LUSH Oxford St. Revealed

Yes, it is true! I went to LUSH Oxford St. in London and basked in all its glory – a three floor LUSH filled with over 200 exclusive products and about 100 employees! I was speechless (no wonder I am having a tough time writing this post). My mother played photographer, while I journeyed around from station to station identifying all the exclusive goods! New face masks, hand creams, bath bombs, lotions, soaps, makeup, lip balm, and more… It was hard not to purchase them all! I went in thinking I would walk away with 5 products, instead, 14!!!

Scroll through this album for an inside look at LUSH Oxford!

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LUSH Spa Gift Set

Did you know that LUSH Cosmetics has a spa? A unique experience where sound, aroma, and emotion intertwine to stimulate a NEW you! I have been to the LUSH Spa only once on Lexington Ave. in New York City (see blog post here) and had The Comforter? treatment. This hour long massage included a hot chocolate body scrub following a rose-oil massage. This combination was phenomenal and greatly improved my dry, winter skin.

Lush Spa Gift LUSH just came out with a Spa Gift Set this year, which was featured in the Spring 2015 catalog. (email me if you want one, I have a thousand) This set includes six products, four of these are exclusive creations featured only in LUSH Spa treatments. A set of postcards that relate to each Spa treatment also comes with this set – an awesome surprise! Learn more about these Spa products:

  • Dreamtime Temple Balm (Spa Exclusive – can purchase at Spa locations): Dream Cream, Dream Time, and Dream Wash, Dream Toner Tab – if you adore these LUSH products you will LOVE this Temple Balm with soothing combinations of rich oils and jasmine absolute. Once cuddled up in bed, I like to apply this balm to my temples, lips, and any other area that needs some extra TLC. You can also purchase Temple Balm in the Whoosh scent.
  • Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb (Spa Exclusive): This bath bomb has made appearances in the LUSH Kitchen and other exclusive locations. With a strong lavender and chamomile scent, this bomb is perfect for a late night bath to relax your muscles and prepare you for a true ‘golden slumber.’ I just used this product and was not overjoyed. The shimmer was minimal and the scent was very, very STRONG! What do you think about Golden Slumbers?
  • Stepping Stone Foot Scrub: Have you done a LUSH foot treatment yet? Start out by using this Stone to exfoliate feet. Like Pop-Rocks, this green product fizzles on your feet while releasing hints of the ocean with citrus hues. Use Volcano Foot Mask and Feeling Feet Lotion afterwards for a full pedicure.
  • The Comforter? Body Scrub (Spa Exclusive): The main reason why I bought this kit! I loved, adored, and cherished my skin after getting The Comforter? This Body Scrub is very, very moisturizing! It is a hybrid between a massage bar and a exfoliating soap, since it hydrates to the max and exfoliates impurities.
  • Therapy Massage Bar: Hints of orange and lavender that act like a revitalizing therapy for your skin – and nose too! I have not tried Therapy yet (for some reason, it takes me decades to finish massage bars).
  • Energized Bubble Stone (Spa Exclusive): Attention LUSHies! Have you seen a Bubble Stone before? This cool invention is a bubble bar in a rock form. Just place under the faucet for a few minutes for calming bubbles. I added this to Golden Slumbers and slept like a baby!

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This is a great Gift Set for LUSHies who have tried most LUSH products available year-round in store because of the product exclusiveness! Who can resist an at home spa day using cruelty free, all natural, environmentally friendly products? I sure can’t!

LUSH Packing Methods

It is no secret that I love, love days where I get a LUSH package in the mail! It makes me so happy! Even my cat loves to rub against the box all day. LUSH packs their boxes with packing peanuts which are supposedly edible, water soluble, and biodegradable! So they are safe to eat… I guess? Well, I hope so because I tested this theory out! The packing peanuts actually are not to bad. I wouldn’t grab a handful and eat them for a snack but they taste like kettle corn and smell like popcorn! These peanuts are used to protect the products throughout shipment and are biofoam/envirofill packing peanuts that are 100% biodegradable.


LUSH also has a few other enviornmentaly-friendly features from their packing:

  • Recyclable packing tape: this tape is tamper proof and stronger than most other package tapes. Plus, who doesn’t love all of the LUSH symbols and messages on the tape?:



  • Cardboard box made from recyclable materials and wood excelsior. Wood excelsior is 100% biodegradable. I also love all of the messages LUSH puts on the inside of their box to promote a different ways to recycle product containers:


  • TPDA biodegradable plastic bags: LUSH uses these bags to protect bath products during shipping. In fact, I have to say that they do protect the products well by keeping all of the fallouts in the same bag. These bags degrade in 18 months rather than 25 years like normal bags.
  • LUSH gifts are wrapped with recycled paper.

Overall, I believe LUSH is doing a great job ensuring that their packing materials are as environmentally friendly as possible. What do y’all think?

What is in my LUSH DIY box?!

Hello all! So I recently just posted about the LUSH craft I completed a while ago. It is a LUSH DIY mod-podge box! And I am absolutely in love with it… I promised in the bottom of that post that I would show you what I keep in that box! This is going to be a blog post about my admiration for the designs, layouts, and groovy packaging LUSH has. First though, I keep all of my LUSH keepsakes in my box! Here is a picture inside my LUSH DIY craft:


I have a bunch of stuff in here. Some of the goodies include:

  • LUSH product bags: I love collecting these… I at least have over 50 – some of the different designs are pictured below.I also keep some of the soap wrapping they use to protect the soap! I think the paper is awesome and I try to reuse it!



  • LUSH gift tags: Have you ever gotten a LUSH gift? They come with adorable mini catalogs and beautiful tags! I seriously adore the designs on these catalogs. Here are some of my favorite layouts:


  • LUSH catalogs:  I know I have more than 3 in this box! All from different seasons.
  • LUSH knot wrap:  my mom got me an adorable, limited edition LUSH knot wrap! I love it! That is also pictured below.


  • LUSH bath bomb leftovers: A lot of the LUSH bath products have flowers or paper in them. I like to dry some of the whole flowers out (the picture of the flowers below are from the Rose Queen Bath Bomb) and keep some of the Boom! and Bang! papers from the Blackberry and Fizzbanger bath bomb! They are just to good and LUSH like to throw away.


  • LUSH pamphlets:  I also have a whole bunch of LUSH part brochures, cards, and postcards in here.. I cannot get enough of them! I enjoy looking at the design. I am a true paper hoarder!

Do you have a stash somewhere of LUSH goodies?!?! Or am I the only one who wants to keep every little thing and cherish them from my LUSH products?! Share with me your LUSH obsessions below!

LUSH Valentine’s Gifts

Hello all! Second post today… this is pretty good for me since school started! I am just procrastinating.. trying to ignore the amount of homework I have this weekend! So I wanted to do a post about the three Valentine’s Gifts LUSH came out with.

Gift #1 – Toucan Love: This is the cheapest Valentine’s gift ($16.95). I love the name of this! Toucan Love…. I wanted to get it just for the beautiful, recycled paper! This gift has two items in it:

  1. Neon Love Soap
  2. Close To You Massage Bar

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.29.06 PM


Gift #2 – Neon Love: This is the middle-ground LUSH gift priced at $39.95. This one has a lot of goodies in it! Some of the products are available year round and not part of the Valentine’s collection. There are five products in this gift:

  1. Neon Love Soap
  2. Red Fun
  3. Turkish Delight Body Lotion
  4. Bubble Gum Lip Scrub
  5. From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Massage Bar

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.29.13 PM


Gift #3 – Lots of Love: This is the JUMBO LUSH gift priced at $52.95. Like the gift above, this one includes products that are not from the Valentine’s collection. This gift has seven items in it:

  1. Neon Love Soap
  2. Prince Charming Shower Gel
  3. Sex Bomb
  4. Rose Jam Bubbleroon
  5. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner
  6. Close To You Massage Bar
  7. Chou Chou… I Love You Toothy Tabs

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.29.19 PM


All of the LUSH Valentine’s gifts and the Neon Love Soap are based on the Public Art Project: 12 Months of Neon Love. Of course LUSH would find an awesome blog that has a great character to it! Check out the link above to learn more about 12 Months of Neon Love!

Here is a post from the LUSH Facebook page about their new gifts that links to the LUSH Valentine’s section:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 7.16.40 PM


Have you gotten any of these gifts for someone special?!