Lip Savers

Winter is rough on skin since all moisture is drained from the air… Plus, we might not be receiving all the vitamin D necessary for the perfect glow. One thing we can do – SAVE OUR LIPS!

I am a Lipstick Queen! Since working for FACE Stockholm, my collection has grown from 5 lipsticks to almost 30 (oops). A colorful pout adds to my vibrant style while increasing confidence. One thing I really really cannot stand – when my lipstick is cracked from dry, chapped, sore lips. Therefore, I am on a mission to find lip treatments that will conquer dryness to allow for smooth lipstick application.

It is a successful mission so far. I have found staple products I use each evening to nourish my lips for the next day full of color (and the challenge of picking out a lipstick).

  • FACE Stockholm Lip Treatment – This slightly tinted formula is the perfect go-to for a quick pick me up. It is easy to apply, looks very classy, and keeps lips hydrated for a decent amount of time.
  • Fabulips “Pout’-o-matic” – I saved my Ulta coupons for weeks to get this spa powered lip system. The kit comes with a lip exfoliating tool and the Fabulips Sugar Lips Scrub. The steps are simple – put a little less than a dimes worth of scrub onto the polishing head then scrub onto lips until sugar has dissolved. Results are soft, smooth lips free of dry cracks. I enjoy the Bliss sugar scrub, but decided to give the tool a try with a LUSH lip scrub.
  • The Kiss Lip Scrub – This is obviously a repeat product if you read my LUSH Valentine’s Haul. I cannot get enough of this pink, tangy sugar with sprinkles and confetti hearts! I used this scrub with the Fabulips set and loved the results even more. LUSH scrubs are a bit more course than the Bliss one making the exfoliation rougher – a plus for scrapping away all troubled skin.
  • The Kiss Lip Gloss – A favorite from last Valentine’s Day! This Lip Gloss is tough to apply on the go since it involved dabbing your finger into the product then applying. Although, the gloss is very easy to rub into your hands as a moisturizer since it is not sticky. The Kiss adds a slight pink to the lips with a whole lot of shimmer.
  • fresh Sugar Lip Serum – A true gem from one of my Sephora hauls. This serum is the perfect remedy for night time (almost like a face mask). After exfoliation, smoother your lips with this smoothing serum. It is a cooling, firm feeling at first that turns into a buttery balm. An all time favorite!

LUSH Valentine’s Day 2015

LUSH Valentine's Day Shades of pink and reds with scents that make you blush... Introducing select items from the LUSH Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Collection of 2015.

  • Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar – I have been waiting to try this bubble bar since it was released in Japan. This bar matches the Twilight bath bomb scent revealing hints of lavender and ylang ylang once crumpled under the faucet. The bath water bleeds glitter and bubbles while turning into a baby blue. A must for all!!
  • Love Locket Bath Bomb – An $11 bath bomb is ridiculous, but at least Love Locket can be used for three baths – both sides of the heart and the mini heart in the middle. This bubblegum pink bath bomb has not changed since last year (review here).
  • Lonely Heart Bubble Bar – Out of this group, I was least excited to try this product. It is a simple bubble bar that turns your bath a scarlet liquid with glitter. The unique scent of this not-so-bubbly product comes from the Love perfume – bergamot, jasmine, ylang ylang, and lemongrass.
  • Heart Throb Bubbleroon – Being the first exclusive Bubbleroon, Heart Throb has a lot on its plate. The scent is sexy and exhilarating while easily broken in half for two baths. This shea butter product turns your tub a cherry red with hints of gold flakes.
  • The Kiss Lip Scrub – Sugar + Salt + Sprinkles + Hot Pink + Glitter = Valentine’s Bliss. I love the sweet and salty taste. I love the coarse texture. My lips love it even more! Do your lips get cracked, dry, and flaky in the winter? Lip scrubs are the perfect treatment before applying lip balm since it scrubs away all dead skin and leaves healthy, smooth lips behind. (By far my favorite LUSH Lip Scrub – minus the hot pink mess it leaves)
  • Floating Flower Bath Bomb – Oh jasmine, how I love you and this bath bomb. Not only is the aroma enticing, the bomb actually twirls in the tub creating beautiful swirls of orange, green, and pink. This will definitely be a repurchase before the collection disappears.

Santa’s Lip Scrub LUSH Review

Hello all! I am officially snowed in up here in NY! According to the weather channel, it feels about -15! That is absolutely freezing. Today I would like to review a product that I got for Christmas, Santa’s Lip Scrub!

Here are some product images:




  • Very festive – I love this product because of the strong presence of red! It is absolutely adorable for the holiday seasons. Plus, there is a large amount of heart confetti and red glitter throughout the formula.
  • Great taste – this lip scrub has a great taste! To me, it tastes like cherry coke! I believe there are some cherry and fig abstracts in Santa’s lip scrub that helps make it taste like Cocoa-Cola!
  • Does the job – Like all other LUSH lip scrubs, this one does the job! It exfoliates your lips by eliminating dry skin. It also makes them super soft!


  • Color weary – The only thing I do not care for about this lip scrub is the strong color when you put it on your lips. It leaves a faint red tint which does not look that great if you are about to apply a light lip shade. Also, if you accidentally put a bit outside your lip line, you will be dyed red!
  • Bit watery – The scrub I got is a bit watery. It is more like a paste rather than a usual sugar scrub from LUSH! It doesn’t bother me that much… but I wish the consistency was more course and sugary!

Overall I enjoy this holiday lip scrub! It tastes phenomenal! I enjoy how it is different from the other three lip scrubs LUSH offers yearly (Popcorn, Mint Julep and Bubblegum). This product will definitely be returned next holiday season because it was so popular! It took me about 3 store visits to find one! I would check with your local LUSH store to see if they have anymore in stock or online at the Buy One Get One sale. You can go there at:,en_US,sc.html

And for fun, here is a social media post from LUSH about this product posted on their Facebook account. It is referring to Mistletoe and showing the steps to a perfect pucker! First you apply the lib scrub and then add the colored lip balm! If you do not have any of their holiday products, you can purchase any of their yearly scrubs, balms and tinted balms for the perfect kiss!


Mint Julips Lip Scrub – LUSH Review

Today I wanted to review one of my favorite LUSH products and most tasty LUSH product,  Mint Julep Lip Scrub!

Here are some pictures of mine:



This one flavor out of many lip scrubs from LUSH. They also have Bubblegum and Popcorn. For the Holidays they have Santa’s lip scrub. Mine is the Mint Julips flavor. I love it because it tastes exactly like mint chocolate!


  • Minty, refreshing flavor
  • Great lip exfoliation
  • Takes a long time to use up


  • Can be abrasive
  • Awkward to use at first
  • Takes a bit of effort to get off of lips

So here are the pros and cons of the product! I really believe the cons are not important because the product is so great. It actually has a noticeable effect. When my lips are chapped and flakey, I use this scrub and it goes away instantly. I suggest using lip balm after this product though to amplify moisture!

Hope this helps when looking for holiday LUSH gifts! Everyone can use a lip scrub!

Tata for now!