LUSH Announces Retired Products

It is that sad time yet again… last night while scrolling through Facebook, I noticed that LUSH announced some products they will retire at the end of this year 😦 It is always never a good thing to see some beloved favorites go. On a positive note, they will probably come out with some new interesting, timely products!

Here is a list of all the “oldies:”

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.33.31 PM


The products I have tried from this list are:

  • A Million Kisses Lip Tint
  • Almond and Coconut Smoothie
  • Coconut Deodorant Powder
  • Demon In The Dark Soap
  • The Enchanter Bath Bomb
  • Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb
  • Golden Slumber Bath Bomb
  • Ma Bar Bubble Bar

I absolutely love some of these products and am a little disappointed they are being discontinued. I will for sure be stocking up on the Ma Bar Bubble Bar, Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie and Golden Slumber Bath Bombs.

Here is a picture of all the retiring products from LUSH Facebook’s page:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.33.40 PM


Do not get to sad! This means some new favorites will be added to the collections in store! Or maybe LUSH has come out with a completely different bath invention.

I am curious to know what y’all think about these farewell products. Also, has anyone gotten the new LUSH App?! Really want to know how everyone likes it.

Tata for now!


Since it seems a lot of my followers love haul posts, here are some recent LUSH purchases this past month.

I decided to splurge and take a chance to try some of the Retro products. The Retro and non- Retro products that I purchased included…

  • Rose Jam shower gel (now a part of the Christmas collection)
  • Ibiza Party hair shampoo
  • Gumback Express shower smoothie
  • In The Nude bath melt
  • Schnuggle body butter
  • Let The Good Times Roll (non-retro, can get in stores)
  • sample- Sea Vegetable soap



I have tried all of the products. My favorite and most used would be the Rose Jam shower gel (smells exactly like the Rose Jam bubble bar) and the Schnuggle body butter.  Schnuggle is phenomenal because it is used outside of the shower and since I am not a huge lotion fan, I use it almost daily. It is similar to other body butter or massage bars but the nice thing about Schnuggle is that it leaves your skin moist but not sticky like other lotions do.

Ibiza Party is also a pretty good shampoo. Originally, I purchased it because LUSH claimed it “helps with de-tangeling” (which is totally false). But another reason I purchased it is because it helps with dry scalp and is a great combination to the scalp treatment from LUSH, Superbalm.

Gumback Express is an interesting product. it drew me in because I am a lover of almond and banana items, which are the main two ingredients in this one of a kind shower smoothie. Even though the smell is a tad bit funky, I enjoy using this at least once a week to exfoliate. The almond chunks really do the job well.

Let The Good Times Roll is one of my all time favorite products from LUSH because it smells phenomenal and the holiday season is quickly approaching. I highly recommend this facial cleanser for anyone who loves sweet smells (or likes eating graham crackers). It is not harsh on the skin so I believe that it will work nicely for all skin types.

For information about In The Nude– visit my bog bellow “In The Nude Bath Trio”

To learn more about each product visit:

Tata for now! If you have any questions for me or want to know any more about the products I did not go into detail with, comment below! 🙂