ncLA Nail Polish + Holographic’s

Hello all! This is a post for my nail polish lovers! First, I wanted to share three different social media posts from ncLA nail polish. Second, I wanted to show y’all two lovely holographic polishes that are around the same shade. These are also social media posts! So here we go…

ncLA posts:



This is a repost from @katengnails. I love love the combination of the nail wraps with the nail art gemstones and pearls! It is a phenomenal and very pearl-y manicure! I also love this nail wrap design from ncLA. It was actually in another nail trend social media post I published below. This picture was on ncLA’s Instagram.



Do these wraps look familiar at all?! Haha well this is actually another repost from @karengnails on ncLA’s Instagram (wow that was a weird sentence). Anyways, this is another manicure that features the same nail wraps. I like how simple this one is. Only one nail has the pearl wrap and the others are a deep royal blue with a gemstone and grey cuticle.



Happy Valentines day! Yet again, this is another post from ncLA’s Instagram. Although, this time it is not a repost! So this post is representing the launch of their 4 piece Valentines Day collection! I have not yet looked into the other colors that are featured in this collection…. But I am in love with this clear top coat with a variety of heart shaped glitter!

Holographic posts:



So I was not sure If I should post this one under ncLA or holographic because I wanted to compare this holographic shade with another one! SO this one is a holo shade from ncLA! This shade looks like it is a light blue with the holographic mixture. I like this color. You normally see darker holographic polishes. But this one is unique because it is light and a lot more subtle.



Now this holographic shade is a bit different! It is a lot darker and more apparent. I LOVE this polish. This picture is from the Instagram account @enchatedpolish. Enchanted Polish is a great indie brand! They have probably a zillion holographic polishes! I love this color though… it is called Presto Magic! What a fun name!! They actually have been posting this color a lot lately on their Instagram account!

Hope you enjoyed this mini – mixture of nail polish trends! Let me know what trends you are most excited for and if you follow a cool nail polish Instagram!

Face Holographic Nail Polish

So in my last nail polish post, I talked about the December 2013 Square Hue collection. One of the polishes in that collection was actually a silver holographic and I mentioned that I had a few other holographic polishes that I cherish. These are both Face Stockholm lacquers.

Here are the two polishes and swatches:



  • The polish to the left or the green polish is a part of Face Stockholm’s holographic nail polish line. It is called Thea. I really love this polish! Green has always been a tough color for me to love on my nails. I like the color in general, but always think my hands are dirty or just not right with green polish! But this green is very different. I like how it is a light, pastel shade. Plus, all the holographic effects greatly add to the color!
  • The one to the right or the tan polish is also from the holographic line from Face. This polish is named Leto. I LOVE this polish. It is a nude swatch but has a lot of holographic effects in it. Highly recommend this polish for anyone who is obsessed with tan, light, pale polishes. It is fun and flirty!

There are six different shades to the Face holographic collection. Besides the ones above, they have a pink, blue, silver and purple holographic polishes. If you want to learn more about these polishes or wish to purchase them, you can find them here:

Let me know what your thoughts are on holographic polishes in general! Tata for now!!