Luxury Bath Oils From Oxford St.

Bath Melts

LUSH Oxford St. Bath Melts Are Heaven On Earth!

Immediately upon walking in LUSH Oxford St. located on the busy streets of London, I spotted the table filled with mini-bath melts. These melts dive into the tub creating a bath of deep colors, intoxicating aromas, and layers of sparkle. Interestingly, LUSH calls these “Luxury Bath Oils” and I can see why – the oils from the melt are so strong, it soaks into your skin within seconds. I picked up 6 mini-melts for only about two pounds each (not a bad deal)!

  1. Furze – the famous Gorilla perfume (Retro) in a bath oil – hints of natural and sweet aromas from this melt will cure any case of the blues! A beautiful product to look at, Furze has a green outer layer with a fuchsia flower bud to top it off without creating any mess.
  2. Sun – a bath oil after the Sun perfume – the bronze (or should I say rose-gold) hue of this melt is enticing. It bleeds orange in the tub to assemble sun-like rays! The scent will remind you of summer days: going to the beach, hanging out at the lake, and soaking up the SUN!
  3. Shark Infested Custard – a sweet melt that is good enough to eat! I adore the aroma of this product since it reminds me of the anticipation of getting a vanilla custard covered with rainbow sprinkles (I can picture it in my head right now) – candy vanilla layered with rich cream. Unfortunately, the melt is hideous upon melting. It just turns into a yellow blob that does not emit enough oil for a filled tub, nor has any unique characteristics.
  4. I Am A Radiant Being – a pink star with a sparkly nucleus. This melt’s twin is Rose Jam since it creates a rosy bath with citrus hints. I enjoyed this product, but like Shark Infested Custard, was a bit disappointed in the overall “bath experience” – the glitter was none existent, while the product failed to melt into the warm water.
  5. Razzle Dazzle  – a hot pink fireball. This melt transforms your bath – the water turns various shades of pink with a glittery sheen. Meanwhile, notes of berries, citrus, and bergamot fill the bathroom, creating an environment filled with positive energy.
  6. Monsieur Gustav – a deep purple mixture of lavender and tobacco. Hands down, this was the most phenomenal Luxury Bath Oil. The smell was super relaxing, yet exotic with the generic lavender and rare tobacco. Even more impressive was the way it transformed plain bath water into a rich escape from the day – violet purple, fuchsia, and silver ribbons of oil swirl throughout the tub. Definitely recommend this product!

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Exclusive Gorilla Perfumes – How do they smell?

It has been a few days since I have posted! I have been doing homework, school, eating, sleeping, and “netflixing” (that is my treat after a long day)! LUSH had a deal around Christmas time last year where if you bought x amount of products online, they will send you a $10 E-Gift card in February. So of course, I took this deal and ordered five of the small bottles (.07 fl. oz.) of some of the Exclusive Gorilla Perfumes that are only available online. Here are the five perfumes that I was very curious to order:


Starting from the top to the bottom, I will talk a little about each scent:

  • Ginger – I was very very interested and curious to try this perfume since I read about it in the Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go book! Apparently, this scent was one of the most popular sellers in the Cosmetics-To-Go era! I really like the smell of this perfume. I am not sure it is a daily perfume… but it is very sweet and reminds me of old-fashioned perfumes.
  • 1000 Kisses Deep – I agree with LUSH that this perfume has a strong sexy, musk scent! I think this perfume is more wearable and appropriate for daily wear! It does add a little sexy spice! To me, it smells very natural, musky, and earthy.
  • Love – Love is probably one of my favorite scents of the five! It is light and not to complicated as the others. This one caught my attention because of the apple, cinnamon spice description. I have worn this one a few times and have gotten many, many compliments!
  • Icon – This is a very mysterious perfume. It is hard to pin point what it actually smells like. To me, it has a hint of citrus with a mysterious earthly tone. This one of LUSH’s favorite perfumes.
  • The Smell of Weather Turning – I decided to try this one because of the name of it. Who cannot try a perfume called, The Smell of Weather Turning?! What does that even smell like in nature? As it turn out, I actually like this scent. The first thing that comes to mind when I smell it is Yosemite National Park in Northern California. I have not yet worn this one but look forward to it!

I also got a sample with this online order! They gave me a chunk of the Aromaco Deodorant! I was pretty excited to get this sample since I have yet to try this product! I have used it a few times and see no negatives! The smell is pretty mellow and does not have any strong scent!

Let me know if you have tried any of the Exclusive Gorilla perfumes from LUSH! They are quite unique! Share your experiences with them below, please!

Lexington NYC LUSH Haul

So I am in a good mood today and decided it was time for my next LUSH haul post! I am a huge LUSHie (if you cannot already tell by now). I spend most of my money on LUSH products. I really do not buy any other products… except for maybe nail polish! But this is it. Plus, I have a goal to review every LUSH year round product and recent holiday products on this blog! So here is one of my most recent major LUSH hauls from LUSH Lexington in NYC (I got all of thee products when I went to the Spa, you can see that blog post here):



  • King of Skin butter bar – I LOVE this product. This is actually a re-purchase for me. It is a shower must!
  • Sandstone soap – this is an awesome citrus exfoliating soap. I have already tried this product in the bath and have a new love.
  • Sikkim Girls Perfume – I have never tried one of LUSH’s Gorilla Perfumes. I thought it was about time! I got the smallest size in the Sikkim Girls scent. It also came in a really cute collectible jar. A review is on the way for this!
  • Demon in the Dark soap – I have never tried a full bar of this soap (only samples). I had to get a small sliver because it is retiring this year! Get it NOW if you like or want to try this product!
  • Tender is the Night massage bar – I have already done a review on this LUSH Valentines product. You can find that blog post here.
  • Eau Roma water toner – I just did a review about my Breath of Fresh Air toner. This is the next toner I decided to purchase from LUSH! Really excited to start using it.
  • Flying Fox shower gel – So this was an impulse… I recently just got into the LUSH shower gels. I just finished The Olive Branch (sad day)! But this is a great jasmine infused shower product! Cannot wait to review it!
  • Wise eye shadow – This is a product from the Emotional Brilliance line. Strangely, mine is not an eye shadow applicator but an eye liner one! And I love it… the LUSH sales lady talked me into it! I wear it quite often.
  • Aqua Mirabilis butter bar – This is very similar to the Buffy bar (which was my first LUSH product by the way). I like this… but it is supper nutty – you definitely have to like nuts to like this shower bar!
  • Lord Misrule bath bomb – I just had to get another one… I know this one was also in my last haul but I love it so much and it is retiring soon! I will be doing a review on this very soon!
  • Dream Time temple balm – The LUSH temple balms are only available at LUSH Spa locations. I was so happy to see this at the store! I got the Dreamtime scent which is very similar to the Dream Time bath melt. They also had Whoosh for the other scent.
  • Light Pink skin tint – This is a skin product from the Emotional Brilliance line. I actually am surprised that I cannot find this online at the LUSH USA store. I am in LOVE with this skin tint. I will do a review soon!

This was a super fun LUSH haul because I purchased many products which I normally would not try! Lots of newbies here! Let me know if you have tried any of these products?! What have you gotten in your recent LUSH haul?!