#finfree GIVEAWAY!

In honor of the #finfree movement and Shark Week, I decided to do my very first giveaway! The lucky winner will receive a fresh Shark Fin Soap from LUSH Cosmetics and samples from the LUSH Kitchen and products that are not available in LUSH North America.

Shark Fin Giveaway Shark Fin Giveaway

This is all you have to do to qualify:

  1. Answer the question “Can you sell smell?” in the comments
  2. Tweet me your favorite LUSH Cosmetics Soap at @AndreaPuskar
  3. Sign the petition for the #finfree movement 


The giveaway is international.


LUSH Cosmetics Summer Events

LUSH Cosmetics advertised 2 events so far this summer. The first was the #LUSH200 store opening in North America. The second is the #finfree movement. Here are some highlights from each:

The #LUSH200 details: The 200th LUSH Cosmetics store has officially opened in North America! LUSH Cosmetics in Yorkdale Shopping Centre located in Toronto, Canada is the lucky store! LUSH celebrated this event with giving out $200 gift cards across North America, creating fresh batches of products in store, having a dance party with a well renowned DJ, and even some beauty bloggers made an appearance. Did you win a gift card or participate in any of the #LUSH200 events?!

The #finfree movement has officially begun. LUSH partnered with Shark Week on Discover Channel and the finfree movement to help stop shark killings. Shark fin soup is a popular dish in many Asian countries that requires fins from sharks. The #finfree movement is here to stop these killings and protect sharks all around the world. You can sign the petition today here and buy the Shark Fin Soap (limited edition) from LUSH to stand with the #finfree movement!

Banana Moon Soap

Attention All LUSHies – the Banana Moon Retro Soap review is here! Who loves bananas? This soap is packed with fresh bananas and works miracles on dry skin. Check out the review now and see if you’re bananas for this soap!


AROMA: This product screams bananas. There is nothing to it… just bananas! If you are not a banana fan, it takes a while to get used too.

DRY SKIN: LUSH claims this product is one of their most moisturizing soaps. It works wonders on people who suffer from dry skin. I have dry skin and have not noticed this soap helping it. I will use it more this week and comment below on the results!

EXFOLIATION: I was surprised when I started using this soap because it has some odd exfoliating feature. It does not mention on the LUSH website that it exfoliates. The soap has crushed black flakes in it! Banana Moon makes for a harsh exfoliation.

COMBO: Pair Banana Moon with Gumback Express to get the full banana experience! Gumback Express is a LUSH Retro Shower Smoothie. You can read my review here. After the shower or bath, rub your skin with Sympathy for the Skin to block in the moisture and add even more of a banana scent to your soft skin!

RETRO: This product is available in the LUSH Retro collection online. You cannot get Banana Moon in stores. If you are interested in this product, order it quick before they run out!

INGREDIENTS: Surprisingly, this LUSH soap is mainly composed of safe synthetics. The natural ingredients in Banana Moon are scarce. Some of the ingredients include fresh bananas, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, and organic yogurt. This product is not vegan.

I enjoy this soap because it is unique and very fruity from the other LUSH soaps. Oh, and how many times did I write banana in this post?!

Winter Necessity: Putty For Your Hands

How many of you suffer from dry, itchy winter hands? That would be me… I have severe dry hands when winter strikes. I used to lotion them up night and day but, I found Putty For Your Hands! This is a hand wash soap from LUSH. I got about $7.00 worth of this soap at the LUSH store, which recently closed in SOHO, NYC. Here is the picture of my chunk:



HOW TO USE: Have y’all used any of the LUSH fresh cleansers from LUSH? Well this hand soap works the same. You take a small chunk, put it in the palm of your hand, put some water on it, and then make a paste and clean your hands! Those are the best directions I can offer!

TEXTURE: This soap is wonderful because it is super super moisturizing! LUSH claims that it is a hand wash which has lotion like properties! I have to agree. The product soothes dry hands very well!

SMELL: The smell of this product is quite simple. It does not have a strong scent at all but rather a mellow aroma with hints of chamomile and lavender.

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients that make up this lotion-like-soap for your hands are cornflour, marshmallow mucilage, oats, fair trade shea butter, lavender oil, chamomile blue oil, and a whole lot more! This is one of LUSH’s innovative inventions to soothe irritated hands!

CHUNKS: This product is similar to LUSH soaps in the instance that you can order chunks by your desired price. I really love this system from LUSH. I think it is a great way to allow consumers to try various, luxurious soaps without committing to a set price! I like to buy my soap around $5 dollars. It is the perfect amount and lasts a while!

What products are you using this winter to soother your hands?! Share them in the comments!

P.S. – Easter haul and product reviews on the way!

Porridge Soap Review

Hello all! Sorry for not posting yesterday. Tuesdays are my busy school days! It is another dreary day here today in New York! I have been using the LUSH Porridge Soap this winter. Here are some pictures of my Porridge soap slice in the packaging and out of the package:


SKIN TYPE: This is great soap because it does not dry out my already dry and sensitive skin. I really enjoy how creamy the soap is. It is almost as creamy as Sultana of Soap without the exfoliating oatmeal.

SMELL: I love the smell of this soap. To me, this aroma is mixed with syrup and honey… it is very very sweet! But, not as sweet as the Honey I Washed The Kids soap from LUSH!

EXFOLIATION: This soap is filled with many oatmeal chunks. It is super super super exfoliating. It almost is a bit TOO scratchy. Although, I like using this soap because it exfoliates my dead skin and moisturizes in one!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this soap are rapeseed oil, pinhead oatmeal, fresh organic orange juice, sweet orange oil and much more! Like all LUSH soaps, you can get a piece based on the price you want. This piece was around $10 and is a generous size since they last a while!

Here is a picture of me with the large chunk of the Porridge Soap at the Herald Square LUSH store located in NYC:


Lexington NYC LUSH Haul

So I am in a good mood today and decided it was time for my next LUSH haul post! I am a huge LUSHie (if you cannot already tell by now). I spend most of my money on LUSH products. I really do not buy any other products… except for maybe nail polish! But this is it. Plus, I have a goal to review every LUSH year round product and recent holiday products on this blog! So here is one of my most recent major LUSH hauls from LUSH Lexington in NYC (I got all of thee products when I went to the Spa, you can see that blog post here):



  • King of Skin butter bar – I LOVE this product. This is actually a re-purchase for me. It is a shower must!
  • Sandstone soap – this is an awesome citrus exfoliating soap. I have already tried this product in the bath and have a new love.
  • Sikkim Girls Perfume – I have never tried one of LUSH’s Gorilla Perfumes. I thought it was about time! I got the smallest size in the Sikkim Girls scent. It also came in a really cute collectible jar. A review is on the way for this!
  • Demon in the Dark soap – I have never tried a full bar of this soap (only samples). I had to get a small sliver because it is retiring this year! Get it NOW if you like or want to try this product!
  • Tender is the Night massage bar – I have already done a review on this LUSH Valentines product. You can find that blog post here.
  • Eau Roma water toner – I just did a review about my Breath of Fresh Air toner. This is the next toner I decided to purchase from LUSH! Really excited to start using it.
  • Flying Fox shower gel – So this was an impulse… I recently just got into the LUSH shower gels. I just finished The Olive Branch (sad day)! But this is a great jasmine infused shower product! Cannot wait to review it!
  • Wise eye shadow – This is a product from the Emotional Brilliance line. Strangely, mine is not an eye shadow applicator but an eye liner one! And I love it… the LUSH sales lady talked me into it! I wear it quite often.
  • Aqua Mirabilis butter bar – This is very similar to the Buffy bar (which was my first LUSH product by the way). I like this… but it is supper nutty – you definitely have to like nuts to like this shower bar!
  • Lord Misrule bath bomb – I just had to get another one… I know this one was also in my last haul but I love it so much and it is retiring soon! I will be doing a review on this very soon!
  • Dream Time temple balm – The LUSH temple balms are only available at LUSH Spa locations. I was so happy to see this at the store! I got the Dreamtime scent which is very similar to the Dream Time bath melt. They also had Whoosh for the other scent.
  • Light Pink skin tint – This is a skin product from the Emotional Brilliance line. I actually am surprised that I cannot find this online at the LUSH USA store. I am in LOVE with this skin tint. I will do a review soon!

This was a super fun LUSH haul because I purchased many products which I normally would not try! Lots of newbies here! Let me know if you have tried any of these products?! What have you gotten in your recent LUSH haul?!

Mohegan Sun LUSH Haul

How many of you bloggers have ever been to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut?! Well it is a completely different world there. I went with my mom to a Luke Bryan concert there and had a BLAST! I even went shopping at LUSH after the concert… we walked out of the venue at 11:35 right to the LUSH entrance… and it was OPEN! I was baffled! Shopping at LUSH at midnight?! It was a dream come true. I dragged my mom into the store and got these goodies:



  • Chocolate Whipstick lip balm – this stuff is AMAZING. Definitely one of my favorite LUSH products. Review to come very soon!
  • Skin Drink moisturizer – I have been looking for this product forever… they are always sold out in NYC. Excited to try this on my dry face!
  • Perspective lip stick – this is a great color. I have been wearing it daily since I purchased it! This liquid lip stick is a part of the Emotional Brilliance line.
  • Figs and Leaves soap – my goal is to try all of the year round LUSH soaps. I have not yet tried this one yet but it smells great!
  • Dragon’s Egg bath bomb – I have not purchased this bath bomb in a while! Really excited to do a review on this one!
  • Lord of Misrule bath bomb – this is an all time favorite of mine… I got this around Halloween and loved it so much I had to repurchase! Will definitely be doing a review on this before they are sold out! Remember, this bath bomb is only limited edition!
  • SMAPLE – Handy Gurugu hand cream – I am not a big hand cream person so I decided to sample this one before I buy the large pot if I like it!

So this was an awesome way to end an already great concert and day! I love LUSH and anytime I see one I have to go in and meet the sales associates and talk LUSH! Here is the beautiful store in the middle of the bustling casino with my mom in front and the lovely ladies who helped me out (sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry – my camera lens was dirty!):



And… for those of you who are Luke Bryan fans… he threw a phenomenal concert! One of the best I have ever ever seen! Check him out! He really knew how to get a crowd excited:



If you wish to learn more about LUSH Cosmetics at the Mohegan Sun Casino you can visit their Facebook page here. What concerts have y’all been to recently?!

Neon Love Soap

So now that all of my LUSH holiday reviews are out of the way, it is time for the next LUSH holiday collection, Valentine’s! I would first like to start of my reviews with the Neon Love Soap. I bet a lot of LUSHies have already tried this flirty, fruity love soap!

Here are some of my soap images and a social media post of the large soap:


SMELL: This soap is super fruity… it is a twin to the other LUSH Valentine’s Day product, Prince Charming. I am not a huge fan of this fruit smell because it is very very specific. It takes a little while to get used too. The fruits that create the smell are passion fruit and figs.

LATHER: This lather is much like the one from the Snow Globe LUSH soap. The white hearts lather a lot more than the pink sections. So the lather is a bit awkward if you ask me! Good lather and nice bubbles are a must for me!

INGREDIENTS: Neon Love soap has many fresh, sustainable ingredients in it. The list of fresh ingredients are:

  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Fresh Passion Fruit
  • Fresh Figs
  • Rosewood Oil

LARGER PICTURE: The large Neon Love soap is so adorable. It is pictured above from the LUSH Cosmetics Willowbrook Mall’s Facebook. I love the heart shape, cranberry color and yellow “Love” in cursive.

LIMITED EDITION: Like I said in the intro paragraph, this soap is a limited edition soap from LUSH’s Valentine’s 2014 Collection. There are six other Valentine’s products which range from lip gloss to massage bars. This soap is even more unique because it was inspired by the 12 Months of Neon Love Public Art project.

This is a great, unique, fruit filled soap! I suggest it for any LUSHie who is a fan of LUSH soap products.  Have you tried any of the new Valentine line yet?

Mr.Punch Soap

For my second post today I would like to post about a LUSH holiday product! This one is called Mr.Punch soap! Unfortunately, it is not avaliable anymore because it was a limited edition holiday product. I am sure that it will be back though for next Christmas! How many of you have tried this soap?!

Here is an image of mine (I used it a few times before taking this picture):




  • Great scent – I love the dark-fruity scent of this soap. It has a great punch-y feel! The color is a beautiful deep purple with various chunks of soap pieces in it! I have some green, yellow and orange pieces on the top of mine! The big soap shape is a large punch bowl! It is pretty unique!
  • Decent lather – this soap actually lathers pretty well for LUSH’s soaps. It had a good amount of bubbles with a smoothing texture.
  • Real fruit – I could tell this product had actual fruit in it because a whole berry was logged into my soap! I was using it and suddenly a berry popped out!


  • Nothing Interesting – honestly there is not a lot to remember about this soap… it has a great aroma and lather but there is nothing extremely unique! I wish there was more to the soap! Maybe glitter or luster or something!

If you want to learn more about this soap and watch how it was made, you can visit a LUSH USA blog post here. This was a unique holiday soap but definitely not my absolute favorite! What was your favorite holiday soap?