Lust Solid Perfume Review

Hello all! I hope everyone’s new year is turning out well for them! Today, I wanted to post about the Lust Solid Perfume and aroma from LUSH (of course it is from LUSH!) I purchased this product back in the summer of 2013 and have been using it religiously ever since. The scent I got is called Lust.

Here are some product pictures:



  • Great consistency – I love the solid part about this perfume. It is very unusual nowadays. I hardly ever see any perfumes that come in such a compact and useful solid perfume container.
  • Fabulous aroma – The smell of this particular perfume is great. It smells of jasmine. I think if you are a fan of the Godiva solid hair shampoo, you will be an even bigger fan of Lust because it smells almost better than Godiva!
  • Long wear – I have noticed while wearing this that I smell it throughout the day. It definitely has a strong presence on the skin and is very noticeable.


  • Awkward to put on – I like how this product is packaged, but I am not sure if I am a fan of putting it on! You can only really put it on your wrists and then put those on your pressure points, like your neck. I think that the packaging should be more versatile and useful for other areas of use on the body. Then again, the purpose of solid perfume is to keep it simple and compact.
  • More please – it is extremely awkward to get more product from the tube. I have a really hard time pushing it up and putting the lid back on without ruining it!

Overall, I really enjoy this product because of the aroma. It is an unusual scent and differs greatly from mass commercialized perfume. I like being unique and this perfume adds to my uniqueness! If you have any more questions about this perfume or other LUSH perfumes, you can visit:,en_US,sc.html