Formula X for Sephora Review

For all my nail polish followers, here is a post just for you! Recently, at least over the past six months, Sephora has come out with their new nail polish line called Formula X. This collection is composed of many different mini collections. They have translucents, top coats, sparklers, superwatts, classics, shifters, brilliants, neutrals and so much more! Both of my polishes are from the Lusters collection:


  • Super Charged – this is the gray color. It is a black base with many many silver glitter specks in it. I really like this color. It is dark but light at the same time. I also am a huge glitter fan so this is perfect!
  • Mr. Positivity – this is the emerald green shade . It looks turquoise in the pictures but it is more of a dark green than electric blue! The polish is a dark green with many emerald glitter specks in it. Just like Super Charged. It is an awesome unique color that you probably do not have in your collection.

Overall, I am a fan of the Formula X. They have so many different shades with various effects. The packaging is pretty unique. It reminds me a lot of Butter London because it has the black top you take off to the brush. Have you tried Formula X yet?!

Feeling Younger Skin Tint

How many of y’all have tried any products from the Emotional Brilliance line?! Well I have really gotten into trying all the different liquid lipsticks, eye products and skin tints. Feeling Younger Skin Tint is a creamy, shiny tint that you can put any where on your face as a highlight! It adds lots of shimmer and helps to brighten your face.

Here are some pictures of my Feeling Younger:


SHIMMER: This is a fabulous highlighter for all skin types. I use it around my eyebrows and under my eyes. I do not use it everyday… but I have started to use it a lot more in this snow apocalypse in New York! But it is great because the shimmer/luster does not stick out like a sore thumb. It mixes really well into your skin and brightens it!

VEGAN: This product is VEGAN! This probably makes all you Vegan lovers happy! I am shocked that makeup products can be Vegan now… I just started a gluten-free diet so I can feel some of the pain to find Vegan items! This skin tint and the Charisma skin color are the only Vegan ones in the Emotional Brilliance Skin line.

INGREDIENTS: Of course, all LUSH products have the freshest ingredients! Feeling Younger has Orange Flower Water, Oatmeal Decoction, Water, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil. Remember, if you are wondering about any of the LUSH ingredients you can look them up in the LUSHopedia! It is a great dictionary filled with all the LUSH ingredients and their backgrounds (where they buy them, are they vegan, who makes it, what products they are in, etc.)

CAKEY: The only down side of Feeling Younger for me is that it is super “cakey” sometimes on my face… If you apply moisturizer, foundation and then this skin tint it does not work out well! According to LUSH, you should put on your moisturizer, Feeling Younger and then any other color supplements!

Overall, I really enjoy this skin tint! It was one of my first purchases from the Emotional Brilliance line! I love that I can use it anywhere on my face to brighten up my day! I suggest using this skin tint with any of the LUSH moisturizers/color supplements! This product is $18.95 and lasts forever! A little goes a long long way!

Have you tried any of the skin products from the Emotional Brilliance line?!

Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

Here is the final Christmas product from LUSH that I need to review! Yay!!! But… I cannot wait to see what LUSH holiday 2014 will be like. So the last product is the Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar. This is a cute little thing and it could be related to Valentine’s Day because it is hot pink!

Here is a product image:



SMELL: The smell of this product is the famous LUSH holiday scent, Snow Fairy. It is extremely sweet! Almost feels like you are rubbing cotton candy all over your body!

TEXTURE: This massage bar is super super creamy. It almost melts in your hand immediately once touched. When used on the skin, it is super hydrating and moisturizing.

EFFECTS: In the middle of the massage bar, there is a cube of luster! It makes your skin super sparkly and sweet! Highly recommend this bar to use before a night out!

HOLIDAY-MADNESS: Not only is this product Christmas oriented, I also think it could be related to Valentine’s Day also! The hot pink color, sweet aroma and array of luster makes for a sexy date!

Overall, this was a cool massage bar! It is not very large (which is kind of nice) so it has just a few uses. I like how it does not turn your skin hot pink when used. Unfortunately, this product is not available anymore but I found a link to is on the LUSH USA’s website which you can access here.

P.S. – my kitty, Jet, is ready for Valentine’s Day! He is trying to turn his beautiful jet black coat red by attempting to wear his  winter jacket!


Deborah Lippmann Collection

So for all of my nail polish followers, I wanted to start this day with a post just for you! I wanted to show y’all one of my most prized (and expensive) polish collections… Deborah Lippmann! This is a great nail polish line for glitter, art, effect polishes! They always come out with unique ides and shades! I love wearing this lacquer when I am in the mood for something fun! Here is a link to Deborah Lippmann.

These are my polishes with swatches from this company:



Starting from the top left in the first picture…

  • Good Girl Gone Bad (cranberry glitter shade) – I LOVE this lacquer. It is a perfect fall color. I used this a lot over the past fall and fell in love with it! With about two coats, the cranberry shade darkens and becomes extremely rich with rays of glitter peeking through !I highly suggest this polish for anyone who loves deep reds, purples or dark polishes in general with a twist of luster!
  • Ray Of Light (purple with colorful flakes) – This is another unique color from Lippmann. It has the colorful flakes in it! I am not sure what they are called… but if you see them in the picture, you will know what I am talking about! Not only does the effect make this color unique, the swatch in general is pretty special and unusual. The color is a light, light form of a cobalt blue. To me, the color is a purple cobalt!
  • I’m Not Innocent (nude) – This is a perfect nude polish. When I was purchasing this one, I was looking for the perfect nude that I could just wear and get away with if it chipped! Let me tell ya, this one is the nude I was looking for! It has no special effects, so it is just a creme gloss.
  • Mermaid’s Eyes (light blue with glitter) – This is a phenomenal color. It is from Lippmann’s mermaid line about a year back. This swatch is light blue with an enormous amount of gold luster in it! This makes the color a light blue with hints of gold when it is on! The next effect are the larger chunks of blue luster that are a bit darker than the actual polish. Overall, this is an extremely special polish from Lippmann!
  • Let’s Go Crazy (dark purple with glitter) – This is a fun polish! The lacquer is a dark, rich purple that almost looks black with hints of rainbow glitter throughout! This polish is absolutely beautiful in the bottle and when used! The only bummer is getting it off… there is so much glitter that it becomes very tough!
  • Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? (red glitter) – This lacquer is more of a top coat. It is just clear gel with red chunks of glitter! I love using this polish to spruce up an already existing manicure!

Deborah Lippmann polishes are quite unique! They all have a different look, feel and even character about them! Let me know which polishes you love from my “mini” collection and what polishes you just love in general from all Deborah Lippmann lacquers!! Tata for now!