Feeling Younger Skin Tint

How many of y’all have tried any products from the Emotional Brilliance line?! Well I have really gotten into trying all the different liquid lipsticks, eye products and skin tints. Feeling Younger Skin Tint is a creamy, shiny tint that you can put any where on your face as a highlight! It adds lots of shimmer and helps to brighten your face.

Here are some pictures of my Feeling Younger:


SHIMMER: This is a fabulous highlighter for all skin types. I use it around my eyebrows and under my eyes. I do not use it everyday… but I have started to use it a lot more in this snow apocalypse in New York! But it is great because the shimmer/luster does not stick out like a sore thumb. It mixes really well into your skin and brightens it!

VEGAN: This product is VEGAN! This probably makes all you Vegan lovers happy! I am shocked that makeup products can be Vegan now… I just started a gluten-free diet so I can feel some of the pain to find Vegan items! This skin tint and the Charisma skin color are the only Vegan ones in the Emotional Brilliance Skin line.

INGREDIENTS: Of course, all LUSH products have the freshest ingredients! Feeling Younger has Orange Flower Water, Oatmeal Decoction, Water, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil. Remember, if you are wondering about any of the LUSH ingredients you can look them up in the LUSHopedia! It is a great dictionary filled with all the LUSH ingredients and their backgrounds (where they buy them, are they vegan, who makes it, what products they are in, etc.)

CAKEY: The only down side of Feeling Younger for me is that it is super “cakey” sometimes on my face… If you apply moisturizer, foundation and then this skin tint it does not work out well! According to LUSH, you should put on your moisturizer, Feeling Younger and then any other color supplements!

Overall, I really enjoy this skin tint! It was one of my first purchases from the Emotional Brilliance line! I love that I can use it anywhere on my face to brighten up my day! I suggest using this skin tint with any of the LUSH moisturizers/color supplements! This product is $18.95 and lasts forever! A little goes a long long way!

Have you tried any of the skin products from the Emotional Brilliance line?!

Emotional Brilliance – Vibrance Review

Recently, I have been becoming more obsessed with Emotional Brilliance… the lip colors are phenomenal! They are so great because they last a long while, do not stain and come in unique shades! The only downside is that you should moisturize your lips heavily before using any Emotional Brilliance liquid lipstick! Emotional Brilliance is the make-up line name at LUSH Cosmetics.

Vibrance, was my first lipstick from Emotional Brilliance:



So y’all might be thinking… what an odd lip color?! Well, this is actually one of the most subtle colors from LUSH! This color is a fiery orange with an enormous amount of gold glitter in it! When used on the lips, this shade is a sparkly gold color! The orange is not too loud… you can see it a bit but barely! It mainly is a gold sparkle lip stick! Vibrance lasts a long, long time! I suggest putting on a LUSH lip scrub or heavy moisturizing balm before hand! I always use Honey Trap lip balm from LUSH! It smells and tastes great!

Since this is my first post about Emotional Brilliance, I think that I should explain what the name of the different lipsticks and eye liners mean! Basically, each color signifies a character trait! For example, this one is a fiery shade called Vibrance! They have a light blue color called Calm, a deep purple called Confidence, a red called Decisive, etc. It is an awesome idea! Let me know if you have tried any Emotional Brilliance products! I will be posting a lot more from this collection in the upcoming months!