Grease Lightning Spot Treatment

Sorry that I have not been posting a lot lately! This was a super busy week for me… I had a few exams, conferences and now I am moving rooms! What a wonderful weekend it will be… moving, blogging and finishing up homework! So since I have been a bit stressed I have started to break out in my T zone areas! When this happens, I reach for my favorite spot treatment, Grease Lightning from LUSH:



EFFECTIVE: This spot treatment is great… I love love LOVE it! I actually use this about every other day. I have really dry red skinned cheeks which need a little pick me up! This is the greatest product because it eliminates redness and calms down my skin tremendously! It is also great for problem, acne areas.

GREAT AROMA: I love the smell of this soothing cleanser. It smells like a fresh herb garden… in fact, I think that the feature ingredient is thyme.

CLEAR GEL: this spot treatment is a clear gel like consistency! I just use a pink and then rub it on the trouble areas. Remember – a little goes a long long way! I have had this bottle for about two years.

FRESH INGREDIENTS: Like every review… I always list the fresh ingredients in this product! One of the LUSH motto’s is to use fresh, clean ingredients. Here are the ones mixed in Grease Lightning: thyme, rosemary infusion, tea tree infusion, organic aloe vera extract, sea water, grape juice and so much more!

Overall, I highly suggest this spot treatment for all skin types. Like I said above, I use this for irritated dry skin! It works wonders. Have you tried this LUSH product yet?!

When my cat Jet starts to “break out” he likes to hide in shopping bags ;)!


Make-Up Remover Cleanser Products from LUSH

Hello all! To continue with the beautiful “Fresh Cleansers for Beautiful Bodies” era at LUSH… I thought it would only fit to do a duo review on two of my favorite make-up remover products from them! The two I am going to talk about are 9 To 5 and then Ultrabland! These are both considered cleansers at LUSH but for me… they are more make-up removers than my daily cleanse! Lets get started! Here is 9 To 5:


This is a very creamy cleanser! I put mine on a cotton pad and then rub it over my eyes and the rest of my face! It does a PHENOMENAL job removing all make up pieces… even the sometimes hard to get liner areas! This is the only liquid cleanser LUSH sells. Originally, it was called “Orchid Oil Cleanser” because the ingredients in it are fresh dove orchid extract, almond oil and flower absolute! It is the perfect product to end a rough, long day because it soothes the skin and removes any grit! I suggest this for anyone who is a fan of liquid, oil cleansers! It is a must for me! And like most LUSH products, a little goes a LOOOOONG way!

Here is the other make-up remover cleanser, Ultrabland:


I have had this product FOREVER. This one definitely goes a long way! I do not use this one as much as I use 9 To 5 because I am not the biggest fan of how oily it feels on my face. But… it is a huge cult product from LUSH! Many people love it… I guess you have to have the taste for it! The ingredients in this cleanser are many essential oils, iris flower extract, honey and beeswax. I think it is like 20% rose oil! So yes, this contributes to all the “oily-ness.” It can be used as a cleanser or a make up remover – I use mine as a make up remover about once a week! I have heard of people doing the “Ultraband Cleanse” which means that they just use this product on their face for a few months! It supposedly works miracles for acne prone skin!

Have you tried any of these two make-up remover/cleansers?! Share your thoughts below in the comments! Ohh and here was my balcony a few days ago… and now it even has more snow on it! Stay safe this winter y’all!