Easter at LUSH

LUSH Easter 2015

The LUSH Easter 2015 collection is very festive with a mixture of old favorites and NEW inventions! Once this collection was online, I immediately ordered these products:

  • Pot O’ Gold Shower Jelly – a soothing and cleansing jelly! I am not a huge fan of shower jellies, but knew I had to try this one for its gold hue! Have you tried this jelly yet? What do you think?
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow Soap – an insanely beautiful and vibrant rainbow! Uplifting scents and colors make this product the perfect pick me up. Have you seen this soap in store? Check out the entire rainbow now!
  • Bubblegrub Bubble Bar – sweet as can be! I just used this product and adored the sweet scents, orange tones, and bubbles! The only downfall… melted white chocolate eyes stuck to the bottom of my tub.
  • Ultraviolet Bubble Bar – a bubble bar the size of The Comforter! Cool shades of purple, blue, and green are mixed together with hints of violet and jasmine. I have not used this bubble bar yet, but look forward to violet bubbles to go along with my Violet Nights bath oil (a Cosmetics-To-Go classic).
  • Golden Egg Bath Bomb – a hybrid bath bomb and bath melt. This toffee scented creation is super, super sweet! It feels like you are taking a bath in liquid gold… with bio-degradable glitter and olive oil floating around. The only downfall about this returning product is the overwhelming amount of glitter. Your bath tub will be covered in gold for days!
  • Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb – my FAVORITE! I love Fluffy Egg! This candy bath with a pink hue is an incredible soak. The sweet scent also lingers on your skin for hours! Is this bath bomb also one of your favorites?
  • The Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb – a 3 in 1 bath bomb! Eggception is a returning bomb that comes in yellow and pink. I love this bath as it is very festive with a mini surprise in the middle!
  • Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb – a fresh #spring bath! Earthy and minty tones make this bath bomb a perfect product to refresh your senses. Pop rocks are imbedded in this bunny to further create a relaxing environment of popping bubbles.

Bath Tray – You Can Do It!

Bath Tray

Do you like to read, work on your computer, or watch Netflix in the bath? I sure do! This handmade bath tray changed my life (Literally). I can finally relax and enjoy my bath! I do not have to tire out my arms by holding a book out of the water for 45 minutes or watch Netflix from across the bathroom and have to wear my foggy glasses.

I got this idea from Pinterest (who does not get ideas from there?). Measure two pieces of wood to fit the width of your bath tub, put them together, and then paint… Super easy! What is on my bath tray you might ask?

  • The Mum Reusable Bubble Bar – I purchased this honey-toffee bubble bar from last years Mother’s Day Collection at LUSH Cosmetics. Discover Bunch of Carrots for a similar experience from the Easter 2015 Collection.
  • Plumeria Bath Salts – a little Plumeria never hurt no one! Want more tropical flower scents in your mainland life? Check out KopaKauai handmade soaps on Etsy! I purchased the Sea Salt Soap in Plumeria (of course). I enjoy using it in the morning to wake me up and put a smile on my face!
  • Abra Bath Salts in Sleep Therapy – the perfect touch to a night time bath!
  • Hugo Bath Salts – The bath salts in the brown bag and the paper bag are from Hugo! These salts are all natural, have great scents, and sure creates a soothing bath!
  • Tidy Thyme Santa’s Breath Soy Candle – This mint chocolate soy candle is scrumptious! Even though it is a holiday item, all year-round it will sweeten your bathroom! Tidy Thyme also has great plant based cleaning products!

Rose Explosion + Bath Friends

Rose bath products are always very popular. LUSH makes quite a few. They have Rose Jam and Rose Queen! These bath products are loaded with rose petals, rose oils, and rose absolute! I will be reviewing the Rose Queen bath bomb for this post!



AROMA: Once Rose Queen has dissolved, the bath water is very floral and rose-y. The smell is similar to having over a dozen roses blooming throughout your house. It is STRONG! If you are not a rose or floral fan, do not get this bath bomb. I am a fan of rose, so I love this bath bomb! My mom is also a floral freak and adores this bath.

SIZE: Rose Queen is a small bath bomb compared to most of the other ones LUSH creates. This probably has to do with the strong, overwhelming rose smell. There is not enough product to turn your bath water any significant color besides a very light pink.

DEBRIS: As you can see in the picture on the bottom right, this bath bomb has a collection of flowers in the middle of it! I enjoy little surprises like this in my bath. But a surprise, means lots of debris. Rose Queen especially had a lot of petals and flower parts floating around.

INGREDIENTS: Rose Queen is composed of rose absolute, golden needle lily petals (picture), amaranth flowers, apple blossom, blue mallow flowers, and larkspur flowers. The ingredients show how floral this bath bomb is in the tub! SUPER FLORAL! This product also has a few safe synthetics and it is vegan.

Overall, I suggest Rose Queen for only the LUSHies or bath lovers who have a desire to soak in petals and breath in roses! It does make for a nice Summer and Spring bath.

I am not a huge rubber duck fan, but I do have two little ducks that I put in my tub sometimes. I am a HUGE cat fan. So these ducks are perfect 😉 !



Blackberry Bath Bomb – The LUSH Original

So far, I am having a great trip in Houston! It has been sunny and humid, which is perfect for my dry winter skin! I have been basking in the sun trying to get as much Vitamin D as possible before I go back to the dry New York winter (hopefully it is more like spring when I go back)! Today, I wanted to do a review on one of my favorite LUSH bath bombs, Blackberry! Here are some images of the Blackberry in action:



AROMA: This bath bomb smells great. It is fruity with a hint of blackberries (obviously). I also like the smell of this bath because it is relaxing and uplifting! I suggest this bath bomb for anyone who loves fruit scents or one who also needs a positive outlook. Like LUSH says, “it brings you back to earth when things get hectic.”

BATH WATER: This product turns your bath water a light to deep purple! It does not have any colors in the middle of the bomb. Although, I noticed that my purple water had a little bit of luster in it! Another plus of this bath bomb is that it does not have any debris that you might have to clean out of the tub!

SECRET MESSAGE: The center of this bath ballistic holds a secret note that you will find once the entire product has disintegrated. Can anyone guess what this message says?! (the picture is on the bottom of the post). I enjoy having a message in the product… it adds a unique touch! It is not everyday you pull out a tiny piece of paper from your tub that is sturdy! Although, I think it would be great is each bath bomb had a different message… then I think it would be personal!

THE ORIGINAL: This bath bomb is actually the original bath ballistic from LUSH! It was developed in 1989 by Mo Constantine in her laboratory in the Cosmetics-To-Go era. The LUSH book, Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go actually mentions this product a few times!

INGREDIENTS: This is a vegan product that means that it does not contain anything from an animal. The fresh ingredients in this product are: bergamot oil, citric acid, frankincense oil, and a few more items!

Overall, this is a great bath bomb to start out with because it is simple and of course, the original! What do you think of this product?


LUSH Bath Product Storage + Bubble Bar Reviews

Hello all! It is a gloomy day here in New York… I am excited though because I will be going to Houston, TX for a week on Saturday! I am excited to be in the 70 degree weather with unlimited sunshine! Today, I wanted to show y’all how I store my LUSH bath products and do two reviews over some of my latest bubble bar purchases. Here is my bath box:



I got this container from Target. I like how it is sealed so the products can stay fresh. I also normally just leave them in their normal LUSH bags. But, I do put the large bubble bars like the Comforter in a plastic bag. I am surprised at how much can fit in this container… I think I use bath products so much since I take baths about every other day! I really love this set up and the box fits perfectly on a shelf in my bathroom. How do you organize your bath products?

For the first bubble bar review, I want to talk about A French Kiss:



This is actually a half of this bubble bar! I like to split this one up and use it in my baths to add a bit of lavender. Yes, LAVENDER! That is what this LUSH product smells like! Lavender goodness. The ingredients in this product are – rosemary oil, cream of tartar, extra virgin coconut oil, and of course, lavender oil! This bath bomb also creates lots of bubbles! I would suggest this product for anyone who loves to take baths in the evening or someone who takes baths for relaxation purposes.

The next bubble bar I have to review is the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar:



This is a really fun bubble bar because it is super sweet! Honestly, it smells like candy! I really enjoy taking a bath with this bubble bar when I need an uplifting! The products in this bubble bar that make it super sweet are – vanilla absolute, cream of tartar, almond oil and a cute, different colored candy flower on top! I suggest this bath for anyone who loves sweet aromas and also loves to relax in bubbles!

Have you tried any of these bubble bars yet?! Both of these are available year round in LUSH stores and online!


Love Locket Bath Bomb

How many of you are LUSH bath fans? After a long day out galloping through the snow or whatever you do in these frigid months, a LUSH bath is key at the end of the day. LUSH’s Valentine’s limited edition bath bomb, Love Locket, makes for a perfect bath! It is so big it splits up into three separate baths! I used the whole thing at once since my tub is huge:




HUGE BATH BOMB: this is probably the biggest bath bomb I have ever used from LUSH… it was bigger than my hand! The bath bomb is made to break into three separate parts so you can use it three times. I used all mine at once since my bath tub is pretty large! It was super easy to break… no need to bring out the rolling pin! I think the price for this ballistic ($10.95) is a bit over priced…. but it is basically a three bath use!

FRESH INGREDIENTS: like all LUSH products this bath bomb has many fresh ingredients which add to the overall texture and scent of the bath! Love Locket has jasmine absolute, fair trade vanilla absolute, neroli oil and gardenia extract in it! The smell of the bath was super mellow and calming. No crazy, over the top citrus scents here! I enjoyed having a calm bath! I read a book for about an hour and a half before noticing all that time went by soaking in my Love Locket! I was pretty water logged!

EFFECTS: Like most LUSH bath bombs, this one had some awesome effects! Every section of this bath bomb released mini pink heart confetti that did not melt in the bath! After you drain the tub, they get stuck to the bottom which was the only bummer. Other than the confetti there was not much else! The small heart had mini red pieces in it that melted. I wish there was some glitter or something to add to this ballistic! Maybe a sweet Valentine message like in the Blackberry Bomb?

LIMITED EDITION: Like all of the LUSH Valentine’s products, this one is limited edition! Get it as soon as possible! I am not sure when they will stop selling the Valentine goodies but it is probably sooner than later!

Have you tried Love Locket? Share your experience about any of the LUSH Valentine’s products below!

And of course… some social media to finish off this post. This Facebook post is from the LUSH Cosmetics Mohegan Sun Casino that describes Love Locket. I really like how they broke it in half! The insides of bath bombs are always mysteries!:



Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Everyone… I have an announcement to make… this is my last LUSH holiday bath review! Wow I miss the holidays already 😦 The LUSH products were great this year. I wanted to finish reviewing all of the LUSH holiday products before Valentine’s Day! I think I will accomplish this goal… I have one more product after this! Can anyone guess what it is?!

Here are picture of Father Christmas:




  • Awesome holiday spirit – this is the Christmas bath bomb. Look at the pictures… you have the Saint Nicholas face, red/white colors and finally, the hidden green center! 
  • Great aroma – the smell of this bath bomb is unique… it is infused with mandarin oil which helps to soften the skin. Other fresh ingredients that contribute to the scent are  bergamot oil, orange flower absolute and cream of tartar. Pretty orange-y for a Christmas bath bomb right?


  • More please – I wish there was a bit more to this bath bomb. The concept of having a green and red bath bomb is brilliant around the Christmas time… but why not infuse it with insane luster or stick a secret note inside to brighten up someones holiday. I always look for surprises in my bath bombs !

So this is the last holiday bath product review until next year! Unfortunately you cannot purchase this bath ballistic anymore, but there will probably be another Father Christmas version out at the end of this year! I found some information about this limited edition ballistic on the LUSH UK website which you can find here. Did you try this bath bomb last season?!

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt

Hello all! Sorry for not posting yesterday… Tuesdays are my super busy days at school (I have four classes!). Anyways, time for one of my almost last LUSH holiday bath product reviews… this one was a favorite of mine from the past holiday collection, The Melting Snowman!

Here are some product images:




  • Very luxurious – I loved how oily this made my bath. It was so so so hydrating and very moisturizing! You could honestly tell that your water was becoming a bit thicker as the bath melt dissolved in the hot tub water.
  • Unique smell – I also loved how unique this product was from other LUSH holiday aromas. It had a strong cinnamon scent with a hint of orange! The featured ingredient in this little guy is almond oil.


  • Poor design – I was not a huge fan of this design… the poor snowman’s nose fell off before he even made it home! The five chocolate chips also stuck to the bottom of my tub. It was a bit of an extra step to clean and scrap off my tub.

Overall, I enjoyed this bath melt a lot! LUSH only came out with a few other bath melts this past year with their holiday collection. One of them included the Star Light, Star Bright (which I reviewed below and is my absolute FAVORITE). If you wish to learn more about The Melting Snowman bath bomb you can visit LUSH’s UK website here. Unfortunately, it is not available anymore but I am sure they will come out with this again next Christmas! For now, try LUSH’s other luxurious bath melts!


LUSH Holiday Bath Bombs

How is everyones weekend going? Mine has been great. Relaxing, sleeping and watching Netflix always makes for a happy and calm weekend! Today I wanted to review two LUSH Holiday bath bombs from the past holiday collection. Lets get started with the first one!

Snowman bath bomb:



This was a great bath bomb. It was a bit small though for my tub. Therefore, I added some bubble bath along with it! The colors in the tub were very simple. Just red, white and a little bit of orange! I do not remember anything that fascinating about the bath bomb but enjoyed the overall bath! The smell was very calming and great. I want to say that this is just a holiday version of the al year round Butterball bath bomb but do not quote me on that! I would recommend this “mini” bath bomb for anyone who enjoys a relaxing bubble bath (just need to add the bubbles)! I found the Snowman bath bomb information from the LUSH UK website. You can access it here.

Bombardino bath bomb:



I really loved this bath bomb! It smells phenomenal! This holiday product is actually designed after the lemon zest holiday drink, Bombardino! What a fitting name for a bath bomb! The fresh ingredients in this product are powdered soy milk, fair trade vanilla absolute and of course, LEMON! The effects of this bomb were great. The top of it is like whipped cream and actually disintegrates in a really unique way! It is very thick and frothy. The yellow part of the bomb bursts with glitter! The only downfall was that the chocolate chips stuck to the bottom of my bath tub for a few days. Otherwise, I highly recommend this product to brighten up your holiday season! If you wish to learn more, you can visit this YouTube video from LUSH Cosmetics!

Unfortunately both of these products are not available anymore because they both were a part of the LUSH holiday collection. I am sure they will come out with the Bombardino next year because they seemed to be a big hit! Also, the Snowman bomb is very very similar to the Butterball bath bomb available all year round from LUSH! Check these out next holiday and let me know what bath bombs you have been using to start off your new year!