Retro Blindness – LUSH Hair Products

Do you know what the LUSH Retro Collection is? It is a range of retired products that debut for a short period of time online. They range from shower smoothies to soap. You cannot smell them before hand. You cannot feel them before hand. You order the product based on reviews, ingredients, and the obvious. You go in blind.

Ibiza Party Shampoo & Superbalm Scalp Treatment:

Ibiza is a scalp soothing shampoo for all hair types. I normally go for hair care that helps my scalp since it is quite dry. This shampoo is also gentle, moisturizing, and aids with color protection (especially for blondes). I liked Ibiza, except my thick hair hated it. I got more tangles than normal. I heard that Superbalm partners well with Ibiza because they soothe and tame the scalp. Superbalm is infused with rose wax, lavender oil, chamomile blue oil, and rose absolute. Wax and oil are the primary components, which makes a slimy, gooey, oily mixture that takes a miracle to wash out. I am NOT a Superbalm fan. In fact, I do not think I will ever be.


Okra Conditioner:


Okra reminds me of gumbo (cajun soup) and fried okra (heaven on earth). I enjoy the smell and the unique texture of this strange vegetable. Okra revives damaged hair by softening strands, creating shine, and toning the scalp. It is best for hair that is REALLY damaged either by color treatments or heat (mine gets a bit fried from coloring). Now to the review – Okra smells terrible. The smell is incredibly strong with a major hint of vinegar. It burns. Conditioning is the last task this product does. It leaves hair dry and tangly. I would only recommend this product for people who need a major boost!

P.S. – Who do you think will win tonight’s #WorldCup matches? Greece and Columbia are my bets! Eos sure has some favorites!

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.10.14 PM


Banana Moon Soap

Attention All LUSHies – the Banana Moon Retro Soap review is here! Who loves bananas? This soap is packed with fresh bananas and works miracles on dry skin. Check out the review now and see if you’re bananas for this soap!


AROMA: This product screams bananas. There is nothing to it… just bananas! If you are not a banana fan, it takes a while to get used too.

DRY SKIN: LUSH claims this product is one of their most moisturizing soaps. It works wonders on people who suffer from dry skin. I have dry skin and have not noticed this soap helping it. I will use it more this week and comment below on the results!

EXFOLIATION: I was surprised when I started using this soap because it has some odd exfoliating feature. It does not mention on the LUSH website that it exfoliates. The soap has crushed black flakes in it! Banana Moon makes for a harsh exfoliation.

COMBO: Pair Banana Moon with Gumback Express to get the full banana experience! Gumback Express is a LUSH Retro Shower Smoothie. You can read my review here. After the shower or bath, rub your skin with Sympathy for the Skin to block in the moisture and add even more of a banana scent to your soft skin!

RETRO: This product is available in the LUSH Retro collection online. You cannot get Banana Moon in stores. If you are interested in this product, order it quick before they run out!

INGREDIENTS: Surprisingly, this LUSH soap is mainly composed of safe synthetics. The natural ingredients in Banana Moon are scarce. Some of the ingredients include fresh bananas, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, and organic yogurt. This product is not vegan.

I enjoy this soap because it is unique and very fruity from the other LUSH soaps. Oh, and how many times did I write banana in this post?!

LUSH Retro: Skin Sin

LUSH Retro is a collection of retired products that appear online for a few months. This collection ranges from massage bars to bath bombs! Every time I order LUSH online, I always get a goodie from the Retro collection. My recent Retro purchase was Skin Sin Hand and Body Lotion:



AROMA: I adore the smell of this product. At first, I was a bit skeptical to order a “whipped cherry cream,” but it does not smell like cherries at all! It actually reminds me of the herb, thyme. The aroma is simple, natural, green, and sweet!

CONSISTENCY: Skin Sin is pretty light and not too heavy. I am not a fan of lotions that feel sticky and gooey once applied. This is the perfect lotion to use after shaving because it is moisturizing, light, and smells phenomenal! It works wonders on dry skin.

RETRO: Like mentioned earlier, this is a Retro product. That means it is limited edition AND only available online. It is available in two sizes – 3.3 oz. and 16.9 oz. I got the 3.3 for $9.95 and it has lasted me quite a while! I suggest getting the smaller size to see if you like the product enough for a larger and more expensive bottle.

INGREDIENTS: Skin Sin has a good amount of natural ingredients and safe synthetics. Some of the natural ingredients are almond oil, fair trade cocoa butter, lavender oil, tangerine oil (featured product), and tagettes oil. This lotion is packed with natural oils! It is also vegan.

What is the latest LUSH Retro product you have tried?!

Gumback Express Shower Smoothie

How many of you LUSHies out there know a lot about the LUSH Retro collection?! Well it is only available online and is home to about a few dozen retired LUSH products! They are all pretty great! I like the collection because they have products that are out of the box and super unique. Like Gumback Express Shower Smoothie:



SMOOTHIE: A LUSH shower smoothie is a creamy body wash that is normally exfoliating. It is like a luxurious shower gel! I just rub Gumback all over my body and do not use a wash cloth!

AROMA: I was really excited to get this product because I love bananas and almonds! It smells a bit like banana but more like almonds! I liked the smell but it took me a while to get used to it! I would suggest it for anyone who is a fan of banana or nut smells.

MOISTURE: This is a super moisturizing shower product! It really works wonders on dry skin because it exfoliates and hydrates! Even though it works for my sensitive, dry skin, I think it really would be a great shower treat for all skin types!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this smoothie are bananas, apricot oil, almond oil, ground almond shells, orange blossom, honey and more! Wow… all of these ingredients together sound wonderful! Just like Gumback!

RETRO: Like I said in the first paragraph, this product is a part of the LUSH Retro collection which means that it is only online. Also, sometimes they are out of stock on some Retro products but they do get them back in stock fairly quickly!

Overall, I would suggest Gumback Express to any LUSH fanatic who adores taking long, luxurious showers! It really makes for a great lather, exfoliation, and hydration! Great for this long winter… we still have a foot of snow on the ground here in NY. Let me know if you have tried this LUSH shower smoothie or any of their other ones! I found a cool  post from LUSH describing the characteristics of a shower smoothie which you can find here! Check it out!

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

I decided to take a break from reviewing facial moisturizers! I just have one more left, Skin Drink! That will probably be my next post though. Today I wanted to venture to a LUSH shower jelly. Not gel everyone, a JELLY! Here are two pictures of my Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly clear pot:



TEXTURE: This shower jelly feels exactly like a jelly. It is very slippery, smooth and is a solid. I love the idea of this jelly since it is pretty unique and I have never seen any other beauty company create anything like it! I purchased the large 8.5 oz. pot and I have had it FOREVER!

AROMA: The reason why I bought such a large size of this jelly was for the smell. It is one of my all time favorite LUSH aromas! It smells very very sweet with a hint of cherries. For some reason, it reminds me of my childhood! I must of had a lip gloss that smelled similar to this!

USE: So many of you might be thinking how one would use this in a shower. Personally, I take out a decent chunk of the jelly and then blend it in my wash cloth. My sister uses it a completely different way. She takes the entire jelly out of the pot and then just spreads that on her body. I think I am way to chicken to do that afraid I will loose some of the product!  I have also heard of people putting this jelly in the freezer and then using it to cool off in the summer time! I will for sure need to check that out this summer.

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this jelly are cherry infusion, coconut infusion, cassis absolute, cypress oil and a lot more! The cherry and coconut smells are definitely the strongest.

FUN FACT: The shower jellies were introduced for LUSH’s 10th Anniversary in 2005. They have had a bunch around different times. The three available online right now are Whoosh, Sweetie Pie and a retro one, Party On. I have also seen some limited edition, retro ones come out around Halloween (I think one is called Ghost?). I found a great LUSH blog post that talks about this which you can find here.

Have you tried any of the LUSH shower jellies yet?! How do you use them?!

Valentine’s LUSH Haul

Can anyone guess what this post is going to consist of?! Well it will include a haul, LUSH and Valentine’s goodies! A LUSH Valentine’s Haul! I ordered my valentine stuff in the mail since none of the stores in the U.S. were carrying the products yet (they are now though).

So this is the goodie box that came in the mail:



I love the LUHS boxes. The tape is phenomenal and so personalized… it is great advertising for their Fighting Animal Testing campaign.

These are the products that were inside:



  • Back for Breakfast shower gel – this is actually a part of the LUSH Retro collection… every time I order something online from LUSH I try to get something from the Retro collection! I am super excited to use this in my shower!
  • The Kiss lip gloss – what an awesome lip product for Valentines Day! It is super creamy and has a shimmer in it.
  • Prince Charming shower gel – if you cannot tell by now… LUSH shower gels are my favorite! This is a great fruit scent to spruce up your Valentines Day!
  • Neon Love soap – I am also in love with LUSH soap… this is another addition to my soap collection! I like the smell of this one (very similar to Prince Charming).
  • Love Locket bath bomb – this is HUGE! It is almost bigger than my hand. I cannot wait to try this in my next bath! I will need to use a roller pin or something like that to break it in half! I want to see what is inside.

I have already tried a majority of these products.. so I will be attempting to get all the reviews up before they are sold out in stores! I also went to the LUSH Spa yesterday in NYC and had a BLAST! If you are in the NYC area or in the Northeast check out their Facebook page. It is a must experience for all LUSHies out there!

LUSH X-Mas Angel Bath Bomb

Hello all! So I think this is near the end of my LUSH holiday bath products… I think I have one more bath bomb and a few soaps left! Let me know if I have not yet reviewed anything that you would be interested in from the past holiday collection! I am sure that  have reviewed most of it below though. For todays holiday past time, I will be reviewing a LUSH Retro Holiday collection item. This is the X-Mas Angel bath bomb!

Here are product photos:




  • Very unique – this was an interesting product. It was a special edition and only available for a short period of time because it was in the Retro and Holiday LUSH collections.
  • Lasts a while – this product was fizzing in my bath the entire time… I was shocked how long it took to fizz out! I am not sure what this would be classified as because it had different qualities than bath bombs. For example, it took a while to fizz and did not necessarily change my bath water at all.


  • Too Minty – I did not enjoy how minty and fresh this product was. I used this in my bath in the evening hours… I think this product is definitely for a morning bath! But who takes baths in the morning… I sure do not! The smell was a bit medical-ish… it smells too minty for me.

Overall, I do not think I would repurchase this Retro/Holiday LUSH product… It was a little off for me. I did not enjoy the aroma but did like how long it lasted in my tub! Also, I used a pink heel bath bead in the tub which made my water super moisturizing and hydrating! I like these because the whole thing melts in the tub leaving nothing behind. I will do a post all about the different bath beads I have.

Guess what?!?! Tomorrow I will be going to the LUSH Spa in NYC at the Lexington location…. I am SUPER EXCITED! I will be taking lots of pictures and probably will have another haul! Do any of y’all want to guess what treatment I will be getting?!


LUSH Soap Collection

So I decided to start the day off with a fun blog post about my array of LUSH Soap! I have a lot of different LUSH soaps that I use in my bath tub. I am not a huge fan of using them in the shower. Here is my current collection (minus two new soaps I purchased):


  • Snow Globe Soap – this is a great lemon/citrus scent! I just reviewed this one in a post below which you can find here.
  • Sultana of Soap – this is my FAVORITE LUSH soap… I cannot get enough of it. I have also reviewed this soap which you can find here.
  • Karma Soap – this is a very powerful soap because the smell is super strong. I have not yet reviewed this soap but will soon!
  • Angel’s Delight Soap – I love this LUSH holiday soap. I will review this product very very soon!
  • Banana Moon Soap – this is a part of the LUSH Retro collection. I have not yet tried this soap but am excited because I am an insane banana lover!
  • Honey I Washed The Kids Soap – I have not tried this soap yet… but it is a fan favorite from LUSH! It smells very similar to the It’s Raining Men shower gel. 
  • Orange Jelly Soap – this is another soap from the LUSH holiday collection. I have already reviewed this soap which you can find here.
  • Putty For Your Hands Soap – this was a unique purchase for me. I have been using it a lot more because of the dry winter. Will be reviewing this soon!
  • Sexy Peel Soap – I have been using this soap for a while now.. that is why it is a lot smaller than the other! I have not yet reviewed this soap but it is a super exfoliator.
  • Mr. Punch Soap – this is again another soap from the LUSH holiday collection. I really enjoy using this soap! Will review very very soon.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my soaps from LUSH! I switch them out in my tub every week to try a new one! LUSH soaps last a long long long time. So they are a great investment. I have added three new additions to my soap collection. These are the Porridge Soap, Figs and Leaves Soap and the Neon Love Soap from the LUSH valentines collection.

I will be posting my Valentines LUSH haul very soon! Let me know what soaps you have been using this year from LUSH!

LUSH Coolaulin Conditioner Review

Hello all! So today I wanted to review something that I used in my shower last night and fell in love with!!! It is the LUSH Retro Coolaulin conditioner. I had mixed feelings about trying this product but was so excited that it was basically advertised as a coconut conditioner!

Here are images of my product:




  • Great smell – If you are a fan of coconut or LUSH’s Coconut deodorant, you would love this conditioner because it smells exactly like those! That was a major positive aspect of the product because it made your shower smell like a palm tree and your hair also smells great for a while!
  • Great results – I also loved how clean this conditioner made my hair. When I woke up this morning my hair was so clean and perfectly, naturally curled! It also still has a hint of coconut smell in it!


  • Too tangly – The only really negative about this conditioner is that it made my hair extremely ratted when I got out of the shower. I even sprayed de-tangler on my and it was a painful 5 minutes to brush out!

Overall, I really really enjoyed this hair product from LUSH. It is a great tropical conditioner for naturally wavy hair. My only main comment and concern is that the conditioner is a bit watery and it was hard to brush out my hair after use. I highly suggest this LUSH Retro product for anyone who wants to venture beyond all the popular LUSH store products! Let me know if you have tried any Retro products from LUSH and how you like them!

Sugar Plum Fairy LUSH Review

Hello all! So this product that I am about to review is from the Retro collection on LUSH online. Also, it was just a holiday addition. So it is not available anymore. I am sure that it will be out again next year. I also think this product was extremely similar to the Sugar Scrub body exfoliator available in store and online year around.

Here are some product images of the Sugar Plum Fair scrub:




  • Very abrasive – this is a lovely exfoliator. It really does the job. It is abrasive because it is primarily made of sugar.
  • Great aroma – the smell of this one is great. I think that it differs a bit from Sugar Scrub because it is a bit sweeter. The smell is very similar to snow fairy. I think that there is actually a sugar plum scent LUSH makes that is in this sugar scrub.


  • One time use – the downside of this exfoliator is that it can only be used really once. After it is introduced to water, it starts melting very very quickly. A way to avoid this would be to wet it and then put it in a container and use it sparingly.

Overall, I really enjoy getting a sugar scrub from LUSH now and then. It is a wonderful treat for your skin! Like I said above, this one was in the Retro Holiday collection. But you can purchase the original Sugar Scrub bar at:,en_US,pd.html#q=sugar%2520scrub&start=2