Blackberry Bath Bomb – The LUSH Original

So far, I am having a great trip in Houston! It has been sunny and humid, which is perfect for my dry winter skin! I have been basking in the sun trying to get as much Vitamin D as possible before I go back to the dry New York winter (hopefully it is more like spring when I go back)! Today, I wanted to do a review on one of my favorite LUSH bath bombs, Blackberry! Here are some images of the Blackberry in action:



AROMA: This bath bomb smells great. It is fruity with a hint of blackberries (obviously). I also like the smell of this bath because it is relaxing and uplifting! I suggest this bath bomb for anyone who loves fruit scents or one who also needs a positive outlook. Like LUSH says, “it brings you back to earth when things get hectic.”

BATH WATER: This product turns your bath water a light to deep purple! It does not have any colors in the middle of the bomb. Although, I noticed that my purple water had a little bit of luster in it! Another plus of this bath bomb is that it does not have any debris that you might have to clean out of the tub!

SECRET MESSAGE: The center of this bath ballistic holds a secret note that you will find once the entire product has disintegrated. Can anyone guess what this message says?! (the picture is on the bottom of the post). I enjoy having a message in the product… it adds a unique touch! It is not everyday you pull out a tiny piece of paper from your tub that is sturdy! Although, I think it would be great is each bath bomb had a different message… then I think it would be personal!

THE ORIGINAL: This bath bomb is actually the original bath ballistic from LUSH! It was developed in 1989 by Mo Constantine in her laboratory in the Cosmetics-To-Go era. The LUSH book, Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go actually mentions this product a few times!

INGREDIENTS: This is a vegan product that means that it does not contain anything from an animal. The fresh ingredients in this product are: bergamot oil, citric acid, frankincense oil, and a few more items!

Overall, this is a great bath bomb to start out with because it is simple and of course, the original! What do you think of this product?


The Melting Snowman Bath Melt

Hello all! Sorry for not posting yesterday… Tuesdays are my super busy days at school (I have four classes!). Anyways, time for one of my almost last LUSH holiday bath product reviews… this one was a favorite of mine from the past holiday collection, The Melting Snowman!

Here are some product images:




  • Very luxurious – I loved how oily this made my bath. It was so so so hydrating and very moisturizing! You could honestly tell that your water was becoming a bit thicker as the bath melt dissolved in the hot tub water.
  • Unique smell – I also loved how unique this product was from other LUSH holiday aromas. It had a strong cinnamon scent with a hint of orange! The featured ingredient in this little guy is almond oil.


  • Poor design – I was not a huge fan of this design… the poor snowman’s nose fell off before he even made it home! The five chocolate chips also stuck to the bottom of my tub. It was a bit of an extra step to clean and scrap off my tub.

Overall, I enjoyed this bath melt a lot! LUSH only came out with a few other bath melts this past year with their holiday collection. One of them included the Star Light, Star Bright (which I reviewed below and is my absolute FAVORITE). If you wish to learn more about The Melting Snowman bath bomb you can visit LUSH’s UK website here. Unfortunately, it is not available anymore but I am sure they will come out with this again next Christmas! For now, try LUSH’s other luxurious bath melts!