Latest LUSH Social Favorites

Hello all! In honor of @lushcosmetics tweeting me back yesterday, I decided it was time for my latest LUSH social media favorites! All of these posts are from different LUSH stores/countries and outlets. I like to follow the LUSH stores that I have been too! Here are my favorites:

Post #1: Yes… I do follow LUSH Australia on Facebook! Who wouldn’t follow them?! I like to see how their social differs from North Americas. They include a lot more edited pictures with text on them in their posts. They still utilize the usual LUSH digital style… but with an Australian twist! You can follow and find their page here.



Post #2:  This picture was “re-grammed” from the Memorial City LUSH onto the @lushcosmetics Instagram. I have been to this location numerous times! It is one of the LUSH and Macy’s collaboration. The hashtag is what makes this post #livingtheLUSHlife! I am going to use this more often!



Post #3: I really really love this post. It is so LUSH like because it is black and white, quirky, happy, and funny! Basically, all of the adjectives that fit the LUSH characteristic. This post is celebrating the opening of the LUSH Cosmetics Woodland Hills in Tulsa, Oklahoma!



Post #4: LUSH broke the record of most lip prints! Do y’all remember this LUSH campaign last Valentines?! Well it looks like they hit a benchmark! It is awesome when companies break records because it is very newsworthy. I found this on the @lushcosmetics Instagram!



Post #5: This is a Facebook post from the LUSH Cosmetics Market Street location in The Woodlands, Texas! I was just here last week (haul is coming soon)!! I love this location because it is very spacious which makes it the perfect LUSH for parties!!! One day, I would love to have a part at a LUSH!



What have been your favorite LUSH posts?! Share them below 🙂

Angel’s Delight Soap

How many of you out there love LOVE LOVE LUSH?! Probably most of you looking at this post huh… well I have a treat for you! One of the greatest soap reviews over one of the coolest LUSH holiday products, Angel’s Delight! This is such a beautiful soap… so beautiful that for the first time ever in one of my LUSH Soap posts, I will be showing a picture of the huge soap bar!

Here is the whole Angel’s Delight soap (photo credit from here aka – LUSH UK):



Here is the chunk I picked out (can anyone guess where it is from on the soap?!):




  • Awesome look – I really enjoy just looking at this soap… it is so so so beautiful! I am a huge fan of all the different colors and textures. First, you have the gold luster moon and inside the ring you have a variation of multi-colored shapes with pink and purple hints! So beautiful…
  • Cool smell – I also enjoy the aroma of this product. To me, it smells like Fruit Roll-Up gummies which remind me so much of my child hood! It is the perfect past time to have in your bath tub.
  • Glitter stars – I ADORE the glitter stars in this soap! It makes bathing ten times more fun! You can kind of see them a bit on the top of the soap in the picture to the right.


  • Little lather – Like I always comment on with most LUSH soap reviews, there is no lather. Jut a tad bit but I would prefer more! I like my soap to bubble up when I use it!

This is a phenomenal holiday LUSH soap! Definitely one of my all time favorite LUSH holiday product and LUSH product in general! I found a great video from LUSH Youtube that y’all can check out here about how they make this gorgeous soap! Unfortunately, this soap is only available around the holiday season but I have high hopes that they will bring it back this year because it has returned for two years now! Let me know if you have tried this soap!