Chocolate Delight: Whipstick Lip Balm

I recently got a request from The Beauty Deputy to review one of the LUSH lip balms called Chocolate Whipstick. If you are a chocolate fan… this product is for you! LUSH has four year-round lip balms: Honey Trap, Lip Service, Whipstick, and None of your Beeswax.



SMELL: I love the smell of this lip balm. It has an orange-chocolate scent that reminds me of chocolate truffles! In fact, the smell makes you hungry for chocolate! It is that strong. Like I mentioned earlier, if you are not a chocolate fan, this LUSH lip balm is not for you.

TEXTURE: Whipstick is a bit more difficult to apply than the other lip balms. You have to dig your finger in the balm to get a substantial amount for application! Once the lip balm is broken in longer, I think the application process will get easier.

MOISTURE: Whipstick is the thickest lip balm from LUSH (hence, the thick texture). It works wonders for lips that are chapped, dry, irritated and cracked! This lip balm is a must for the dry winter months!

COLOR: As you can tell from the picture, this lip product is brown! It is not the usual cream colored balm. The color does not transfer to your lips unless you apply an abundant amount. Normally, your lips stay the same color with a bit of a tan glow.

INGREDIENTS: This product is packed with only natural ingredients. There are no safe synthetics. Some of these ingredients are fair trade shea butter, dark chocolate, almond oil, sweet orange oil, vanilla absolute, and much more! This product is not vegan since it contains beeswax. I also believe LUSH just updated their formula making Whipstick smell stronger.

Have you tried this chocolate lip balm?!

The Best Treat for Your Lips – Honey Trap

How is everyones Monday going? Mine is alright… but a bit dreary! Although, I did go out to lunch with my friend and did a little shopping! That always brightens up ones day! I also am looking forward to trying my last LUSH Easter product in my bath tonight! Be on the look out for those posts! Anyways, I have been meaning to do a review on one of my most used LUSH products, Honey Trap Lip Balm:


TEXTURE: This lip balm is incredibly moisturizing… I cannot imagine using any other lip product daily! I keep my container of this on my desk and at least put it on every 30 minutes. It is not sticky at all and great for parched, chapped lips.

NOT STICKY: Another plus about this lip balm is that it is NOT sticky! Let me repeat, NOT sticky! Since you have to use your finger to apply the product, it is important to note the consistency of the balm. It is very easy to rub in your fingers after you apply it.

AROMA: The smell of this LUSH product is mellow yet filled with a sweet, intriguing scent. The balm is packed with honey, sweet orange, and peppermint. It also does not taste terrible if you get a little of it in your mouth!

INGREDIENTS: This LUSH product is preservative free. The ingredients that make this lip balm a popular seller are: fair trade shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, extra virgin organic olive oil, dry whole milk, and so much more.

Have you tried this LUSH lip balm?! It is one of their most popular ones. Also, check out this old social media post with a picture of the LUSH Kitchen filling in some lip product pots: