3 Stars for Rub Rub Rub – LUSH Oxford St. Exclusive

Rub Rub Rub Bar was one of the 14 exclusive products I purchased at LUSH Oxford St. (and not gonna lie, I wanted this product the MOST). The lovely pastel shades of the brazen sea salt and delicate flowers caught my eye immediately. Plus – pastels are IN! Just peek into any fashion magazine and see for yourself, like Vogue and InStyle. LUSH was right on target.

Ok, so now for the review – This over-discussed Solid Body Scrub was a bit of a disappointment compared to other LUSH Solid Scrubs. Even though this product still has the classic Rub Rub Rub qualities, like the citrus tang, it lacks easy usage. My bar does not break apart or scrub into my skin effortlessly without applying extreme measures (aka – breaking the bar with my hands, then smashing it to form a scrub). Don’t get me wrong – the product still smells and works lovely! I guess the idea in my head was a dopplegänger of Buffy Body Butter, but in Rub Rub Rub form!

P.S. – LUSH Kitchen is offering Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub now! What do you think of it?

Feeling Younger Skin Tint

How many of y’all have tried any products from the Emotional Brilliance line?! Well I have really gotten into trying all the different liquid lipsticks, eye products and skin tints. Feeling Younger Skin Tint is a creamy, shiny tint that you can put any where on your face as a highlight! It adds lots of shimmer and helps to brighten your face.

Here are some pictures of my Feeling Younger:


SHIMMER: This is a fabulous highlighter for all skin types. I use it around my eyebrows and under my eyes. I do not use it everyday… but I have started to use it a lot more in this snow apocalypse in New York! But it is great because the shimmer/luster does not stick out like a sore thumb. It mixes really well into your skin and brightens it!

VEGAN: This product is VEGAN! This probably makes all you Vegan lovers happy! I am shocked that makeup products can be Vegan now… I just started a gluten-free diet so I can feel some of the pain to find Vegan items! This skin tint and the Charisma skin color are the only Vegan ones in the Emotional Brilliance Skin line.

INGREDIENTS: Of course, all LUSH products have the freshest ingredients! Feeling Younger has Orange Flower Water, Oatmeal Decoction, Water, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil. Remember, if you are wondering about any of the LUSH ingredients you can look them up in the LUSHopedia! It is a great dictionary filled with all the LUSH ingredients and their backgrounds (where they buy them, are they vegan, who makes it, what products they are in, etc.)

CAKEY: The only down side of Feeling Younger for me is that it is super “cakey” sometimes on my face… If you apply moisturizer, foundation and then this skin tint it does not work out well! According to LUSH, you should put on your moisturizer, Feeling Younger and then any other color supplements!

Overall, I really enjoy this skin tint! It was one of my first purchases from the Emotional Brilliance line! I love that I can use it anywhere on my face to brighten up my day! I suggest using this skin tint with any of the LUSH moisturizers/color supplements! This product is $18.95 and lasts forever! A little goes a long long way!

Have you tried any of the skin products from the Emotional Brilliance line?!

Santa’s Lip Scrub LUSH Review

Hello all! I am officially snowed in up here in NY! According to the weather channel, it feels about -15! That is absolutely freezing. Today I would like to review a product that I got for Christmas, Santa’s Lip Scrub!

Here are some product images:




  • Very festive – I love this product because of the strong presence of red! It is absolutely adorable for the holiday seasons. Plus, there is a large amount of heart confetti and red glitter throughout the formula.
  • Great taste – this lip scrub has a great taste! To me, it tastes like cherry coke! I believe there are some cherry and fig abstracts in Santa’s lip scrub that helps make it taste like Cocoa-Cola!
  • Does the job – Like all other LUSH lip scrubs, this one does the job! It exfoliates your lips by eliminating dry skin. It also makes them super soft!


  • Color weary – The only thing I do not care for about this lip scrub is the strong color when you put it on your lips. It leaves a faint red tint which does not look that great if you are about to apply a light lip shade. Also, if you accidentally put a bit outside your lip line, you will be dyed red!
  • Bit watery – The scrub I got is a bit watery. It is more like a paste rather than a usual sugar scrub from LUSH! It doesn’t bother me that much… but I wish the consistency was more course and sugary!

Overall I enjoy this holiday lip scrub! It tastes phenomenal! I enjoy how it is different from the other three lip scrubs LUSH offers yearly (Popcorn, Mint Julep and Bubblegum). This product will definitely be returned next holiday season because it was so popular! It took me about 3 store visits to find one! I would check with your local LUSH store to see if they have anymore in stock or online at the Buy One Get One sale. You can go there at: http://www.lushusa.com/Buy-One-Get-One/buy-one-get-one,en_US,sc.html

And for fun, here is a social media post from LUSH about this product posted on their Facebook account. It is referring to Mistletoe and showing the steps to a perfect pucker! First you apply the lib scrub and then add the colored lip balm! If you do not have any of their holiday products, you can purchase any of their yearly scrubs, balms and tinted balms for the perfect kiss!


Large LUSH Hair Products

I hope everyone is having a good Monday! It is my last week of school and next week is finals week, how fun! I will be working hard. But as always, it is very nice to take a break and write about something I love, LUSH!

Recently, I had finished my two large, 16.9 oz. LUSH shampoo and conditioner bottles. Pictured bellow:



I got these bottles about a year ago and I just finished them. They last a very very long time!  Before I ordered the large bottles, I had these products in the smaller bottles.

Rehab shampoo:

  • Great for damaged hair
  • Full of nutritious ingredients
  • Highlight product: fresh pineapple juice
  • 16.9 oz. bottle- $39.95

I highly suggest this hair product for anyone with damaged hair from heat, color, etc. It is a great rejuvenating product to bring your hair and scalp back to life!

Veganese conditioner:

  • Vegan hair product
  • Good for fine hair
  • Highlight product: rosemary infusion
  • 16.9 oz. bottle- $32.95

I love this conditioner. It has a great smell and texture. It is one of LUSH’s middle ground conditioners (between watery and very thick).

For me, it was a great purchase. Even though both of the products are in the 30-40 dollar range, it is well worth it! I suggest getting your favorite LUSH hair products in the large container from LUSH!

Tata for now!


LUSH Review – R&B

Another LUSH review for the books. This post I will be reviewing the LUSH’s “hair finisher,” R&B. This was one of my first products I tried from LUSH’s hair line. I was looking for a leave in conditioner which would seriously hydrate and rejuvenate my hair. I thought R&B was it.

Here are some images of the product pot:



As you can tell, R&B is a hair moisturizer to revive and balance to develop “sexy tresses.” The picture to the left describes all of R&B ingredients. The featured ingredient in this product is cupuacu butter. The cupuacu tree is a tropical tree native to many different parts of the Amazon rainforest. This tree is very similar to the coca tree, which coco butter is made from.

Positive product aspects:

  • The smell is phenomenal (it reminds me of a tropical paradise).
  • Easy to use, easy to put in hair, easy to brush out.

Negative product aspects:

  • Can leave hair really oily the next day.
  • Thick residue left over in hair.

Overall, I like this LUSH product but I do not think it is a must need for me. I have barely used this whole pot and have had it for a while now. But, I do not think I enjoy it that much because my hair is oily and hydrated to begin with. I think that this product is made for people with dry, curly hair. I am curious to know if anyone else has used this product and your comments/feelings about it!

As always, thank you Kokeb for making this product!! (you can tell that I have had this pot for a while because the compounder sticker is old school)!



Sorry that I did not post a daily review yesterday, I am in Vermont skiing for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Gobble gobble everyone!