Luxury Bath Oils From Oxford St.

Bath Melts

LUSH Oxford St. Bath Melts Are Heaven On Earth!

Immediately upon walking in LUSH Oxford St. located on the busy streets of London, I spotted the table filled with mini-bath melts. These melts dive into the tub creating a bath of deep colors, intoxicating aromas, and layers of sparkle. Interestingly, LUSH calls these “Luxury Bath Oils” and I can see why – the oils from the melt are so strong, it soaks into your skin within seconds. I picked up 6 mini-melts for only about two pounds each (not a bad deal)!

  1. Furze – the famous Gorilla perfume (Retro) in a bath oil – hints of natural and sweet aromas from this melt will cure any case of the blues! A beautiful product to look at, Furze has a green outer layer with a fuchsia flower bud to top it off without creating any mess.
  2. Sun – a bath oil after the Sun perfume – the bronze (or should I say rose-gold) hue of this melt is enticing. It bleeds orange in the tub to assemble sun-like rays! The scent will remind you of summer days: going to the beach, hanging out at the lake, and soaking up the SUN!
  3. Shark Infested Custard – a sweet melt that is good enough to eat! I adore the aroma of this product since it reminds me of the anticipation of getting a vanilla custard covered with rainbow sprinkles (I can picture it in my head right now) – candy vanilla layered with rich cream. Unfortunately, the melt is hideous upon melting. It just turns into a yellow blob that does not emit enough oil for a filled tub, nor has any unique characteristics.
  4. I Am A Radiant Being – a pink star with a sparkly nucleus. This melt’s twin is Rose Jam since it creates a rosy bath with citrus hints. I enjoyed this product, but like Shark Infested Custard, was a bit disappointed in the overall “bath experience” – the glitter was none existent, while the product failed to melt into the warm water.
  5. Razzle Dazzle  – a hot pink fireball. This melt transforms your bath – the water turns various shades of pink with a glittery sheen. Meanwhile, notes of berries, citrus, and bergamot fill the bathroom, creating an environment filled with positive energy.
  6. Monsieur Gustav – a deep purple mixture of lavender and tobacco. Hands down, this was the most phenomenal Luxury Bath Oil. The smell was super relaxing, yet exotic with the generic lavender and rare tobacco. Even more impressive was the way it transformed plain bath water into a rich escape from the day – violet purple, fuchsia, and silver ribbons of oil swirl throughout the tub. Definitely recommend this product!

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Spring Is In The Air!

Like this post if you have discovered any Spring campaigns? These campaigns could be on social media, websites, flyers, catalogs, and so on. This post will highlight my favorite Spring campaigns/social media posts from three different companies.

FACE Stockholm:

FACE Stockholm is a Scandinavian company that originated from Sweden. It was founded by Gun Nowak and her daughter, Martina Arfwidson. FACE produces beauty products that are the highest quality with a variety of colors. The FACE brand represents, “naturally based, trend forward, simple, clean, gorgeous, and fun beauty.” They value the interaction between woman, confidence, and woman empowerment. Here are a few graphics from their website representing the Pastel Story – May 2014 campaign:

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.30.23 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.30.34 PM

I adore the top graphic. I love FACE polishes. They have a large variety of shades. If you are looking for a color, FACE has it! Check out all of their polish swatches here. Incorporating products with Spring decor is a wonderful idea.

I also enjoy the bottom graphic since it highlights the key components of the Pastel Story. These are pastel FACE products, FACE swatches, pastel art, pastel flowers, and a pastel make-up look. Inspiration or idea boards always make for a unique, cool, brand worthy graphic.

Lilly Pulitzer:

I discussed the Lilly Pulitzer brand in many of my older posts. In short, Lilly Pulitzer is a colorful brand that focuses on event wear, beach wear, and vacation wear. Although, I am sure you can find something from Lilly for any occasion! I wear Lilly sweater and jeans in the winter and fall. Here are my recent social media favorites which scream Spring:


Lilly Pulitzer created an excellent digital PR campaign called #lilly5x5. These posts are from different social media outlets and highlight the #lilly5x5’s that were created. The only post that does not reference to the #lilly5x5 is the center picture in the top row. “Ring the Bellboy” is the name of that print. Overall, Lilly Pulitzer does a phenomenal job representing their brand throughout social media platforms. This posts scream Spring, Summer, and color!!

LUSH Cosmetics:

LUSH also is celebrating spring and Mother’s Day with digital posts. I have a picture of the LUSH bar on the bottom of their homepage. The bar has references to the Mother’s Day social media campaign, LUSH blog posts about Spring, and Charity Pot information:

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.31.10 PM

They also come out with a range of Mother’s Day products that are perfect for rainy and sunny Spring Days. You can check them out here.

What is your favorite Spring digital campaign?

Solid Deodorant: T’eo

How many of you out there can claim that you have used a solid deodorant? I was one who never, in a 100 years, thought about using one until I learned about T’eo from LUSH Cosmetics. T’eo is a great deodorant to start with from LUSH because it is easy to put on, solid, and smells great.


SOLID: As I mentioned in the intro, this deodorant is completely solid. There is no packaging at all. It is almost like a huge chalk ball (or that is what it reminds me of). The consistency is also quite chalky and easily breaks apart for use. Before I used this product, I always wondered what was on the bottom of it! Well, it is wax! LUSH dips the bottom of this bar into wax to prevent any major crumbles and to make it extra sturdy. Here is a video of LUSH explaining how they make this product if you are interested!

AROMA: T’eo is the most normal smelling deodorant that LUSH offers. It is fresh – just like deodorants are supposed to be. I also really enjoy the subtleness of it because it is not strong and over “chemically,” like almost every deodorant that one can purchase in stores. It does keep you pretty fresh all day by targeting the bad, smelly bacteria created when you sweat.

NO MESS: Since this product is solid, it is pretty easy to apply. I just rub a bit of it under my arms and anywhere else I wish. I read some of the reviews online for this product and noticed that a lot of individuals were claiming that this product was messy because it breaks up fast. I have had mine for quite a while now and it is still in the same shape and has not yet been destroyed. That is another positive thing about T’eo, it lasts a LONG time !

OUCH: I have one major complaint about this product. If you apply it after you shave then it stings!! I do not know if I just have a bit more sensitive skin under my arms but it honestly hurts. Besides T’eo, I try to use one of the powder deodorants LUSH offers like the recently retired product, Coconut. 

INGREDIENTS: This product is packed with natural ingredients. There is not a lot of safe synthetics, such as the wax. But here is a list of the natural ingredients:

    • Tea Tree Oil (featured ingredient)
    • Lemongrass OIl
    • Cream of Tartar
    • Lemon Oil
    • Fresh Grape Juice
    • Blue Cornflower Petals
    • and much, much more!

I really enjoy using this product. I really enjoy and admire how I am trying to use as many products that have large amounts of packaging such as plastic, paper, cardboard, etc. T’eo is a great product to start with for a environmental friendly beauty collection (and everything else from LUSH)! Have you checked it out?

P.S. – I loved this adorable picture LUSH posted a on Love Your Pet Day! I have been laying out one of my LUSH bags to see if my cat, Jet, will explore it! But, he does love to sit on my laptop when I am working. He loves his attention!




Make-Up Remover Cleanser Products from LUSH

Hello all! To continue with the beautiful “Fresh Cleansers for Beautiful Bodies” era at LUSH… I thought it would only fit to do a duo review on two of my favorite make-up remover products from them! The two I am going to talk about are 9 To 5 and then Ultrabland! These are both considered cleansers at LUSH but for me… they are more make-up removers than my daily cleanse! Lets get started! Here is 9 To 5:


This is a very creamy cleanser! I put mine on a cotton pad and then rub it over my eyes and the rest of my face! It does a PHENOMENAL job removing all make up pieces… even the sometimes hard to get liner areas! This is the only liquid cleanser LUSH sells. Originally, it was called “Orchid Oil Cleanser” because the ingredients in it are fresh dove orchid extract, almond oil and flower absolute! It is the perfect product to end a rough, long day because it soothes the skin and removes any grit! I suggest this for anyone who is a fan of liquid, oil cleansers! It is a must for me! And like most LUSH products, a little goes a LOOOOONG way!

Here is the other make-up remover cleanser, Ultrabland:


I have had this product FOREVER. This one definitely goes a long way! I do not use this one as much as I use 9 To 5 because I am not the biggest fan of how oily it feels on my face. But… it is a huge cult product from LUSH! Many people love it… I guess you have to have the taste for it! The ingredients in this cleanser are many essential oils, iris flower extract, honey and beeswax. I think it is like 20% rose oil! So yes, this contributes to all the “oily-ness.” It can be used as a cleanser or a make up remover – I use mine as a make up remover about once a week! I have heard of people doing the “Ultraband Cleanse” which means that they just use this product on their face for a few months! It supposedly works miracles for acne prone skin!

Have you tried any of these two make-up remover/cleansers?! Share your thoughts below in the comments! Ohh and here was my balcony a few days ago… and now it even has more snow on it! Stay safe this winter y’all!


Angles On Bare Skin Facial Cleanser

So since Valentine’s Day/Week is officially over, LUSH USA has already changed their focus to something new! All of their banners and pop-ups on their website have all been changed to information about the perfect facial cleansers! Here are all the banners (curtsey of LUSH USA):

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.30.03 AMScreen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.30.11 AM


My all time favorite and one that I have been using for a few years now, is the Angels On Bare Skin facial cleanser:



SMELL: I love the calm smell of this product. First, it takes a bit to get used to since it is not the usual facial cleanser! I think it is pretty calming also. I only use this one at night and the lavender in it works miracles.

EFFECTS: This is a great facial cleanser because it is calming and eliminates my red spots. I do not leave it on my face for a while like some LUSHies do… I just rub it on my face and then wash it off! It is also great because it has some exfoliating properties!

TEXTURE: A lot of people are pretty confused at first on how to use these amazing cleanser rolls from LUSH. You take a snitch of it in your hands, add some water and then break down the cleanser! Once it is pretty watery and chunky you rub it all over your face and body!

INGREDIENTS: Like every review… LUSH products all have super fresh ingredients! The ones in Angels On Bare Skin are: kaolin clay, chamomile blue oil, lavender oil, lavender flowers, ground almonds, rose absolute and much much more! All of the LUSH cleansers are also preservative free and of course, cruelty free.

SKIN TYPE: Angels On Bare Skin is super gentle… I think it would work for almost every skin type. I have pretty dry skin with some breakout areas and this is a miracle product for me! It keeps my skin clear, reduces my redness and exfoliates it! All in one shot. According to LUSH, it is a cleanser for everyone because “it leaves your skin fresh, soft and balanced!”

Angels On Bare Skin is such a great LUSH product. It is a staple for me. I love the way it calms and exfoliates my skin! This cleanser is available all year round… you can buy it based on how much you want like for LUSH soaps. Online, you can purchase 3.5 or 8.4 oz. size! It lasts a while too! What cleansers are you using from LUSH?!

LUSH Soap Collection

So I decided to start the day off with a fun blog post about my array of LUSH Soap! I have a lot of different LUSH soaps that I use in my bath tub. I am not a huge fan of using them in the shower. Here is my current collection (minus two new soaps I purchased):


  • Snow Globe Soap – this is a great lemon/citrus scent! I just reviewed this one in a post below which you can find here.
  • Sultana of Soap – this is my FAVORITE LUSH soap… I cannot get enough of it. I have also reviewed this soap which you can find here.
  • Karma Soap – this is a very powerful soap because the smell is super strong. I have not yet reviewed this soap but will soon!
  • Angel’s Delight Soap – I love this LUSH holiday soap. I will review this product very very soon!
  • Banana Moon Soap – this is a part of the LUSH Retro collection. I have not yet tried this soap but am excited because I am an insane banana lover!
  • Honey I Washed The Kids Soap – I have not tried this soap yet… but it is a fan favorite from LUSH! It smells very similar to the It’s Raining Men shower gel. 
  • Orange Jelly Soap – this is another soap from the LUSH holiday collection. I have already reviewed this soap which you can find here.
  • Putty For Your Hands Soap – this was a unique purchase for me. I have been using it a lot more because of the dry winter. Will be reviewing this soon!
  • Sexy Peel Soap – I have been using this soap for a while now.. that is why it is a lot smaller than the other! I have not yet reviewed this soap but it is a super exfoliator.
  • Mr. Punch Soap – this is again another soap from the LUSH holiday collection. I really enjoy using this soap! Will review very very soon.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my soaps from LUSH! I switch them out in my tub every week to try a new one! LUSH soaps last a long long long time. So they are a great investment. I have added three new additions to my soap collection. These are the Porridge Soap, Figs and Leaves Soap and the Neon Love Soap from the LUSH valentines collection.

I will be posting my Valentines LUSH haul very soon! Let me know what soaps you have been using this year from LUSH!