What does a LUSH Q&A from andrea elizabeth consist of? I will be adding on to social media posts that I have discovered from various LUSH Facebook pages by answering the questions or revealing my opinion. This will be a cool and interactive post! I would love to see more answers and thoughts in the comments. Do not be shy LUSHies!

“What three LUSH products would you take with you to a desert island?” – LUSH Australia 


This is a tough question. A LUSH sales associate in Boston, MA actually asked me this before. I said Vanishing Cream, Daddy-O, and Sultana of Soap. My top three have changed a bit since then:

  1. Gorgeous – my face will need a good pick me up on a desert island! Gorgeous will do the trick. Plus, it smells absolutely amazing.
  2. Honey Trap – I am assuming this desert island will be quite sunny and windy, making my lips unbearably chapped. Honey Trap is a phenomenal lip balm that moisturizers and hydrates chapped or irritated lips.
  3. Godiva – This is one of my all time favorite LUSH products. I cannot get enough of the beautiful, delicate jasmine aroma. Godiva would be an excellent shampoo for a desert island because it lasts a while and is compact. Additionally, the shea butter in the bar acts as a conditioner. It is a 2 in 1 shampoo bar!

“What is your favorite LUSH bath cocktail” – LUSH Willowbrook Mall 


I get asked this question A LOT. Surprisingly, I am not into the bath cocktail fad. I have tried a few such as the mermaid bath (Big Blue and Sunny Side) and the creamsicle  (Enchanter and Butterball). I want to enjoy each bath product individually and experience the magic of a LUSH bath.

LUSH Willowbrook is such a fun, quirky, friendly LUSH store in Houston, TX. The manager is a sweetheart and is always looking for different ways to showcase LUSH products. The two cocktails they feature in these posts are the mermaid with Wonder Woohoo and Big Blue. The second is a new bath cocktail creation called Maleficent with Big Blue, Fizzbanger, and Sunny Side. I adore the color of this bath because of the iridescent green loaded with glitter. This cocktail is also very timely and appropriate because the Maleficent movie just came out in theaters.

Employee Bios – LUSH Australia and LUSH Washington Square 


Employee Bios are popular social media posts. I always enjoy reading them and applauding to all the wonderful LUSH employees in the world who help create and sell environmental friendly beauty. Even though I have never worked for LUSH (one day I will for sure), I wanted to take a go at some of the questions in these bios! You should to in the comments!

  • Name – Andrea
  • Birthday – August 4th
  • Sign – Leo
  • Favorite Color – Marigold & hot pink
  • Favorite Smell – Godiva and Sultana of Soap
  • Favorite Food – anything Asian
  • Favorite Holiday – Christmas
  • What is your dream job? To work for a large cosmetics company in the PR department in NYC.
  • What are your hobbies? Organizing, shopping, blogging, and watching Netflix
  • When and how did you first discover LUSH? Watching Youtube videos in 10th grade.
  • How long have you worked for LUSH? Have not worked for them. But have been blogging about LUSH for half a year.
  • What are your favorite LUSH products and why? Daddy-O because it helps to retain the color of my hair and brighten it ( I am a blondie). Godiva because I cannot get enough of the smell and feel. Vanishing Cream because it is the perfect moisturizer to vanish all your problem areas away.
  • My first LUSH product? Buffy because it was a good price and was a type of product I have never tried before.
  • My favorite LUSH moment? The first time @lushcosmetics replied to one of my tweets and my first experience in the LUSH Spa on Lexington Ave.


LUSH Social Media: Blogs & Competitions

I have posted a few LUSH social media posts in the past month. I wanted to continue that trend with another post! How many of y’all follow LUSH Cosmetics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest? LUSH is active on all four outlets. I wanted to share favorite posts of mine that are unique, timely, and brand worthy:

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.48.27 PM

LUSH has phenomenal community relations. They support communities by buying local products. This Facebook post links to a company they support, Mapleton’s Organic Dairy. The post also links to a LUSH blog article about local, community relations. PR practitioners need to keep in mind that a strong, positive community relationship will increase their company loyalty. This is important for companies in the new business era.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 1.18.11 PM


Nothing is better than seeing two of your favorite companies interact over social media. This Facebook post links to a Lululemon blog that highlights the LUSH No Drought dry shampoo. Lululemon and LUSH are excellent partners because they both started in Vancouver, both reduce their environmental foot print, and both support a healthy work environment.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.50.53 PM

LUSH loves Twitter. They host many “Twitter parties.” One could enter the party with the hashtag #LUSHbeautyschool and then chat with other LUSHies and a LUSH beauty expert. A Twitter party is a cool idea. I have never participated in one but look forward to it in the future.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.46.59 AM

Who hunted for the Golden Egg this Easter?! I sure did. LUSH hosted a virtual egg hunt over a week. Each day, LUSH would post hints on their social media  about where to look for the egg! I loved this idea because the consumers were very involved, it was timely, and it included all digital platforms. At the end of the competition, LUSH picked out 10 random winners.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.32.40 PM


My LUSH Mother’s Day product reviews are going to be posted soon! If you did not get a chance to participate in the last LUSH competition, here is your chance! Tweet or Instagram #thatswhatmumsaid along with advice your Mom gave you.

Like this post if you’re ready for Mother’s Day product reviews. Comment to let me know what product you would like reviewed first!

Latest LUSH Social Favorites

Hello all! In honor of @lushcosmetics tweeting me back yesterday, I decided it was time for my latest LUSH social media favorites! All of these posts are from different LUSH stores/countries and outlets. I like to follow the LUSH stores that I have been too! Here are my favorites:

Post #1: Yes… I do follow LUSH Australia on Facebook! Who wouldn’t follow them?! I like to see how their social differs from North Americas. They include a lot more edited pictures with text on them in their posts. They still utilize the usual LUSH digital style… but with an Australian twist! You can follow and find their page here.



Post #2:  This picture was “re-grammed” from the Memorial City LUSH onto the @lushcosmetics Instagram. I have been to this location numerous times! It is one of the LUSH and Macy’s collaboration. The hashtag is what makes this post #livingtheLUSHlife! I am going to use this more often!



Post #3: I really really love this post. It is so LUSH like because it is black and white, quirky, happy, and funny! Basically, all of the adjectives that fit the LUSH characteristic. This post is celebrating the opening of the LUSH Cosmetics Woodland Hills in Tulsa, Oklahoma!



Post #4: LUSH broke the record of most lip prints! Do y’all remember this LUSH campaign last Valentines?! Well it looks like they hit a benchmark! It is awesome when companies break records because it is very newsworthy. I found this on the @lushcosmetics Instagram!



Post #5: This is a Facebook post from the LUSH Cosmetics Market Street location in The Woodlands, Texas! I was just here last week (haul is coming soon)!! I love this location because it is very spacious which makes it the perfect LUSH for parties!!! One day, I would love to have a part at a LUSH!



What have been your favorite LUSH posts?! Share them below 🙂

Why LUSH? My Career Goal.

I have been thinking lately, why LUSH? How is LUSH different from other beauty companies? What makes LUSH stand out? Why do I want to work at LUSH? These are all questions that I want to answer in this post right now. I want to stand out and show LUSH how much I appreciate their branding, company, communications, products, social media, views, missions, and so on.


This is the question I get from everyone. They are always curious to know why I picked LUSH to write about. Well here are a few reasons ( I could honestly go on and on when answering this question):

  • Company Values – LUSH changed my view on the entire beauty industry. It has taught me that an individual can make a difference. For instance, I can recycle my LUSH perishables such as pots, boxes, and bags to help the environment.
  • Positive Outlook – Another HUGE factor of LUSH that draws me in is their statement, “happy people making happy products.” I have always been a negative thinker who worries constantly. I day dream about all of the negative things that could happen that day. I am learning to be more positive and LUSH has gotten my back on that track. Going into LUSH stores, liking LUSH social media, reviewing LUSH products, sitting in my bath for hours on end inhaling the aromas of LUSH… those are just a few of the many things that LUSH adds to my life.
  • Acceptance – I also think accepting everyone for who they are is important and right. LUSH companies are full of individuals who have accepted themselves. They accept the facts that they might be different, think differently, have different values or morals. Bottom line is that LUSH supports and values people who know their inner selves and do not change for anyone.
  • The Campaigns – LUSH also has some of the most heart-warming, just, and compelling campaigns I have ever seen a beauty company develop. They want to make a difference not only in enviornmentaly friendly beauty, but also in the world. They want to help people of developing countries who suffer from human right violations. They want to spread the universal right of equality.
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Fresh, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Fair Trade, etc. – Think of all types of characteristics that define environmentally friendly beauty, mesh all of these qualities together, and you have LUSH! LUSH does not disappoint. Every product they make is cruelty-free, handmade, fresh, and natural. They offer every single ingredient they put in products and even have a LUSHopedia where they further describe ingredients. I am sure many people are like me and want to know what they are putting on their bodies. They do not want a bunch of process chemicals that are tested on poor animals. People want products straight from the earth where local communities and societies harvest the ingredients. Consumers want products that do not harm our earth.. they want products that can make a difference. LUSH can make a difference.
  • LUSH Social Media – LUSH has the best social media presence. They are active on all outlets. Their YouTube channel is phenomenal. I sit and watch LUSH videos almost every night to learn more about the products, campaigns, and employees. LUSH Instagram and Twitter are also real-time and active. I enjoy liking and commenting on each post to provide my personal inputs. LUSH Blog has so many interesting stories that take events and actions from the real world and applies them to LUSH products and values. LUSH Pinterest is dangerous… I could spend almost five hours straight looking at all the pins. LUSH also has a great amount of audience feedback and participation. They offer so many opportunities for one to enter into LUSH competitions with winners receiving LUSH surprise gifts. The social media of LUSH is just so phenomenal.


My dream and goal is to intern and work for LUSH. I want to be a part of the company and cherish each day in the corporate office. The LUSH Communications and PR department is where my interest and dreams lie. I want to learn how LUSH stand out and creates a brand that is irresistible. I want to learn how LUSH stays true to their company values. I want to learn how LUSH creates products that are innovative, fresh, new, unique and healthy. I want to learn how LUSH stays handmade in a world of growing factories. I want to learn how LUSH became so successful and why.

I WANT TO INTERN FOR LUSH! Please share, reblog, comment, and like this blog. Share it with your friends. I want to show LUSH why I would be the perfect intern. I want to be a part of LUSH.


Help me get the attention of the LUSH PR Department and Communication headquarters in NYC. Help me achieve my goal of interning for LUSH! 

LUSH Valentine’s Social Media

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It is a very very very snowy day in New York… we have at least 20 inches at my house! Another snow day and five day weekend for me! Today I wanted to talk about all of the latest social media posts from LUSH about Valentine’s Day! LUSH came out with many many posts leading up to this love filled day!

Post #1: This is a wonderful, lovely post from LUSH’s Facebook page. The caption is “Fall in love with LUSH: our Valentine’s Day goodies are in shops now!” This is a multi-fuctional post because it links to their website. I love the picture they attached. Posts always do better and receive more of the audiences attention when there is a gorgeous picture! LUSH always has great photos and I think this one is featured in the new LUSH Times.



Post #2: This is also from LUSH Cosmetics Facebook page and it is another multi-functional post! This one includes a link to the LUSH blog where you can find the instructions to making this Valentine’s Crafternoon! I love this idea… crafty people are the best people! I have been getting into crafts a lot lately and these are super cute! Might have to make some for myself.



Post #3: Unlike the top two, this post is from LUSH’s Instagram account (@lushcosmetics). I love this picture because it is incorporating my two favorite items, LUSH and nail polish! This is related to LUSH because someone created a manicure just for the #signoflove campaign LUSH has started this year! I will be doing a whole post about the #signoflove campaign soon!



Post #4: Another post from the LUSH Facebook page! This on is captioned “Only two days to go until Valentine’s Day! Who’s ready?” And then there is a link to the LUSH USA Valentine’s products. I love the picture they used for this post! It is awesome and so so so creative! I also like how they included the Valentine’s Gifts and it looks like the Prince Charming shower gel has different labels than the usual!



Post #5: This post is from the @lushcosmetics Instagram! Who has tried the Neon Love soap?! It definitely is a unique limited edition, holiday LUSH product! I suggest picking it up before it could be gone forever! This is a beautiful picture of the soap! These are some good chunks!



Post #6: This Facebook post is from the LUSH Cosmetics Willowbrook Mall page. This used to be my primary LUSH store that I would go to in Houston, TX. Great staff and super friendly! I like how they did something a bit different telling the ladies not to forget their guys! Dirty is a GREAT and FRESH guy scent! I actually use the shower gel in my shower and am in love… it is so refreshing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 5.28.09 PM


So those are a bunch of Valentine’s Social Media posts from LUSH! You can check them all out in person on their social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). I still have a few more Valentine themed posts to get out there before the end of the week! Be on the look out! What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?!

Neon Love Soap

So now that all of my LUSH holiday reviews are out of the way, it is time for the next LUSH holiday collection, Valentine’s! I would first like to start of my reviews with the Neon Love Soap. I bet a lot of LUSHies have already tried this flirty, fruity love soap!

Here are some of my soap images and a social media post of the large soap:


SMELL: This soap is super fruity… it is a twin to the other LUSH Valentine’s Day product, Prince Charming. I am not a huge fan of this fruit smell because it is very very specific. It takes a little while to get used too. The fruits that create the smell are passion fruit and figs.

LATHER: This lather is much like the one from the Snow Globe LUSH soap. The white hearts lather a lot more than the pink sections. So the lather is a bit awkward if you ask me! Good lather and nice bubbles are a must for me!

INGREDIENTS: Neon Love soap has many fresh, sustainable ingredients in it. The list of fresh ingredients are:

  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Fresh Passion Fruit
  • Fresh Figs
  • Rosewood Oil

LARGER PICTURE: The large Neon Love soap is so adorable. It is pictured above from the LUSH Cosmetics Willowbrook Mall’s Facebook. I love the heart shape, cranberry color and yellow “Love” in cursive.

LIMITED EDITION: Like I said in the intro paragraph, this soap is a limited edition soap from LUSH’s Valentine’s 2014 Collection. There are six other Valentine’s products which range from lip gloss to massage bars. This soap is even more unique because it was inspired by the 12 Months of Neon Love Public Art project.

This is a great, unique, fruit filled soap! I suggest it for any LUSHie who is a fan of LUSH soap products.  Have you tried any of the new Valentine line yet?