Lexington NYC LUSH Haul

So I am in a good mood today and decided it was time for my next LUSH haul post! I am a huge LUSHie (if you cannot already tell by now). I spend most of my money on LUSH products. I really do not buy any other products… except for maybe nail polish! But this is it. Plus, I have a goal to review every LUSH year round product and recent holiday products on this blog! So here is one of my most recent major LUSH hauls from LUSH Lexington in NYC (I got all of thee products when I went to the Spa, you can see that blog post here):



  • King of Skin butter bar – I LOVE this product. This is actually a re-purchase for me. It is a shower must!
  • Sandstone soap – this is an awesome citrus exfoliating soap. I have already tried this product in the bath and have a new love.
  • Sikkim Girls Perfume – I have never tried one of LUSH’s Gorilla Perfumes. I thought it was about time! I got the smallest size in the Sikkim Girls scent. It also came in a really cute collectible jar. A review is on the way for this!
  • Demon in the Dark soap – I have never tried a full bar of this soap (only samples). I had to get a small sliver because it is retiring this year! Get it NOW if you like or want to try this product!
  • Tender is the Night massage bar – I have already done a review on this LUSH Valentines product. You can find that blog post here.
  • Eau Roma water toner – I just did a review about my Breath of Fresh Air toner. This is the next toner I decided to purchase from LUSH! Really excited to start using it.
  • Flying Fox shower gel – So this was an impulse… I recently just got into the LUSH shower gels. I just finished The Olive Branch (sad day)! But this is a great jasmine infused shower product! Cannot wait to review it!
  • Wise eye shadow – This is a product from the Emotional Brilliance line. Strangely, mine is not an eye shadow applicator but an eye liner one! And I love it… the LUSH sales lady talked me into it! I wear it quite often.
  • Aqua Mirabilis butter bar – This is very similar to the Buffy bar (which was my first LUSH product by the way). I like this… but it is supper nutty – you definitely have to like nuts to like this shower bar!
  • Lord Misrule bath bomb – I just had to get another one… I know this one was also in my last haul but I love it so much and it is retiring soon! I will be doing a review on this very soon!
  • Dream Time temple balm – The LUSH temple balms are only available at LUSH Spa locations. I was so happy to see this at the store! I got the Dreamtime scent which is very similar to the Dream Time bath melt. They also had Whoosh for the other scent.
  • Light Pink skin tint – This is a skin product from the Emotional Brilliance line. I actually am surprised that I cannot find this online at the LUSH USA store. I am in LOVE with this skin tint. I will do a review soon!

This was a super fun LUSH haul because I purchased many products which I normally would not try! Lots of newbies here! Let me know if you have tried any of these products?! What have you gotten in your recent LUSH haul?!


Mohegan Sun LUSH Haul

How many of you bloggers have ever been to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut?! Well it is a completely different world there. I went with my mom to a Luke Bryan concert there and had a BLAST! I even went shopping at LUSH after the concert… we walked out of the venue at 11:35 right to the LUSH entrance… and it was OPEN! I was baffled! Shopping at LUSH at midnight?! It was a dream come true. I dragged my mom into the store and got these goodies:



  • Chocolate Whipstick lip balm – this stuff is AMAZING. Definitely one of my favorite LUSH products. Review to come very soon!
  • Skin Drink moisturizer – I have been looking for this product forever… they are always sold out in NYC. Excited to try this on my dry face!
  • Perspective lip stick – this is a great color. I have been wearing it daily since I purchased it! This liquid lip stick is a part of the Emotional Brilliance line.
  • Figs and Leaves soap – my goal is to try all of the year round LUSH soaps. I have not yet tried this one yet but it smells great!
  • Dragon’s Egg bath bomb – I have not purchased this bath bomb in a while! Really excited to do a review on this one!
  • Lord of Misrule bath bomb – this is an all time favorite of mine… I got this around Halloween and loved it so much I had to repurchase! Will definitely be doing a review on this before they are sold out! Remember, this bath bomb is only limited edition!
  • SMAPLE – Handy Gurugu hand cream – I am not a big hand cream person so I decided to sample this one before I buy the large pot if I like it!

So this was an awesome way to end an already great concert and day! I love LUSH and anytime I see one I have to go in and meet the sales associates and talk LUSH! Here is the beautiful store in the middle of the bustling casino with my mom in front and the lovely ladies who helped me out (sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry – my camera lens was dirty!):



And… for those of you who are Luke Bryan fans… he threw a phenomenal concert! One of the best I have ever ever seen! Check him out! He really knew how to get a crowd excited:



If you wish to learn more about LUSH Cosmetics at the Mohegan Sun Casino you can visit their Facebook page here. What concerts have y’all been to recently?!


So since I am feeling a bit down today, I thought that it was time for a wonderful haul post! I went shopping at the LUSH in Herald Square, NYC about two weeks ago. I got a bunch of goodies! Some I have used and some I am still waiting to use!

Here is the haul:



  • Blackberry bath bomb – I have not tried this bath ballistic in a while. It was actually one of the first bath bombs created by Cosmetics-To-Go that branched over to LUSH! It is a classic blackberry scent (which I adore) with a hidden message in the center! I cannot wait to review this bath bomb.
  • Porridge soap – I have never ever tried this soap! The sales lady helping me talked me into it! It does smell great and looks like it even has an exfoliating texture. I got a brand new slice from the huge bar!
  • Decisive lip color – I also went for a new lipstick in the Emotional Brilliance line. As you can tell in the picture, this one is super red but has a great shimmer to it! Surprisingly, I have been wearing it a bit!
  • Vanillary perfume – I had to purchase this… the smell is so comforting and perfect for the cold winter months! This is only my second LUSH perfume. Someday, I want to try all of them! Cannot wait to review this spray. I got it in the .3 oz since (spray stick).
  • Jungle solid conditioner – I just finished the Big solid conditioner in the shower yesterday! I wanted to repurchase it but decided to try Jungle first! I have not used it yet but looking forward to how it works!
  • T’eo solid deodorant – This is another new product for me! I have only tried the Coconut deodorant from LUSH (which I love). I like how this one is in a solid bar form which is super super easy to use (especially under the arms). I use this deodorant before I go to bed and love it! The scent is super fresh.
  • Sample time! – Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo is the sample I picked! This is the only liquid shampoo from LUSH that I have not tried… I already used it and was not sure I loved the smell or noticed anything special with my hair! But I might try it out again for sure.

I had a great experience shopping at the adorable LUSH store in Herald Square. This is my go-to LUSH store in NYC because it is super, super close to Penn Station! Only one block away I think… I loved this trip so much I took some pictures of the store and the lovely sales lady who was helping me. Let me know if you have ever shopped at this LUSH location in the heart of NYC:


Mini LUSH Haul

Hello folks! I know that I am posting back to back! But I just have so so so so much I want to say about LUSH and their phenomenal, eco-friendly products! For my second post, I wanted to show you a recent mini LUSH haul of mine from the LUSH store in Herald Square, NYC.

Here is the haul:



  • Skin’s Shangri La – This is a great facial moisturizer for the winter months. In fact, this is actually a repurchase. I love love loved it so much that once it was empty, I immediately went to LUSH to repurchase it again. Skin’s Shangri La is very very very hydrating and the smell is sooo great. The fresh ingredients in this product are jojoba oil, aloe very and Queen of Hungary water (mix of vodka and rosemary).
  • Latte – I have been wanting to get this lip tint for a while now… I have a lot of vibrant colors from LUSH for my lips but I do not have any subtle colors. Latte is subtle! It is a lovely brown with loads of shimmer in it. It does smell and taste a bit like a latte also!
  • Samples and more samples – I got two samples from this LUSH store, Lemony Flutter cuticle cream and Rehab shampoo. Actually, I have used both products and love them! Lemony Flutter is a great, moisturizing cuticle cream for those who LOVE the smell of lemons! Rehab shampoo is an all time favorite of mine. It truly takes your hair back to rehab! The smell is also another great aspect of Rehab!

Another part of this haul was a free face mask since I returned 5 empty pots! For the mask, I picked Catastrophe Cosmetic! The LUSH blueberry mask:



So this was a mini-mini LUSH haul for me! I normally go in and get every product that I either have not tried or love to much not to have again! Like always, I will be reviewing each of these products! Let me know what was in your latest LUSH haul! Tata for now!

Woodlands, Texas LUSH Haul

Hello all!!! Sorry I did not post yesterday, I was in New Jersey visiting a fiend from school. So to make up for it, I will post a mini LUSH haul from my trip to Houston, TX this past holiday.

Here is what I got:



  • LUSH Life Woodlands tote – I LOVE this bag!!!! I have never seen a LUSH tote like this one before. It says, “Living the LUSH LIfe! Woodlands.” The store I went to was a brand new addition to Market Street (a upper class shopping center in Woodlands, TX). The bag also has a few of their staple products on it Dream Cream, Happy Hippy, some soap, fresh fruit and the Big Blue signature bath bomb!
  • Happy Hippy shower gel – I just realized that I purchased the shower gel on the tote! Surprisingly, I have not yet tried Happy Hippy shower gel… But the smell is phenomenal! It has a great citrus scent. Very fresh and phenomenal for the shower! Review will be up soon!
  • Believe lipstick – I could not pass up this beautiful, electric pink shade! I tried it on in the store and was with my boyfriend who loved, loved it! This is my third lip stick purchase from the Emotional Brilliance line! I am planning on reviewing them all very soon!

Here is a picture of the store: (Sorry this one was taken late at night!) – You can see the bright LUSH letters! They were almost blinding!



This was a very small mini haul, but a good one! All the products I got are great and the tote is just phenomenal!!!! The Woodlands is almost my home town so that is my new home town LUSH Store! I have already lugged around the tote shopping! I actually just went to LUSH again and purchased more products (surprise) to share with y’all very soon! Where is your hometown store located?

Atlanta LUSH Haul

Hello everyone! It is one very very rainy day here in New York! Today I wanted to show y’all a haul from a mall in Atlanta over my holiday break. Surprise, I decided to spend a good portion of my Christmas money on some cool LUSH products!

Here is everything I purchased:



  • Mr. Punch soap – I have already used this soap quite a bit in my shower and I love it! It is not tooooo festive, so it is a great product to use all year around.
  • Confident lip color – This is a lip shade from the Emotional Brilliance line called Confident. It is a rich, rich purple! I LOVE this lip color! This has to be in my top 3 favorite make up products from LUSH. I plan on doing a review for this one soon.
  • Tisty Tosty bath bomb – This bath product is a repurchase for me, I have used this about two or three times and greatly love it! It is a sweet floral scent that has many different roses come out of the bomb throughout the bath! I am also excited to write a cool review on this one!
  • Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt – This is one of LUSH’s most luxurious bath melts. I am beyond obsessed with this product. Again, this was a repurchase for me. I am beyond excited to write a fantastic review for this bath!
  • Snow Fairy massage bar – This was a last minute pick in the store! I am not sure how I like the snow fair scent from LUSH, it might be a little to sweet for me! But I know that I do like the color pink! It will be interesting to see how much I like this product!
  • Snowman bath bomb – This was also a last minute pick in the store! I thought that it was so adorable. I am curious to see if it does anything cool in my bath!

This was a fun haul because I got many, many different products! I know everyone loves looking at haul posts to see what everyone likes! Let me know if y’all had any LUSH hauls this past month or have tried any of these products! Tata for now!

Yankee Candle Land

So this winter I went to the Yankee Candle Factory Store in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Let me tell you, it was an awesome experience for candle lovers! Since it was a factory store, it was insanely huge! They had a kitchen room, jewelry room, food room, Christmas room, kids room and many, many candle rooms! I went with my friend and neighbor, Meghan! We both had a superb time.

Here are some pictures of us around the store:



So the top two pictures are from the Christmas room! The left is me in front of one of the smaller Christmas trees and the right is a picture of the big tree with ornaments placed all around it for purchase. The bottom left has the back of my friend Meghan in it and a picture of the entrance to the castle room! I thought it was more like a man cave shopping room! Interestingly, the picture on the bottom right is of my dipping different wax ornaments into colored wax. It was very cool and unusual! They also had a station where you can make your own candles!

Here are the candles I purchased from the large factory store:



This was actually the candle I made! They have a station called Wax Works where you can add different wax scents into an empty glass jar. I decided to go with a bunch of holiday scents! So the green part is Christmas tree and bellow that I added a lot of other flavors and on the bottom, I had cranberry! As you can probably tell, I did light this candle for a few days after Christmas! It is a really cool thing to do and put on your bucket list if you love candles!



So I got 5 different, unusual 3.7 oz. candles. I wanted to get scents that I would not usually pick up!

  • Banana Bread
  • Sunflower
  • Cranberry Chutney
  • Harvest
  • Whoopee Pie – which is on right now and smells absolutely great! I love chocolate, so it is perfect!

The larger size to the left is in Orange Dreamsicle. I have not yet tried this candle!

Overall, the experience I got from Yankee Candle Village and Yankee Candle Factory Store was phenomenal! I had a great time! I highly suggest this day trip for anyone in the Northeast region. If you wish to learn more about Yankee Candle Village, you can visit their website at http://www.yankeecandle.com/about-yankee-candle/visit-our-flagship-store/south-deerfield-events/t.

Christmas Gifts from LUSH

Hello all! For my second post today, I would like to do a haul post about everything I got on Christmas day from LUSH! Over my holiday vacation, I did stop in a few different LUSH stores and purchased a bit more with my Christmas money. But this haul is everything that I got as a gift from my friends and family!

Here is the full selection of gifts:


  • Karma Soap, Yearly – have not tried yet
  • Banana Moon Soap, Retro – have not tried yet
  • Orange Peel Soap, Holiday – have not tired yet
  • Snake Oil Scalp Treatment Bar, Retro – have not tried yet
  • Sandy Santa, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Celebrate Body Lotion, Holiday – tried and love!
  • Melting Snowman Bath Melt, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Santa’s Lip Scrub, Holiday – tried
  • Buche De Noel Facial Cleanser, Holiday – tried
  • Coolaulin Conditioner, Retro – have not tried yet
  • Father Christmas Bath Bomb, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Luxury LUSH Pud Bath Bomb, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Xmas Angel Bath Bomb, Retro Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Bombardino Bath Bomb, Holiday – have not tried yet

So that is everything that was under my tree for me on Christmas morning! I have only tried a few of the products. I will get into all the bath products this week since I have now showed them all in this post! I have tried some of them (says above) and really have some positive feedback for them! I am not sure yet what my favorite LUSH holiday product was! I will let y’all know soon, but Celebrate is definitely up there! Let me know what your favorite LUSH gift was this holiday!

Cinders Bath Bomb Review

I love the LUSH Christmas line. It is so cool to take baths that are just for the holidays and super unique. So far I have taken a few with special edition bath products, but this is my first product review post for one!

Presenting… THE CINDERS BATH! According to LUSH, Cinders is a warming cinnamon crackler! It is a sweet and spicy bomb infused with almond oil to keep your skin smooth. It feels like you are curling up to a welcoming fire in the tub!


I purchased Cinders in my haul bellow. I took this bath a few days ago and really enjoyed it!

Here are some bath pictures:



I really enjoyed the bath. But as always, there were a few negatives and positives.


  • Great “crackle” effect (pop rocks are in my tub?!)
  • Great holiday aroma (fire-side cinnamon)
  • Fantastic experience
  • Amazing gold water color (I completely forgot to take a picture of this! Sorry guys!)


  • Really small bath bomb (need more for larger tub)
  • Wish there was more surprise

Overall, I really enjoyed this bath! I highly recommend for a quick soak! Tata for now!

Winter LUSH Haul

Wow… second post today. This is a record for me. Since my last post (LUSH retired products) was a bit depressing for all you LUSHies, I decided a Holiday Haul would add some positivity! 

Here is is, my Winter LUSH haul!:



So I went to LUSH in Times Square and it was very,very crowded! I had a hard time navigating through the store to grab all my Christmas goodies. 

The Haul includes:

  • Snow Fairy shower gel
  • Gorgeous moisturizer
  • Star Light, Star Bright bath melt
  • American Cream conditioner
  • Lovel Jubblies lotion 
  • Angel’s Delight soap
  • Snow Globe soap
  • Cinders bath bomb
  • Shoot for the Stars bath bomb
  • Magic Wand bubble bar
  • Golden Wonder bath bomb
  • Ponche shower gel
  • Secret Santa bath bomb

I have used some of these products and will be writing product reviews for each one soon! But I want to know what products y’all want to hear about first?! Let a LUSHie know! Also, if you have an holiday favorites I would love to hear about it! 

Tata for now! 

Oh and p.s. since The Olympics are coming up and I forgot to post this on Thanksgiving… Sean White, gold-medal snow boarder, says Happy (Late) Thanksgiving y’all!