, Grass, Rose Jam, Dirty, Rub Rub Rub, Sweetie Pie shower jelly and Rose Argon. I also have to retro products here, Gumback Express (banana and almond shower smoothie) & Ibiza Party shampoo.

I also have a lot of bath products! But since those are changing constantly, I decided I would do a review of my favorites for a future post.

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any products that I am missing out on?

LUSH Does Halloween

To celebrate Halloween this year, LUSH has come out with various products, videos and games. LUSH normally celebrates the holidays or seasons by producing new, unique products that catch their buyers attention. For example, around Mother’s Day, LUSH came out with a whole line of kitchen soap products. There was solid dish soap, kitchen hand soap, dishwasher soap and finally, kitchen hand lotion that smelled of fresh cut lemons. This was a unique twist for both spring cleaning and Mother’s Day.

The Halloween twist probably is the second best holiday celebrated by LUSH because of course, Christmas tops everything. But the Halloween LUSH beauty products are especially different and timely. They came out with two new bath products, a bubble bar called Pumkin and a bath bomb called Lord of Misrule. The Pumkin bubble bar look exactly like a mini pumpkin with a black licorice stem and chocolate chip eyes. On the other hand, Lord of Misrule is a very unusual bath bomb because of the color which is a turquoise with purple pop rocks and the smell of patchouli and black pepper. Actually, I just tried the Lord of Misrule a few days ago and fell in love. It is the perfect combo of a strange and magnificent experience.

LUSH also has highlighted some Halloween products that are available year around but are feature items for the month of October. These items include, Demon in the Dark soap, Dark Angles Cleanser, Twilight bath bomb, Buffy body butter, Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar, Enchanted eye cream moisturizer, Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt and The Enchanter bath bomb. One would notice that all of these names are related somehow to the Halloween or fall season. For instance, the bath belt titled, Ceridwen’s cauldron is modeled after a witches cauldron and of course, the name Demon in the Dark soap does have the word Demon in it! It was a good public relations tactic for LUSH to create normal products that are being highlighted in the Holiday season, because I sure bought some of these that I never had the desire to try this month!

Also to celebrate Halloween, LUSH created a mini “LUSH Libs.” One would pick out their favorite vegetable, body part, celebrity, etc. Then, LUSH would put that all into a mini Halloween story. I tried it and laughed hard at my ‘cucumber like figurines” that I apparently broke. Other than the game, LUSH also came out with a video about the two featured Halloween products. This video is titled “Creatures of the… BAAAAATH!” I thought that it was a cool twist on an old fashioned horror film with a bath tub and mini “pumkins” everywhere! (linked below are the video and my LUSH Lib)

I am excited to blog about all of the LUSH Christmas products once the winter season and Christmas time arise. But ta ta for now LUSHies!

LUSH Lib: (link to lib game:

“Creatures of the… BAAAAATH!” Video:

Spa Time!

The LUSH Spa will be a life changer for most in New York and Philadelphia. Fresh, handmade treatments personalized for your body type? Who would not enjoy or love that. LUSH announced recently in their LUSH Times: Fall 2013 that they will be opening a LUSH spa center soon. The process took a while to design because they created a truly uplifting atmosphere.

Inspiration for the spa came from Mark (co-founder) for his love of birdsongs and the Dorset countryside and coastline. In order to accomplish the birdsong aspect, Mark hired Simon Emmerson, a UK folk musician, to create a special track. The interior is remodeled after English spas with fresh flowers, various vintage pieces, and old-fashioned bookshelves. LUSH massage therapists have created seven treatments for this one of a kind North American spa.

The seven treatments are called: Validation, The Comforter?, Synaesthesia, The Good Hour, Tailor Made, The Sound Bath, The Spell. Not your usual spa treatment names, huh? I think that it is very smart of them to move out of the box when it came to designing each treatment in order to stand out from the million other spas in New York City or Philadelphia. It makes people read into what each treatment consists of. For instance, I bet after reading those seven names you had no idea what each one includes.

The treatment I would most like to try would be, The Comforter?, because it sounds very relaxing enjoyable, and practical. This treatment is an exfoliation treatment that consists of rolling body massage, hot chocolate body scrub, and a rose serum specially made for the spa. Another intriguing one would be the Synaesthesia, which LUSH claims to be the signature treatment. In this one, you pick how you want to feel out of 11 different emotions and then your therapist will help you deeply relax with a full body massage. This one sounds quite interesting actually. Do you think that they can really make you feel like one of those 11 emotions? This is a must. I hope that one day I will be able to experience the LUSH spa in New York City and see how LUSH related their store products and values into spa treatments.


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