Light LUSH Facial Moisturizers

Hello all! Another busy day here trying to get my room all together plus an abundant about of homework! Today, I wanted to talk about two of my favorite LUSH facial moisturizers. These two are both super light and really, really work wonders! Here is the first moisturizer, Vanishing Cream:



This is LUSH’s super light moisturizer for oily and combination skin types. I have pretty dry skin and this moisturizer does a great job eliminating oil from my t-zones. It does not irritate my dry skin at all. This is about my fourth pot of this stuff… It is my favorite moisturizer for the summer! Here are the fresh ingredients in this product: witch hazel, lavender and grape seed oil! I am sure there is a lot more in this cream but these are the main/featured ingredients. The smell is also very mellow compared to other LUSH moisturizers.

Here is the second light moisturizer from LUSH, Celestial:



Unlike Vanishing Cream, this one is made for dry, sensitive skin types. I really like using this moisturizer. This is my first pot of this facial cream so I am not sure how well the long term effects are. Although, I really enjoy how light and airy this feels once you put it on! It is really a great daily moisturizer. Here are some of the featured ingredients in this product: vanilla water, almond milk and orchid extract! This moisturizer does not have a super strong smell at all. It smells like how it feels!

Have you tried any of these moisturizers?! What is your favorite summer cream?! As you can probably tell, I am so ready for summer and done with this snowy/freezing weather!

Breath of Fresh Air Toner

To continue with the cleanser theme… I wanted to review the Breath of Fresh Air toner from LUSH! This is a great toner… I think LUSH has three different toners one can choose from. These are Tea Tree toner, Breath of Fresh Air and Eau Roma Water toner. I have been using my toner for quite a while now and just purchased the Eau Roma Water (you will see it in a haul coming up!) Here is the lovely Breath of Fresh Air:



SKIN TYPE: This is a fantastic toner for all skin types. It does help with damaged skin though… I like using this in the winter because it helps to refresh and rehydrate my super dry skin!

SMELL: I love the aroma of this toner. It is very light and airy. To me, it smells like rose water with a hint of salt! I think LUSH actually says that it is a seaweed and rose water mixture!

FEEL: I love how light this is on the skin. It is not chemical-y at all but rather super light and fresh. It actually really hydrates your face! You can feel that immediately once it is sprayed.

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this toner are aloe vera gel, spring water, fresh sea water, rose absolute, patchouli oil and much more! This is basically the perfect seawater toner! The aloe vera helps with damaged skin such as dryness, cuts, etc.

USAGE: I have had this toner FOREVER. This was actually one of my first facial LUSH products. I did not use it a lot but recently I have used it almost daily! It is very refreshing. Remember, a little goes a long way like with most LUSH products!

Overall, I would recommend this toner to anyone who deals with damaged skin or anyone who loves the sea! It is a great refreshing toner which helps to balance the skin with the aloe vera gel and seawater.

P.S. – I am curious to try Herbalism! I have never used it or even sampled it before! What do y’all think about it? Does anyone use it?!

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.23.16 PM

Full Of Grace

Hallo all! To continue with the cleansers/face products, I wanted to do a product review for the Full of Grace serum bar! I love this thing… Mine lasts a while because I only use it before a mask. It really hydrates and sets the skin for any type of mask. Here is my bar:



SKIN TYPE: This product is super gentle and comforting. I think it would go well with any skin type since it does nothing but moisturize! I have dry and sensitive skin. Full of Grace works miracles on me! 

SMELL: This product also has a pretty soft smell. To me, it has a soft lavender smell that has a floral perfume punch to it! I think LUSH says that this product has many butters, chamomile and mushroom! But it is a lovely sweet smell. Nothing to over powering at all! 

TEXTURE: This serum works exactly like a massage bar. You just rub it on your face or hands and then it melts down and turns into an oily texture. Full of Grace is nice because it is no to oily at all! You can feel it on your skin after you use it though! It is light and very moisturizing. 

FRESH INGREDIENTS: Like every LUSH product, Full or Grace has many many fresh ingredients. There are murumuru butter, chamomile blue oil, organic almond oil, fresh portobello mushrooms, fresh rose infusion and so much more! The ingredient list for this product is jam packed with lots and lots of amazing butters and oils. 

NO PACKAGING: I also love how this bar has zero packaging like some LUSH products. It is wonderful to just pull this out from my cabinet and start using it immediately! Also, less waste the better! Full of Grace is also preservative free and Vegan! Two pluses! 

I suggest this serum for anyone who uses any type of face mask often! It helps moisturize your skin while the mask is on and prevents it from dehydration! This serum bar is available all year round from LUSH online and in stores. Have you tried Full or Grace?!