LUSH Hair Doctor Review

My hair has been having a few problems adjusting to the dryness of winter. First, my hair gets extremely dry in the first place. Second, my scalp has always caused problems. So… I decided it was time to give the LUSH hair mask, Hair Doctor a try.



According to LUSH, Hair Doctor is a ” deep cleansing minty hair and scalp treatment.” (I can vouch, it was extremely minty and makes your scalp very tingly) I think that the results were pretty great. My hair felt clean, hydrated and renewed. My scalp felt very refreshed and healthy.

But there were a few problems that REALLY annoyed me:

  1. It was very difficult to get the product out of my hair in the shower (took me about 3 washes)
  2. The tingly-ness became way to much at one point (it started to make my eyes water)
  3. The smell was a little to unique and exotic for my taste.



Although there were many negative aspects about this mask, I thought that the results were phenomenal. My hair was seriously detoxed and refreshed. I felt like I had completely new hair. So, if you are looking for a major refreshment mask, this is the product for you!

If you want to learn more about Hair Doctor visit :,en_US,pd.html#start=9

Oh and I forgot to mention, Hair Doctor is made super fresh and should be treated just like a LUSH fresh face mask. Put it in the fridge after every use and really watch the expiration dates!

If you have any further questions about LUSH feel free to comment! Also, what hair masks have you used that work pretty well?

LUSH Marilyn Review

This is my second time repurchasing Marilyn because it is a great hair mask for blonds or people with lighter hair. According to LUSH it is ” a pre-wash treatment for blonds who what lighter, brighter hair.” I have to say, it does make your hair a bit lighter and very very soft.


Great aspects of the product includes:

  • increase color in natural highlights
  • keeps blonde hair healthy and does not dry it out
  • smooths and softens hair
  • works well for un-natural blond hair


The cons of the product on the LUSH website from customers are..

  • it doesn’t work – I can vow that it does work. I especially love to use this product in the winter because it helps to lighten my hair. I use it once every two weeks and normally am really pleased with the outcomes.
  • it smells bad – I have to admit that I love the smell of Marilyn. The featured ingredient, lemon oil really does add an interesting zing to the smell. Although it is very unique aroma, I do not think it is that odd!
  • too light – I do not understand this con for the product, I personally do not think that it is to light. Plus, the whole point of using the product is to make your blond hair more naturally light!

For more information about this product go to,en_US,pd.html

But if you have any personal questions for me, feel free to ask! Tata for now 🙂