#lilly5x5 – Social Media

So for all of my social media followers, my inner Communications college student is ready to talk social media! As you probably can tell from my older posts… I am a huge Lilly Pulitzer fan! They have a great media presence and are always using unique, creative tactics. My favorite campaign they have been doing is the #lilly5x5 (I linked their Pinterest account here of all their #lilly5x5’s). Every few days Lilly accounts will post a #lilly5x5 creates by one of their print designers. Here are three of my latest favorites:

Favorite #1: First off, I love the colors in this 5×5… they are awesome. Green with fuchsia is a great look. Putting the lemurs in the picture is also very interesting! Normally, when you think of Lilly Pulitzer you think of flowers, birds, sun, beach, etc. Not MONKEYS?! The caption for this picture says “It is Friday fur sure #lilly5x5.” Did anyone notice the pun?! Lilly always uses creative puns in their captions. This #lilly5x5 was found on their Instagram account (@lillypulitzer).


Favorite #2: This one caught my eye with all the colors! It is so so so beautiful. These look like huge leaves in a rainforest that are very very verdant with light blue highlights. The caption for this #lilly5x5 is: “#Janus… a peace offering. #lilly5x5.” You might be thinking what #Janus is… and I was too! After doing some research, #Janus is a winter storm that just hit New York City! Haha wow cannot believe I didn’t know that! The storm was more coastal and was not big enough to reach my home town in upstate NY. I would rather be basking in this #lilly5x5 rather than shoveling through the snow.


Favorite #3: This is a more subtle #lilly5x5. The caption for this one from the @lillypulitzer Instagram account is “We’re telling “nauti” tales in the Print Studio today… Happy Friday! #lilly5x5.” Again… another PUN! Lilly loves their wacky, creative puns. I love the anchor with the fish swimming around it. Anchors are a huge fad right now.


So those are all the #lilly5x5’s I have for now to share! I love doing these types of posts and finding new companies that keep up with social media trends. What are your favorite companies to follow on social media?!

Lilly Pulitzer Social Media Extravaganza

So I wanted to celebrate my first day back at school studying PR with a social media post! Here is goes… guess what business I am going to talk about social media for… you guessed it, Lilly Pulitzer! I have done a few of these Lilly posts in the past… check them all out if you are interested!

Post #1: This post is from the @lillypulitzer Instagram. The caption says “#lillyatwaterside in Naples will be open early next week!” I thought this post was extra awesome because the picture is of a print artist painting the new store. This reminds me a lot of LUSH because they also have a special artist who comes in and paints the store!



Post #2: Like the first one, this is another social media post on Facebook about the Waterside store opening! This post is also unique because it refers back to their Instagram account. I cannot wait to go to this new Lilly store!



Post #3: This is a @lillypulitzer Instagram post. The caption for this picture sats “TOO much is never enough #buymelilly #ColorfulFriday.” The #buymelilly campaign launched around the holiday season so this picture was a part of that media campaign! It for sure is very colorful!



Post #4: Again, this is from @lillypulitzer on Instagram. This post is a part of their #lilly5x5 collection from the Lilly Pulitzer Print and Design Studio! The caption says “Just add bubbles… #nationalbubblebathday #lilly5x5.” I love love love this post because it is related to baths… which remind me of LUSH! This is an awesome #lilly5x5!



Post #5: Lastly, I wanted to share another #lilly5x5 from their Facebook account. The caption for this one says “Monday? Let’s take flight. #lilly5x5.” I love the butterfly print because of the white background with reds and pinks watercolors used for the butterflies! Plus, it is a great post to lift up your Monday!



I love doing these social media posts! It is a lot of fun to find unique posts that relate to different social media campaigns. What company’s do you follow on social media?!

Lilly Prints – Social Media Overview

Hello! So since I am a PR major who is extremely interested in social media… I thought that this would be a very interesting post! Lilly Pulitzer posts some awesome posts on their social media sites that truly represents their tropical, colorful, playful, print brand! So here are a few of my favorite social media posts that showcase their beautiful prints!

Post #1: This was a Facebook post from Lilly Pulitzer. It has some images of their Lilly gift cards they offered around the holiday season. The caption says “OH SHIFT! Forgot someone? Volia… A Lilly Gift Card:” I thought that this was a cool post… but I am not so sure about the OH SHIFT part! The gift card prints are quite beautiful though!



Post #2: This is a post fro the lillypulitzer Instagram tagged at the Pink Palace. The caption here says “We LOVE a main in print… how about you?! #mancrushmonday #vintage.” So this is a great caption for this picture because it relates something from the company to the well known – Man Crush Monday fade. I also love the vintage suits from Lilly! They have some super unique prints.


Post #3: So this is another Instagram post. This time, the caption says “Spotted in the Lilly Print Studio: Our newest delivery’s Inspiration Board #buymelilly #islandcocktail” This is a great post because it really shows off how colorful and playful this brand is! There is almost every color of the rainbow on here! I also like how they used the #buymelilly in this caption to reference back to their #buymelilly campaign!



Post #4: This is another Instagram post. This showcases their new bed line they came out with! The caption says “Happy Monday! New arrivals & past favorite prints restocked in our Home Collection exclusively for @garnethillpics” They even took this picture a step forward and added monogrammed pillows! This is a really preppy, colorful post for Lilly!



Okay so those are all the posts I have for now! I enjoy writing posts like this because it really makes one think about what a brand has to be like over social media mediums. Let me know if y’all like these type of posts!


Holiday Lilly Pulitzer Social Media

So I know that this is a bit late… because it is not Christmas or the holiday season anymore! But, I thought these were awesome Lilly Pulitzer social media posts. I had to share them! Lilly Pulitzer is a designer with home roots in Palm Beach, Florida. I have talked about this brand more in detail in posts below. But you can find information and shop at their website.

Post #1: So this is a pretty unique Instagram post from Lilly Pulitzer because it shows fans #buymelilly posts. Lilly started a “selfie” campaign around Christmas called #buymelilly, where customers would take pictures on social media of them in their new Lilly purchases! Here are a few of the fan pictures in this post.



Post #2: This was a Facebook post from Lilly showing all their Lilly stocking styles. This post is informational and basically an ad because to get these stockings, Lilly customers had to spend x amount during the holiday season. What stocking would you pick?! I would go for the green one in the front.



Post #3: This is the famous pink Lilly Christmas tree post on Instagram. I love this tree and post because it truly exemplifies the brand of Lilly Pulitzer. It is a bright pink, has colorful ornaments on it, Lilly bags under the tree and you can tell it is in a Lilly office or store because of the colorful, Lilly printed couch in the background.



Post #4: This is a #lilly5x5 posted on Facebook. I thought this was adorable! The water color picture is painted perfectly and the saying is pretty original, “Meet Me Under The Mistletoe.”



Post #5: This is another #lilly5x5 post on Instagram. I thought that this one was also pretty adorable but it also represents the brand! You have the snow globe with painted with colorful water colors and inside the snow globe is a tropical setting! Most of the Lilly clothes are made for tropical vacations and locations! They are very very colorful!



Post #6: Again, another #lilly5x5 on Instagram, but this one is another take on the “mistletoe” post. This time, the post represents the brand. The caption says, “Find me under the tropical mistletoe #lilly5x5.” The brand represents the tropics so this fits with the brand!



I enjoy finding all these different social media posts and then blogging about them, let me know if you enjoy these posts! Happy Wednesday! Tata for now!

Lilly Pulitzer Social Media Extravaganza

Hello all! Today I decided to post about some of my social media favorites (again) from Lilly Pulitzer! For the Lilly virgins, Lilly Pulitzer is a women who started a juice stand in Palm Beach, Florida. To prevent juice stains, she started making sleeveless dresses out of colorful cotton. She started to sell more dresses and juice at this point. Lilly Pulitzer passed away last year but her designs still reign on. Lilly Pulitzer is now a colorful brand that focuses on beach wear and print designs.

For more information about Lilly Pulitzer history visit: http://www.lillypulitzer.com/content_slides.jsp?groupName=OurStory

Post #1: This was an Instagram post. (I believe I talked about another post that related to this contest in a blog post bellow) So this post was showing the results of a contest which wanted to know what were the most popular initials to put on their Marielle sweater design.  Reasons why I like this post are….

  • It really represents the company
  • It shows all of the letters actually on the sweater
  • The way the store folded the sweaters is very unique and innovative



Post #2: I really really love this Instagram post. I like how it puts together two social media mediums. In this case, it is a Instagram post that refers to an article on the company’s blog about working for Lilly. You could say that it also connects to twitter because f the hashtag #lillydreamjob. Their website actually has a page titled Dream Jobs that describes what a day consists of when working for Lilly Pulitzer (http://www.lillypulitzer.com/custserv/custserv.jsp?pageName=DreamJobs).



Post #3: This is another Instagram post (if you cannot tell by now, Lilly loves Insta). I like this post because it is very informational. The contents include…

  • Information about a upcoming contest (even provides exact dates)
  • Reasons for the contest (Lilly’s Birthday)
  • How to enter the contest (steps)

Other companies also use this form of medium to introduce contests through social media. (ncLA, Ray-ban, etc.)



Post #4: Unlike the other posts, this one is from Facebook. I love this posts because it relates to my other passion, travel. Especially in Florida, which is one of the most tropical states in the United States. This post is also very important because it is…

  • Historical to Lilly Pulitzer
  • First location of Lilly Pulitzer
  • Shows how to dress in style in the Lilly Pulitzer mother land

I have never been to Palm Beach, but I have been to other areas of Florida so I am sure it is beautiful.



Post #5: This post is very similar to the one above because it is also a Facebook posts that talks about travel. Again, this is another destination in Florida, Key West. I actually have a more personal connection to this post than the one above because I have been to Key West multiple times. This is a good posts because it replicates other travel posts from Lilly, it provides a guide to secret spots around the island of Key West and it represents their brand well because it is in Florida.



To finish off this post, I wanted to show y’all a picture of my mom and I wearing Lilly Pulitzer in Key West, Florida earlier this year! (if only we had this awesome travel guide while we were there)


Tata for now! I bet everyone in the North is wishing they were vacationing in Florida around this time of year 🙂


Lilly Pulitzer Social Media Favorites

As a Southern Bell, I am a huge fan of the tropical and colorful prints Lilly Pulitzer creates. I especially love all of the prints which make you want to bathe in the sun, attend a party on the beach or make you want to travel through all of the Florida Keys.

Since my love for Lilly is growing and I appreciate it more (I currently am trying to survive a frigid winter), I have started to follow Lilly Pulitzer on almost every social media outlet. I picked three of my favorite posts in the last year to share with y’all!

1. The Bow Tie Post: I really like this post and think it stands out from the rest because it talks about BOY Lilly. Who knew?! It makes sense that Lilly has a hard time relating to the male crowd because they create very feminine prints. But it was a joy to see the company posting about bow ties for once!



2. The Zodiac Post: This is one of my favorite Lilly posts because… I am a Leo and really enjoy reading my horoscope! Another factor that makes this post interesting is the line “We’re celebrating Leo!” because it makes you feel important and special. It was also a good move to make a Leo print that relates with all of the “Leo’s” out there. It will be interesting to see if Lilly makes prints and creates a horoscope for all of the Zodiac signs.


3. Sweater Weather Post: This post probably relates to a lot of people right now because of the beginning of the winter and holiday seasons. This is a very interactive posts because it shows the results of a previous contest. Although only a few letters are available, it was important for Lilly to note that more letters will be added and another competition will be held. (I actually just ordered the “A” sweater for myself!)



If you have not heard of Lilly Pulitzer before, here is the link to their website: http://www.lillypulitzer.com

Lilly is expensive, but it is always fun and worth it to splurge on. Here is me with my latest Lilly gift! Tata for now!